State of Being is a Personal Responsibility

It doesn’t matter if you’re off grid, on the grid or some where in between, there’s no escape from being personally responsible for yourself. I do find off gridders to be amazing responsible for themselves, that’s something I respect and strive for myself. It’s an unshakable independence and freedom. I also feel personal responsibility is missing in our main stream society today and it’s lack is at the root of society’s issues. It doesn’t matter what is done to you, what someone says or what the government is doing, I am responsible for my state of being regardless of what is going on around me. To allow the state of the government, what others say or think or not research what I’m told is to choose to conform which, in my opinion, is lazy and irresponsible. Those things don’t pair well with the off grid lifestyle. Freedom and independence never come out of conformity.

One of the ways I take personal responsibility for myself is to be in control of my state of being physically, spiritually and mentally. Let’s take physical for example. There is a bug going around right now, I’m not going to get into the political nonsense that surrounds it because it doesn’t deserve my attention. I can’t control what is going on however, I can control myself and how or IF I allow it to effect my state of being. I can do research and inform myself in ways the Main Stream News isn’t allowed to and find the hidden, censored and suppressed information. I see the most responsible thing I can do for me and my loved ones is to take excellent care of myself and improve my immune system. I haven’t had a cold or flu since 2014 and I’m not about to get this one. Keeping my mind, body and spirit in a state at which dis ease can’t live is vital to my own survival and the survival of my loved ones. I don’t want my loved ones to have to see me suffer from a dis ease or see me dwindle into my death.

I have full control over what goes on and in my body. I avoid mad made toxins as much as possible, sticking to what Gaia provides. The availability of organic food these days is something I gratefully take full advantage of. Removing toxins from your life will do more for your health than anything man can possible make. Nature isn’t based on toxins and neither are you or me. Toxins are responsible for a large portion of dis eases, physical and mental. Modern societies have high levels of dis ease because of toxins not only in food but also in man made medicine, vaccines, our water, air, bath and body products, cleaning products, their everywhere. It’s a disrespect to not only ourselves but to Gaia herself. The products that contain toxins also hurt Mother Nature, our, our planet, our home.

To live off grid, we need our health. We need our minds sharp and our bodies strong and healthy enough to do our daily chores, build a building, wild craft, get things done and continually learn and grow. This starts in our minds, what we think we become. If we see ourselves as victims of dis ease, we will be. I haven’t had a cold or flu since 2014 partly because I made choices to get healthier and respect my state of being and partly because I made the choice not to live a lifestyle that can support dis ease. I studied modern science and ancient wisdom, both illegal to teach in our schools to doctors, to our kids, to anyone in the United States. It blew my mind and opened my eyes. When I learned that genes can’t possibly make you sick unless you provide the right unhealthy environment, bacteria and viruses can’t cause dis ease unless your body is unhealthy enough to support them and illness and dis ease is a message that something is our of balance, my health, my state of being and my mindset all changed for the better. I became more empowered and I applied it. My health is amazing. I strongly suggest anyone that wants to get healthier study Dr. Bruce Lipton’s and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work to start their journey into amazing health.

The easiest thing for me to start with is food. We just started making better choices. As we ran out of things we replaced them with organics. I was pretty good at shopping for conventional foods…looking for sales, using coupons, etc. I had to learn to apply those skills to organics and non-GMOs. It’s not as expensive as I thought once I acquired the knowledge to shop economically. Growing our own food saves a ton of money as well as going to farmer’s markets. Making things from scratch makes your food dollars go much further. Food is our fuel, it’s what keeps every aspect of our bodies going. Get to know your body, learn basic nutrition and don’t be afraid to try new things. The best thing about this is there is so much to choose from so it’s not necessary to choke down foods you don’t like. You don’t have to eat perfect, I do 80/20, 80% good, healthy organic food and 20% not so healthy food. It’s not about limiting yourself, it’s about growing yourself.

Everything is mental. Everything we see was once just a though in someone’s mind. Our minds are powerful, more powerful than the life in the Matrix allows you to know. Science and ancient wisdom is suppressed to keep you from knowing your powers. This wouldn’t be the case if your mind wasn’t powerful. What you focus on grows, what you believe you will get. I never tell myself I’m sick or have a dis ease or fear getting sick or a dis ease. I see myself as strong, healthy and young. I see my immune system as strong and unfuckwithable. That’s what I manifest, that’s what I support when I eat, exercise, read or work on a new project, meditate. I make better choices because I want to maintain and grow more into health. What your believe you will achieve.

Of course exercise is vitally important, off grid requires physical work and having a well maintained body just feels great. It’s needed for the mind-body-spirit connection. Find exercises you enjoy. You’ll be more motivated to do it and you’ll bring more happiness into your life doing what you enjoy. For me I like the feeling of a strong and flexible body so I do a nice combination of strength building and flexibility yoga as well as walk in nature. Rick and I often take hiking trips, getting out in nature, breathing in the good ass prana and walking a few miles. I always sleep well after a day of hiking.

The mind, our consciousness, is where our power begins. I’m not talking about religion here although that could certainly be apart of someone’s path. Taking care of the mind helps us deal with stress and keeps us emotionally, physically and mentally balanced. What this looks like for each person will be different as practicing personal responsibility is doing what is right for you. There is no one right, true or only way to do this. There is the only the right way for you. For one person that could mean regularly going out into nature and connecting, for others it could be going to church every Sunday, for others it could mean a solitary practice at home, others may join in on a local drum circle with their local spiritual community. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing what’s right for you. For me, I meditate, practice magick, research and study, have mentors, read, research, go into nature and feel the energies all around me and conduct myself in ways that are in line with my spirit.

This is just a general overview, I can’t possibly stress how important our minds, bodies and spirit are to our off grid survival. Scientific studies on telomeres shows us that humans are genetically programed to live up to 120 years, our lifestyle choices greatly lowers that. Taking our power back and living independently means taking responsibility for every aspect of ourselves and keeping ourselves in a state of being that can support the lifestyle we want. We all have the power to have the life we want and the health to achieve and support it. Never stop learning, researching and growing then share you info!! What are you ways to stay healthy? What are your reasons? How do you do it? Share below, I’d love to hear all about it!

