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It doesn’t matter if you’re a person, a business, or both, if we’re going to survive the craziness of the times we’re living in, we all gotta roll with the changes!! How we pay for things and what we consider currencies are changing quickly giving us more choices as to how to pay for things and handle our financial matters. This is a beautiful thing and Love of Lotus Apothecary got in on the beauty!

We get weekly requests to accept crypto currencies from our wonderful patrons, we hear you and we’ve taken action!!! You can now use your crypto currencies on Just choose crypto at checkout, it’s that easy!!! We do not yet accept crypto at our Ebay or Etsy stores as these platforms do not allow for crypto at this time. If they decide to accept Crypto, we’ll be all over it!

We’re excited to accommodate so many other people and fulfill the request to accept crypto by those who so graciously bless us with their business. We keep learning, growing and improving here at Love of Lotus Apothecary and are excited to see what the future may hold for us. We greatly appreciate those who buy from us, read our blogs, spread our name and support us through suggestions, comments and compliments. Every voice is heard and we do our best to support our communities, local and global, the best way we can. Together, we can make this planet a better place. I’m grate for all of you. Thank you!!!

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Freedom Over Equality

We hear it all the time, on the Main Stream Mental Illness, Social Media, Even in movies and books…Equality. How exactly are we making everyone “equal”? Does anyone really know what it costs to have an “equal” society, what it does to the will and spirit of humans and the slavery it requires? There is no growth if we’re all striving to be equal, it stagnates us and costs us our freedom, ability to freely think and create and the powerful beings we all have the potential to grow into. This is a concept I can’t bring myself to buy into. It’s limiting, unnatural and based in dogma. The world has never been equal and it’s not meant to be. We’re here to learn and grow, build the new and let others grow into their greatness as we do ours. The concept of “Equality” is a tool of separation and control and one the government loves to use to feed it’s illusion of control. It creates negative feelings for oneself and for others and could have a person begging whoever they chose to extend their power to for equality only to go to their grave disappointed. Most of all, it costs us our freedom.

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I’m not talking about basic human rights and needs. Those have nothing to do with the equality I’m referring to here. What I’m talking about is the need for everyone to be put in the same box with the same limits, outside authority and powerlessness others have within them and want those who do not live by those things to shrink into them. It’s not even about levels of society’s hierarchy which is another topic all together. It’s about the freedom to be yourself, to grow at your own pace, make your own choices, lead yourself and be the sovereign being we’re all meant to be. Those with the illusion of power who are fucking up society right now love to pretend to create the illusion of equality, it’s a great tool of control and separation. You won’t find such a sick concept in nature as she does not require her creations to shrink out of the powerful beings she created them to be. She created us to live in higher frequencies than that.

I look around and see all sorts of things I don’t want to be equal to. That doesn’t mean I’m above them or their above me, that doesn’t exist in nature. That is a man made concept, we gotta think greater and freer than that. I don’t want to be equal to the person hiding in their house in fear because their told to, destroying their immune system with fear, a mask and bleach. I don’t look down on them as we’re both humans. We’re both from the divine source of goodness. No one comes from bad or is born a “sinner”. No one deserves any negativity for living the life that’s right for them. We’re walking different paths that go in separate directions, I send them love and stay on my fearless, maskless, bleachless path because those things are right for me. I don’t believe those who think a mask is some how keeping them safe wants to be equal to me who doesn’t own a mask and have yet to put one on my face. Demanding we all act equally is a very strong belief in conformity over freedom, something to the core of my being I will never submit to.

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I don’t want to be equal to the person waiting for the next stimulus check, blames a bad economy for their hardships or has to choose a man made label then argue over it, something politics could not exist without. I’m me. You’re you. No argument necessary. I don’t believe in a bad economy, only a changing economy. I’ve made positive changes in my business, lifestyle, belief system, education, habits, rituals and personal finances due to the changing economy. You gotta not only roll with the changes but study them beyond the indoctrination and censored and suppressed resources. You gotta be original, creative and not give a fuck about what anyone says. I learned this from people who I want to learn from, my mentors, those who I want to be more like with my own personal twist. I study them as many of them so generously teach us how to do what their doing. These people I can learn from in a way that will help me grown and learn.

I find it mindless to choose man made labels and argue over them, what a waste of precious energy. That brings no happiness, health, success or freedom to anyone. I certainly don’t want to be equal to politics and what politics does to a person. That’s a frequency I refuse to match. Those who have the illusion of power feed off the negativity, as long as we’re attacking those who support the person we don’t, hating them, publicly ridiculing them and spending our precious time thinking about it, living it, watching it, arguing about it, fearing it, acquiescing to it, externalizing our power to it, the only thing we’re creating is the negative energy that is food for those with the illusion of power and detrimental to our well being in every way. I have no time for any of that so I choose not to match that frequency. I choose not to be equal to those who do match that frequency.

There are people who I’m not striving to be equal to as that destroys my uniqueness, my gifts and my purpose on this planet. Becoming another copy of someone else is not success or freedom and could cost me both. I also see these unequal beings as people I can learn from. If everyone were equal to me, who is there to learn from? Where is the growth? Where is the excitement in new things, new accomplishments, new people, new places, new knowledge? What will challenge me, strengthen me, ascend me to higher states of consciousness and confidence? If we were all equal, it would suck the life right our of us. Why strive for anything if being equal to everyone else will be the end result? Who will be my mentors, my teachers, my wise elders? In my opinion, making everyone equal makes us all stagnant like stagnant water. After a while, stagnant water stinks and attracts bugs. It will rot us from the inside out, I’m not interested in equal rotting

What is equality to you?  Is it necessary for your idea of success or are you tough enough to not need it?  Do you ask your government to for it or do you conquer it?
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Insisting on everyone becoming equal is a lack of will and motivation to be powerful in your own uniqueness. We hear a lot of people say “tax the rich”. The fist thing this alludes to is the lack of financial education, which is acquired on our own as it’s not legal to teach in the schools in America, Inc. They don’t have jobs so what are you going to tax? Besides insisting these people should have their money taken away and they get forced to be like the status quo, I prefer to learn from them. HOW do they not pay taxes? HOW do they make and keep their money? What do they know I don’t? What are they doing that I’m not? A statement closes the mind, a question opens the mind. If they were made to be equal to me, I would lose some of my mentors and be robbed of learning opportunities and the opportunity to become successful myself. Insisting they shrink to where I’m at today