Yellowdock, Medicine for Humans and Animals

Yellowdock is a medicinal perennial that grows 1 to 5 feet tall. It has curly basal leaves and greenish hermaphroditic flowers. We get this plant from Europe and it was a common Native American herb. Medicine is made from the roots and leaves. Medicinally yellowdock has a long history, appearing in our US pharmacopeia from 1863 – 1905 and still used by herbalists and homeopaths today.

Yellowdock has some powerful medicinal uses and, as with all the herbs I’ve posted about thus far. I can’t possibly put all it’s medicinal uses in one blog post. Yellow dock clears toxins from the bowel by moving stagnant bile flow and inhibits the growth of e.coli and staph. It releases iron from the liver to be used in the rest of the body. A few of the ailments it’s been used to heal are acne, indigestion, arthritis, boils, appetite loss, jaundice, liver congestion, leprosy, indigestion, glandular rumors, eczema, cancer, dermatitis, constipation, syphilis, scrofula, psoriasis, enlarged lymph nodes, I can go on and on!

Yellowdock isn’t only good internally but has some pretty amazing external uses. As a poultice it can help heal wounds, ulcers, eczema, itchy skin, hives, stings from stinging nettle, boils, ringworm, scabies, skin infections, swelling, and so many other skin conditions. When ground into a powder it is used to help gingivitis and is gargled for laryngitis. For vaginitis it is made into a douche. It’s no wonder that this herb can do so many things, it’s full of good stuff. Some of the good stuff are calcium, iron, magnesium, sulfur, anthraquinone, glycosides, quercitrin, mucilage, tannins, resins and oxlates.

Due to Yellowdock’s ability to free iron in the liver, it’s used for anemia. It’s blood purifying power helps heal skin disorders and the liver. It’s a mild laxatives due to it’s ability to stimulate the flow of bile. It reduces heat and irritation in digestive tract healing a variety of digestive issues. It’s even used to heal geographic tongue. A few of the herbal actions are: alterative, aperient, cholagogue, and hepatic. Even animals benefit medicinally from Yellowdock, making it into a poultice treats saddle sores on horses and mange on dogs.

Yellowdock is generally safe. It’s cooling and slightly drying. It has high levels of oxalate which can impair calcium absorption. It can aggravate kidney stones, arthritis, gout and hyperactivity. Large amounts may cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Check with your herbal professional if you’re unsure of how much you should take.

Yellowdock has a history of culinary uses. The leaves and stem are nutritive. Young greens taste the best. They can be cooked or eaten raw. The flavor is similar to rhubarb, it’s great in a pie or pastry. The seeds are grounded and roasted as a coffee substitute and can be ground into flour.

Yellowdock has a bit of folklore in it’s history. It’s used in fertility spells. The seeds have been worn on the left arm to encourage fertility. It’s also used for prosperity and ritual magick. Washing your place of business with Yellowdock or sprinkling it around your place of business is said to bring prosperity and success. It’s used to attract a lover, cut bindings, clear any energy holding us back, put in mojo bags and draws money.

Yellowdock has been a blessing to humanity going far back into our history. As with any plant medicine, you want to do your research for any interactions with anything else you take, the food you eat and any conditions your body may have. What else do you know about Yellowdock? Share your info and resources below. Let’s spread the word we all forgot…herbs are medicine from the divine.

Resources: The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients – Lexa Rosean p.296; The Modern Herbal Dispensatory – A Medicine Making Guide – Thomas Easley, Steven Horne, p.326-327;;

Legal Statement: These statements have not been evulated by the FDA and are not meant to cure, diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

It Takes a Strong Relationship to Survive Off Grid

When you’re off grid, you’re dependent on those who are off grid with you. It’s important that you have strong, stable relationships and everyone has the same mindset. You can’t be productive and do what is needed to sustain you if you’re not getting along with your peeps or they simply aren’t interested in the whole lifestyle. Although for us, going off grid is where the Universe is leading us, it’s natural, the right thing to do, others may not want that lifestyle or have the proper mindset for it. Before going off grid, you need to have the same goals, proper mindset and willingness to get work done. It won’t work if one person is doing what needs to be done and the other person isn’t involved. It’s not a lifestyle for those who want to be taken care of by their spouse, family or government. You’re dependent on each other.

Choosing to live away from society and off grid puts you in a situation where most of your time is spend with your life partner or family. Humans are social creatures and depend on each other for so much…love, respect, lift us up when we’re down, connection, safety, etc. We’re all one and all connected. How we live and our emotions and mood have an effect on the collective consciousness. I see my relationships as foundational to not only our own well being but the well being of my fellow humans. Everything we think, say and do puts energy out into the Universe. I ask myself often “What kind of energy am I putting out into the Universe? What kind of world am I helping to manifest? Am I thinking and/or action from a place of love or fear?” Sometimes I just want to be mad, upset, or whatever mood I allow to bring down my vibration. I don’t want to ask myself those questions because they all require personal responsibility and an honest, no bullshit look at myself. It requires me to let go of my own BS. I don’t want to be personally responsible for my state of being in that moment. Then I settle down, feel silly for choosing all that and get my head back in the right place. We’re all human. Very often my blog posts will be things I need to be reminded of myself.

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I want a peaceful, loving home where no one feels unwanted or unloved and all in it do their part. I’ve been used and worked my ass off for people who would never do the same for me. They saw my work ethic and ability to make a good living as something to take advantage of and abused me when I couldn’t pay their way. It was entitlement on steroids! Not one of these people have ever been there for me nor will they ever. I’ve removed them out of my life a while ago and refuse to ever have another toxic relationship. They lost me and the thing they miss the most is my ability (they have it too but won’t use it) to work, make money and make shit happen. These people are nothing but lessons and I’m grateful for those experiences. They are the shit that fertilized my growth. It gives me the knowledge today to make sure I’m going off grid with the right person, having only healthy relationships and regularly taking the toxic garbage out. The quality of any relationship we have starts with us.

Family is important, the ones off the grid with you and the ones on the grid. When I say family, I don’t mean tolerating, having toxic relationships with and taking abuse from someone simply because the share DNA with you. That’s not family and them sharing the same DNA with you doesn’t protect your from the damage of their toxicity. Very often, the toxic take advantage of people with what we’re taught are family values. For me, family values are reserved for those who act like family. More than half of my family isn’t blood related and it doesn’t matter. We are all one. I have a soul family, one I chose because it’s best for me and they make me want to be at my best for them. Regardless of who you family is, every member who is going off grid with you needs to be on board. You can’t bring someone whose toxic and expect things to go well. It’s not a place to fix people. Going off grid isn’t easy as it is, you don’t need someone holding you back.

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The most important relationship you need to keep healthy is the relationship with yourself. You can’t escape you. You’re always with you, off grid or not. You need to practice self love, self care and do things that set your passion on fire. You are responsible for you, no one else. If you’re not happy with you that means there’s work to do. How can you expect your partner to feel comfortable going off grid with you if you aren’t confident in yourself and can’t love and care for yourself? The whole notion of sacrificing for someone else isn’t a noble or holy one and it’s certainly not healthy. Your family deserves you at your best. You’ll be more fun to be around, better able to help and love them with a clear mind and not out of obligation. You’ll be healthier mentally, spiritually and physically and the best of you is what your peeps deserve. Do you want them to see you suffer with dis ease, unhappiness, depression, lack of knowledge etc? No one wants to see a loved one suffer or transition back into the nonphysical early. How we live our lives effects so many people, I can’t bring myself to stop working on myself, loving myself and growing. My peeps deserve the best of me so working on becoming the best version of myself seems like the right and natural thing to do.

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I’m not saying we need perfect relationships, that doesn’t exist. Skills we need to make sure we have are communication skills, compassion, love, respect. Someone who is easily angered or gives up too easy is not very likely to contribute to our off gird survival. We need to communicate with love, respect and no separation. Trust is very important. If there is jealously, insecurity, disrespect of any kind, lack of support, etc, it’s not a good idea to go off grid until you fix those things. Someone who sees it as normal behavior to be jealous over an ex, snoop through phones, wallets, etc, control who your partner speaks to, hides money, bashes your partner with friends, blames your partner, etc, the ability to have the solid foundation to go off grid isn’t there. In fact, you have no foundation. You and your partner deserve better and need to either become people who can give better to yourself and your other half or realize you both deserve better and let each other go with love. Off grid requires what nature is based on…a symbiotic relationship with everything else and that includes your partner.

Your relationship with yourself is number one, that needs to be the first relationship you need to foster, grow and make sure is strong and healthy. After that, your life partner and your family. You need to manage people in your life just like you manage your finances. Both can contribute to your growth if your growth if their managed well, both can destroy you if their not managed at all. This includes the relationship with yourself.

Life is what we make it and there are so many factors that go into making it great. Healthy, trustworthy relationships are only one of them and a big one. What are some of the things you do to keep your relationship healthy and in the right mindset for the life you want?

Growing Your Own Food is Amazingly Powerful and Freeing

When going off grid, you need skills and lots of them. This is the reason we’re going partly off grid in our current house on 1 acre. It won’t serve us to buy some land and then figure it out. We’re studying, experimenting, learning and growing into our place as off gridders. One of the most important skills anyone can have…off grid or not…is growing, storing and cooking your own food.

Commercially grown and processed conventional food is full of toxins which keep the medical system busy giving us even more toxins to deal with the dis ease our toxic food causes. It’s a sick cycle fueled by suppressed science and money that we need to break as a society. It’s literally killing us. I’m a strong believer in personal responsibility and our ability to govern ourselves, which I live by. A big f*** you to the ones profiting on the dis ease causing toxins is taking control of your own health, you food, you life. A doctor is a drug and surgery expert, they get little to no nutritional training, which can actually cure. Their not bad people, they are people who devoted many years of their lives to learning their craft and their not even respected with modern science or the fact that there is a natural cure for everything. They are better than what their taught and certainly deserve better, we all do. They are not health experts. They are drug and surgery experts. When was the last time a doctor prescribed herbs, yoga, sunlight or organic veggies? Their not taught about those things so we can’t expect them to treat us with them. Some of the best herbalists are former doctors and nurses or those who saw through the Matrix and left medical and nursing school to enter the wonderful world of herbs. The people are wonderful, the systems are broken.

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When you grow your own food, you have all the power. You decide what goes into it and can choose to use only what nature gave us. Your food will be cleaner and healthier. It will look better, smell better and that taste. Oh the taste! How do you describe the taste of home grown tomatoes, cucumbers or herbs? Their much more delicious, much more nutrient dense and it’s so rewarding to eat something you didn’t depend on someone else for. You don’t have to take someone else’s word for the quality and cleanliness of your food, you’re not dependent on the man made systems to provide you with food. You won’t go broke as growing your own food isn’t expensive. A garden is beneficial to those who like organic and non-GMO food but may not have the funds.

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When living off grid, and on the grid, some of the food grown can be a source of income. Farmers Markets and restaurants, stores and online are great places to sell your produce. People are waking up to the issues around our commercial conventional foods and seeking cleaner, healthier foods as Gaia intended. We do this on a small level right now and will expand when we buy our land. Most of my food grown for sale or to make medicine in my apothecary are dried herbs so I can sell them in my online shop. I’ve also seen people sell them on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and other local outlets. You don’t need a farm to do this. You can grow a lot of food in a small space. I plan on selling fresh fruit and vegetables to my community. I organically grow everything and want to help those who can’t always afford the expensive organic produce in the stores.

I love the connection to Gaia when gardening. I feel the energy of the plant, and the plant feels mine. Quantum physics has proven that we’re all connected, the plants know this as well. All is one in the Universe. The studies on this are amazing. Plants let out different energies depending on what their experiencing, they communicate with each other, respond to their environment and some dance to music. They are directly connected to the divine essence of the Universe. Herbs grown myself tend to be more powerful magickly as I created a connection with them. The energies are a bit different than herbs I buy. They help keep me grounded and focused. Growing these powerful beings is a blessing that I, my mind, spirit and body, are deeply grateful for. They are magnificent gifts of medicine, wellness and connection, they bring independence, amazing health and healing and a connection that is that simply can’t be properly described in words.

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Growing you own food can also be described as growing your own medicine. An herbal medicine garden can keep the doctor away and give you even more control over your state of being and your life in general. Gaining knowledge will make you less dependent on the medical system which is more freedom and less medical bills. You’ll be able to treat many ailments yourself from colds and flues to wounds to UTI’s and even pet ailments. This saves so much money. Basic herbalism is easy to learn and can be found on the internet on reputable websites or in thousands of beginner herb books. One of my favorites is Rosemary’s Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs – A Beginner’s Guide is a great place to start. She does a real good job going over safety, what to look for, how to make medicine and her personality comes through. She’s one of my favorite herbalists and I consider her a mentor. I really enjoyed this book.

On the flip side, you want to waste as little as possible. Part of living off grid is handling your own waste. A compost pile or drum for kitchen scraps is great for this and your garden will love it. Compost is fertilizer so you won’t have to buy it or won’t have to buy as much. Saving more money!!! Compost drums can be used at home if you don’t have the land for a pile.

Another way to not wast is to grow your kitchen scraps. I typed that right, GROW your kitchen scraps. This can be done with organic store bought food. If yoy cut the bottom, where the roots were, off celery or a lettuce head and put it in water, it will grow more celery and lettuce. Plant the bulbs of green onions and they will regrow their green stalks. If you plant carrot tops you won’t get carrots, you’ll get greens that are delicious. Many herbs can be propagated easily. There are lots of plants you can buy and regrow. The book “NO-Waste Kitchen Gardening” by Katie Elzer-Peters was what got me started on all this regrowing. It’s good for small and big spaces and can save lots of money.

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Good quality, clean food is important to every living being, plant or animal. We’re not educated about what good, clean food is, that knowledge needs to be acquired on your own. Once you get the basics down, you’ll find yourself making better food choices AND saving money because you know better. Not because a doctor said to, not because some government owned scientist on the MSN said to and not because you’re on some diet. You’ll do it because knowledge applied is wisdom and you’re much wiser. As far as that diet…when you’re eating right, truly eating right, weight isn’t an issue.

Growing food is a family affair as the entire family benefits. Get the kids and spouse involved. Hell, get the in-laws and your drunk uncle in the garden with you. You’ll be passing along knowledge with that good, healthy food. You can have family time that costs very little and has so much quality. If you garden is your escape from you crazy family, make it a sanctuary for you, a place to meditate, read, do yoga, doodle, do a bit of magick or whatever you like to do. Being surrounded by the prana, the magick, the plants you helped to breathe life into, is calming to the mind, body and soul. Everything in nature has a symbiotic relationship with everything else in nature. Nature is based on cooperation, becoming one with her again in our garden sanctuary raises the vibration of the planet which benefits humanity and Gaia. There is so much power in plants.

I’d love to hear about your gardening experiences, ideas and please, share your resources 🙂

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Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve Me

When it comes to our journey to living off the grid, there is so much to learn, so much to research, study and master. We need to gain so much knowledge for such a radically alternative lifestyle to what we’re supposed to see as normal or socially acceptable. While improving our knowledge and thus improving our skills and chances of success is necessary to become a successful off gridder, letting go of what no longer serves us is just as important. Other people’s opinions, limiting beliefs and programming and bad habits and lifestyle all need to go. If it doesn’t serve you, contribute to your success, health or happiness or if it holds you back in any way, you need to let it go. I don’t believe anyone can be a successful off gridder with the typical mindset society expects us to have.

I can’t speak for Rick however, for me, I had change my mind from one of dependency to one of independence and adopt a “can do” attitude. This isn’t a personality or lack of confidence issue, it’s a culturally programmed one. A very limiting belief. I was dependent on people outside to hire me for money then in turn became dependent on that person/job for the money and had no other streams of income. I believed one good job was all I needed without considering WHO I’m depending on for that job. The current events today are a lesson in who and what we’re depending on when we adopt the “Get a good job as a sole source of income” attitude. Many people aren’t working right now because the man made structures that their jobs and themselves were dependent on aren’t in operation. This is not a sustainable or safe way to live these day.

A job isn’t a bad thing to have, we all need to pay our bills and provide for ourselves and our loved ones. We just don’t want to have our entire livelihoods dependent on one job, their simply not stable. What you do with that income and how dependent you allow yourself to become on one income can make or break you. What else are you capable of? Do you garden? Is it possible to grow a little extra to sell? Are you crafty, a wood worker, small engine repair, musician that can teach, tutor, make house hold items, offer advice? What are your talents? The internet makes it easy to create multiple streams of income and it never shuts down. It’s always there waiting for you to make your move. It’s a choice. It’s important to be in a position that if one source of income dries up, you’ll be OK. There’s no limit to how many streams of income you can have, just make sure you’re not overwhelming yourself and throwing your life balance off.

Another limiting belief I had to get rid of is buying everything. That limiting belief is what is one of the things destroying our planet. More stuff means more garbage in the land fill. Gaia isn’t equipped for that and neither are we. Financially, it’s a very expensive way to live and exposes you to more dis ease causing toxins. Learning to make things yourself will not only save you a ton of money but will not harm your health most commercial products will. You know what’s in it which is a big deal if you like to stay healthy and dis ease free. The internet is a wealth of information and there are limitless books on the market.

Start with one item at a time. I started with dish soap. When finances allow, I buy my ingredients in bulk, it’s just that much cheaper. There are times when bulk isn’t financially possible so I buy the biggest package possible. It’s still a heck of a lot cheaper, you get so much more soap for your money. You also want to keep in mind the packaging your products come in. Can you up-cycle them? Are they recyclable? What about the shipping box and materials? The idea is to avoid putting things in a land fill and cut back on the mass manufacturing that’s destroying our environment by lowering the demand. For our home, we put our finished dish soap in up-cycled ketchup bottles with labels made with colorful construction paper and packing tape. We recycle the bottles when they become unusable which isn’t very often.

When it comes to packaging my ingredients come in, I get pretty creative. Boxes are used for origination and shipping. I simply use colorful construction paper and packing tape to label them. They work great, keep my items organized and dust free and are light weight. I get a variety of sizes and shapes since I order almost everything online. The boxes we don’t find a use for we take to the recycling center in our town, give them to others in need or burn them as a last resort. Putting up an ad for free boxes on your local classified site or social media can help you get rid of the boxes and help someone else with what they need too.

As far as the inside packaging, the bubble wrap, peanuts, air pockets, etc, I reuse them. I have a ton of packing peanuts that a supplier of mine likes to use. There are horrible for the environment and not something I would purchase myself. I do find it better to use them than to throw them away since their not recyclable or biodegradable. I reuse them in my packaging and encourage others to do the same or find another use for them. I’ve heard of people using them for crafts, storage of their own delicate items, using them to mail fragile items and even as insulation for an animal’s space. I also reuse the plastic air pockets and bubble wrap. As long as they hold air, their good.

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Going off grid requires an independent spirit and an attitude of possibility and creativity. Running to the store for every little thing isn’t freedom or independence and we nickle and dime ourselves doing so. Our mindsets can make or break us. A mindset of recycle, reuse and respect for Gaia is one I see in many independent off gridders. We’re all dependent on this plant which makes us all responsible for it. We don’t need to give up the things we need or want, we just need to acquire them in a way that’s respectful to the planet. Don’t focused on being perfect, focus on where you’re at right now. What can you do to live more balanced life in harmony with Gaia? What do you do to protect her, save money and still meet your needs? Share in the comments below, we’re always open to new ideas!!!

Here are a few great resources:

Here is my dish soap recipe:

Dish Soap

½ cup Sal Suds

½ cup distilled white vinegar

½ cup filtered water

1 tsp citric acid

2 tsp kosher salt

5 drops es (optional)

Warm water to dissolve salt. Do not boil

Combine remainder of ingredients in bowl, gently stirring for the least amount of bubbles.

Gently add warm salt water, stirring gently as you pour.

Add your favorite essential oils. (optional) Citrus oils improve the cleaning power. Pour into bottles and use as normal.

Our off Grid Journey

I’m being guided to share our journey to going off grid. We’re not there yet, we’re still living in Wisconsin in the suburbs. We’ve been working on our off grid goal, making life, financial and mindset changes and learning all we can. We see this as a learning experience to help us gain the knowledge and skills we need to live off grid. We don’t want to buy land and not know with to do with it. It’s May 28. 2020 and we’re still quarantined in the USA over the Corona virus. I’m going within more than ever, connecting to the Universe and following my guidance. Although fear is normal for many in times like these, there’s unwavering power in all of us to overcome that fear and use it as fertilizer that fuels our growth. I do have my opinions however, this is not the place for politics or dogma. That gets us nowhere. My focus is learning to navigate the new society that will emerge out of this. My fiance Rick and I are focusing on what we CAN do which far outweighs what we can’t do. In this blog series, I’m sharing our journey to living a self sufficient, sustainable, off grid life style complete with our successes, lessons, thoughts and feelings about it all. We’re starting where we’re at and will eventually be living in Tennessee off grid. I will sugar coat nothing as I want to use our experience to help empower others with knowledge and receive their feed back, suggestions and ideas. We’re all on this planet together. It’s time we love, accept and lift each other up, share our knowledge and open our minds to new knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power applied is wisdom. Wisdom creates space for freedom.

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Rick and I have been working on getting in a position to go off grid for about 6 months now, the whole Corona virus issue tells us we need to keep working towards our goal and get out of the Matrix. We want to totally unplug and not depend on human systems which I personally see as unstable and risky to our future well being as well as cruel to Gaia. BEFORE the Corona virus, we had other reasons to go off grid. As an herbalist, healer,light worker and practitioner of magick, I have a strong desire to live closer to Mother Gaia (Mother Nature). I want to live in the natural rhythm of the seasons, protect and care for the land, connect and surrender to her. Our ultimate goal is to have an organic off grid herb and vegetable farm with it’s own ecosystem. Rick is also a light worker and is feeling a longing for Gaia himself. We are together by divine intervention and the more we grow together the more it’s evident.

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I want to keep this blog easy to follow so I’ll post about one project in detail at a time. My biggest dilemma is which one to blog about first!! Comment below if you have a preference. The things we have going on right are: We just bought two rain barrels used. We buy a lot used, it just saves so much money. We’re frugal but not cheap. Two isn’t enough so we’ll eventually get more. Their not exactly functional right now, Rick is working on that. I’ll let you know about our experiences. Anotheris making things ourselves. We’re not doing bad here as I make our cleaning and bath products, dog shampoo, medicine and laundry soap. Learning to do these things saves so much money. There are more items I intend to learn to make and will blog more about them. We’re lowering our expenses. Some ways we’ve done this besides making our own products are to use reusable food storage and paper towels. We make and can a lot of our food and make the majority of our meals from scratch. We don’t fill our cabinets up with processed junk and convenient foods. I do make some healthy convenient foods. This is something I’m still learning about. Gardening is HUGE as we plan to turn our just under an acre land into a huge herb and vegetable garden. Growing and preserving our own food saves so much money. We will be purchasing and putting up a clothes line in the next week or 2 as the weather warms up. We picked up some free wood someone was giving away. We believe we will get some raised garden beds, possibly some shelves and fire wood out of it. Finding freebies or cheap materials is kind to the finances and requires us to get creative. The dryer takes a lot of electricity so not using it can help lower our electric bill. There are a ton of different projects we’re either working on or plan to work on. I’ll blog about all of them in detail.

Mindset is very important and boy has ours changed!! We’re more respectful to Gaia, being mindful of the waste we create and all the sentient beings on this planet. We take joy in a great home cooked meal, growing our own food and figuring out how to do things. We’re careful with our money, buying used when we can and not buying things we don’t need. What most consider luxuries, we don’t think of as luxuries. Our luxury is living off grid, being sustainable and independent while giving back to humanity. We practice the Universal law of exchange. We’re not just consumers, we’re also creators.

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The biggest things anyone needs for going off grid are knowledge and skills as well as confidence in yourself and a strong spiritual connection, whatever that is to you. We’re staying in our home in Wisconsin for now until we have the skills to increase our chances of success. We’re going partly off grid while here, this is a wonderful learning and growing experience as well as bonding for Rick and I. We’re also studying, we have a nice collection of books, YouTube videos, blogs and mentors. The resources available to us all are endless. I encourage anyone to start looking poking around the internet, visit your local library or purchase books, new or used. Don’t be shy, if you find an awesome resource, share it below. We can all empower each other by sharing what we know.

YouTube is an awesome source of information and a great way to find other sources to explore. Although we’re not there yet, I’m considering shooting a few videos in case I decide to move forward with YouTube or another similar platform. That’s not a promise, just an idea I feel I’m being guided to. It feels as if the seed is planted.

I’m looking forward to sharing our journey with you and hearing your thoughts. Until the next post, let love guide you, not fear.

Echinacea – The Great Herbal Diplomat

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Beautiful, Medicinal, Magick echinacea has 9 different species, in this article we are discussing E. purpurea, the purple cone flower. Echinacea is an amazing herb and was once esteemed in the medical industry until man made antibiotics were introduced circa 1950. Of course, man is not able to make anything that can out do or compete with God’s medicine. Echinacea is making a strong comeback as more and more people rediscover the power and low chance of side effects and risks that come with this plant medicine. Echinacea was the most used herb of the Plains Indians and is very popular among herbalists, homeopaths and natural healers.

Today, the most commonly use of echinacea is to build the immune system and is one of the top, most important immune-building herb used by herbalists. We put echinacea in our immune boosting tea, it’s very powerful and works well with other immune-boosting herbs. It’s also able to relieve certain types of pain. Most of the solid studies are done in German and other European countries where it’s still used in the medical system.

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Echinacea, which is cooling and drying, is best used before illness hits such as before cold and flu season or at first signs of illness as well to help the immune system fight off illness and control pain. Taken before illness echinacea can raise the body’s natural resistance to infection by stimulation and aiding immune function. Echinacea strengthens the body’s defense system by increasing macrophages and T-cell activity. It has other amazing actions as well, it’s anti-fungal, antibacterial, Rich in polysaccharides which protect cells from invasion from viruses and bacteria. It’s an alterative, antiseptic, antivenomous, immune stimulating, anti-inflammatory and aids the lymphatic system.

Echinacea has been historically used to treat sore throat, respiratory and bronchial infections. In Germany it’s medically approved for UTI’s, respiratory tract infections, colds, slow healing wounds and other ailments. It can decrease the chances of catching the common cold by 58% and shorten the duration by 1.5 days. That’s one hell of an immune stimulant! It’s even been shown to stop viral colds. Echinacea is a mild laxative, great for mild constipation. Being anti-inflammatory, it helps with rheumatoid arthritis and Uveitis. Echinacea is hydrating and can improve skin problems and lessen wrinkles.

Amazing, beautiful echinacea has other uses as well. I feel like a game show host saying “But wait, there’s more!!!” There is always so much more to herbs than anyone can put in one article. Other issues it’s been used for are: genital herpes, snake bites, gum disease, malaria, vaginal yeast infection, tonsillitis, gonorrhea, headaches, Blood stream, tuberculosis, whooping cough, asthma, all flus, sinusitis, diphtheria, strep throat, made in to a poultice for external use, etc. I can go on for a while. Anyone can benefit from this amazing plant medicine. It’s worth taking the time to research and learn a bit more about how this beautiful flower from Gaia helps us.

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When you harvest which parts of the plant makes a difference. When wild harvesting, never take more than 1/4 of the plant, only harvest from healthy plants that can regenerate or reseed themselves. Always give thanks and an offering. It’s important we wild craft with respect and responsibility to ensure all have the medicine they need. Above the soil is where the polysaccharides are that trigger immune function. The top of the plant is harvested in the 3rd season of the plant’s life. The roots have a high concentration of volatile oils and should be harvested in the 4th year. Tinctures are typically made from the leaves, although they can be made from the roots. Be sure to read the labels.

Echinacea is also used in Magick. It’s ruled by Mars, it’s astrological sign is Scorpio and it’s Tarrot card is the Temperance. Carrying it with you in a talisman or charm helps with inner strength and confidence. To protect your home from hard financial times and increase prosperity, grow echinacea around your home or put it in a vase inside. It can increase the effectiveness of spells and is a great offering to deities.

Echinacea is safe for most people including the elderly and children and is considered generally safe. It should be avoided by anyone on immune suppressing drugs because their actions contradict. Too much can cause allergy-like reactions. Avoid if you’re allergic to echinacea or if you start to have an allergic reaction. Consult your herbal specialist if you’re unsure if echinacea is right for you.

Echinacea has earned it’s way in human wellness care and is here to stay. It has a long history or helping humans stay strong and healthy as well as some hefty science behind it. As and herbalist, it’s one of my favorite herbs, I drink echinacea tea often. The leaves have a nice flavor that blends well with lemon balm, holy basil or green tea. We carry this tea on our website and in our Etsy shop, it’s a very popular and affordable item. Share what you know and your resources. What are you experiences with Echinacea?

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Resources: Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs – A Beginner’s Guide – Rosemary Gladstar p. 129-131, The Modern Herbal Dispensatory – A medicine-Making Guide – Thomas Easley, Steven Horne p. 225- 226,,

I’m an herbalist, I specialize in God’s medicine. I’m not a medical doctor. I am not giving medical advice. Please contact your wellness, herbal specialist with any questions or concerns or if you don’t know if echinacea is right for you. This article is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment.

Burdock, The Inspiration for Velcro

Anyone whose spent any significant time in nature has come across burdock. The seed pods, often called “burrs” get stuck on everything, our clothes, hair, pets, shoe laces, everything!! Farmers often see this magickal and medicinal plant as a weed. Herbalists, the Native Americans and others who work and heal with plants, know the true power of this amazing Biennial. It’s part of the thistle or Asteraceae family which includes mugwort, yarrow, goldenrod and many other medicinal plants. The Swiss inventor George de Mestral, was inspired to invent Velcro after the fruit stuck to his dog’s fur. In the United Kingdom, it’s made into a soft drink with dandelion that tastes similar to American root beer. Burdock was a bittering agent for beer before hops because widely used.

Burdock has a long history of medicinal uses in Chinese and Native American Medicine and is still commonly used today. It’s a cooling herb. The Native American anti-cancer formula Essiac is still used today, one of the herbs used in this formula is Burdock. Burdock is effective in treating swollen lymph nodes, eczema, psoriasis and other skin imbalances, restoring yin energy to the body, cleanse and purify the blood, cleansing the liver and as a wash when recovering from illness. Burdock is a common and favorite medicinal herb among those who work with plant medicines. It’s safe to use internally and externally. It’s made into teas, tinctures, salves, poultices, and oils. It benefits the immune system, lymph nodes, hot, agitated conditions and anger

Burdock has feminine energy as it’s ruled by Venus. It’s used in general healing spells as well as spells for protection, sexual potency, health and power. Being a natural diuretic, it’s used magically to also cleanse and purify the urine, blood and energy. It’s made into protective charms and amulets for protection when traveling, charms of prosperity, vitality and home protection when hung or buried at a south entrance. Burdock is a great counter-magick herb as it prevents curses from being put on the person using it.

Burdock is edible, the leaves, stems, seeds and roots are all used in culinary dishes. It has a pleasant taste that is earthy and just a little bitter, it tastes similar to a turnip or wild carrot, that goes well in soups and stews. Burdock makes a very nutritious and delicious tea. The flower stalks are edible when harvested before the flower opens. The roots are best harvested from a 2 year old plant in early spring and a one year old plant in mid-autumn.

Anyone allergic to plants in the Asteraceae family or on medication to increase urine flow or lower blood sugar should avoid Burdock as it’s heals both these conditions and can interact with another medicine for the same purpose in a negative way. Pregnant ladies should avoid burdock. Always consult an herbal professional when in doubt. This a great herb to research, there’s so much to know and learn about this ancient Chinese medicine. It’s easy to find, easy to use and easy to grow.

Resources: The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients – Lexa Rosean p. 50; Grimoire for the Green Witch – Ann Moura p. 298;; groveandrottecom/blogs/articles/magickal-properties-of-burdock/

Required Legal Disclaimer: The statements made in this blog post are not meant to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease or aliment. Knowledge is a personal responiblilty, please do your research and contact your health, plant medicine professional with any questions or concerns.

Plantain, Mother of Herbs

Plantain, the weed, not the small banana-type fruit, came from the settlers who first came to America. This small, medicinal, nutritive, magickal plant grew in the paths of the settlers, following them to their colonies. The Native Americans noticed this and nicknamed the weed “White Man’s Foot” The American poet and educator Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote “Whereso’er the tread beneath them springs a flower unknown among us; Springs the white-man’s foot in blossom” The Native Americans discovered the healing and magickal powers of this plant and named it “Life Medicine”. Even earlier in time, the Ancient Saxons called it “Mother of Herbs” and considered it one of their 9 sacred herbs. The plant that many try to kill with toxins can actually benefit them in so many ways.

As a medicine Plantain is cooling, moistening, constricting and tightening. It has a earthy taste with just a little bitterness. It’s in the Plantaginaceae Family. Its herbal actions are many; anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent, demulcent, emollient, expectorant, antibiotic, antiseptic, antivenomous, decongestant, demulcent, drawing, just to name a few.

Due to plantain bio-film disrupting abilities, it’s great for antibiotic resistant infections, when combined with other antimicrobial herbs, it’s a super power not to be messed with. It’s a vulnerary which means it promotes cell growth which promote and speeds up wound healing, great for the skin and digestive tract. When used as a gargle, plantain treats gingivitis and dental abscesses due to it’s powerful ability to draw out. If you have a splinter too deep to remove, Plantain can help bring the splinter to the surface. It removes toxins from the body and has been used as an alternative blood purifier and remedy for blood poisoning. Plantain can help hangover recovery by stimulating and cleaning the liver. Other issues it helps are poor digestion and assimilation, hepatitis, jaundice, skin eruptions and explosive, easily agitated personalities (too much heat in the body).

Plantain is commonly wildcrafted as it’s easily found everywhere. Wildcrafting only takes place in nature spaces that are unspoiled by humans, not near neighborhoods, roads, factories, where the is chemical run off, cities or anywhere humans gather and spoil the natural state of a space. Avoiding chemicals and poisons is of high importance and is done without exception. No one wants that stuff in their medicine or their food. Herbalists use this amazing plant medicine in salves, poultices, oils, teas, tinctures, lotions and in food. The seeds, root and leafs are all medicinal and edible. The seeds grow on top of the stalk are called psyllium seeds and are the active ingredient in Metamucil because of their laxative effect. Plantain is also used as a remedy for poison ivy, snake bites and mad dog bites. It’s soothing to the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract and can treat a wide variety of gut problems.

Plantain is a magickal herb of protection. When hung from the windows or doors of your home or in you car, it protects against evil spirits which makes it great for mojo bags, talismans and sachets. When put in shoes on a long walk, it can increase your physical stamina. Those who do spells of protection often use this magickal herb.

Plantain is a Perennial with elongated, oval leaves that have ribs. If left to mature, they grow a long, narrow spike that has tiny white or yellow flowers. They are extremely easily grown from their seeds which are harvested from the narrow spike. Once planted, it’s easy to grow and will come back every year. It’s common among gardens, lawns and almost anywhere humans live. It’s Scientific name is Plantago major.

The most obvious medicinal and magickal herbs are just under our noses, our shoes, our car tires and cut down when we mow. Medicine doesn’t have to be expensive and neither do magickal herbs. I’ve only begun a discussion about Plantain here. There’s so much to know. Do some research, you’ll love what you find. Do you have any great resources or some info to share? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Legal Stuff: The statements made here are not a substitute for the advice of your health, wellness and/or herbal professional.

Resources: The Herbal Handbook for Homesteaders, Farmed and Foraged Herbal Remedies and Recipes – Abby Artemisa p109; The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients – Lexa Rosean p. 221; Herbal Medicine for Beginners – Katja Swift and Ryn Midura p106-107,, Herbal Medicine Natural Remedies – Anne Kennedy p.210; The Modern Herbal Dispensatory, A Medicine Making Guide – Thomas Wasley, Steven Horne p. 285 – 286, Rosemary Gladstar’s Medidinal Herva A Beginner’s Guide – Rosemary Gladstar p. 188-190

Violet, a Sweet Little Weed

Violets are happy little flower with heart shaped leaves with smooth, rounded teeth that are considered invasive weeds. They are found where humans are, lawns, gardens, side walk cracks and along trail sides. They are generally perannuals or annual weeds and a few are small shrubs that bloom in early spring and early summer and can be found in mostly temperate climates. They grow 4 to 8 inches in height and have purple, blue, white and yellow flowers. The roots of violets have little flowers that grow underground that never see the sun but still produce seed. The flowers and leaves are all edible except for the yellow flowers. The roots should never be eaten, they cause vomiting and nausea. The viola genus has around 550 species. ViolaceaeI is the largest Genus in the Viola family.

Violets are happy little flower with heart shaped leaves with smooth, rounded teeth that are considered invasive weeds. They are found where humans are, lawns, gardens, side walk cracks and along trail sides. They are generally perannuals or annual weeds and a few are small shrubs that bloom in early spring and early summer and can be found in mostly temperate climates. They grow 4 to 8 inches in height and have purple, blue, white and yellow flowers. The roots of violets have little flowers that grow underground that never see the sun but still produce seed. The flowers and leaves are all edible except for the yellow flowers. The roots should never be eaten, they cause vomiting and nausea. The viola genus has around 550 species. ViolaceaeI is the largest Genus in the Viola family.

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Violets are used in romance magick, love, lust and protection spells. Their believed to protect someone from being tricked by a faerie. Violets are ruled by Venus and are the sacred flower of archangel Sachiel who is the archangel of Jupiter. His energies bring riches and a clear mind. The heart shaped leaf is considered an amulet that protects from evil. Wild violets increase happiness and potted violets prevents accidents and calmes nerves.

Violets are cooling and moistening and have been used to lower cholesterol, restore intestinal flora, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, blood thinning, hemorrhoids. varicose veins, cleanse the blood, stimulate lymphatic system, dry cough, bronchitis, swollen lymph nodes and cancer. For such a cute little flower, they do a lot! When made into a poultice, compress, infused oil or salve, violets heal dry, chafed skin, abrasions, insect bites, eczema, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

Violets have a long history of being used for food and garnishes. The leaves are good in salads, pesto, salads and wraps. They are a natural way to thicken soup and stews. They can be candied or frozen into ice for a decorative drink. Their also sauteed and steamed. Herbalists make them into infusions, tinctures, cider vinegar tincture, syrup, elixir, ointments, salve, cream, foot soak, bath herb, infused oil, liniment and infused honey. There’s a lot of uses for these little weeds!!

What are you experiences with violets? Have you eaten them? Used them as a garnish? Used them in your magickal practice? Comment below, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Resources: Garden Witch’s Herbal – Ellen Dugan p. 196-197, The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients, a Wiccan Guide to Spell Casting – Lexa Rosean p. 285, Homegrown Herbs – Tammi Hartung p.236,

Legal Stuff: None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to cure, diagnose or treat and medical condition. Are you ready to publish?

Violets are used in romance magick, love, lust and protection spells. Their believed to protect someone from being tricked by a faerie. Violets are ruled by Venus and are the sacred flower of archangel Sachiel who is the archangel of Jupiter. His energies bring riches and a clear mind. The heart shaped leaf is considered an amulet that protects from evil. Wild violets increase happiness and potted violets prevents accidents and calmes nerves.

Violets are cooling and moistening and have been used to lower cholesterol, restore intestinal flora, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, blood thinning, hemorrhoids. varicose veins, cleanse the blood, stimulate lymphatic system, dry cough, bronchitis, swollen lymph nodes and cancer. For such a cute little flower, they do a lot! When made into a poultice, compress, infused oil or salve, violets heal dry, chafed skin, abrasions, insect bites, eczema, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

Violets have a long history of being used for food and garnishes. The leaves are good in salads, pesto, salads and wraps. They are a natural way to thicken soup and stews. They can be candied or frozen into ice for a decorative drink. Their also sauteed and steamed. Herbalists make them into infusions, tinctures, cider vinegar tincture, syrup, elixir, ointments, salve, cream, foot soak, bath herb, infused oil, liniment and infused honey. There’s a lot of uses for these little weeds!!

What are you experiences with violets? Have you eaten them? Used them as a garnish? Used them in your magickal practice? Comment below, I’d love to h

Resources: Garden Witch’s Herbal – Ellen Dugan p. 196-197, The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients, a Wiccan Guide to Spell Casting – Lexa Rosean p. 285, Homegrown Herbs – Tammi Hartung p.236,

Legal Stuff: None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to cure, diagnose or treat and medical condition.

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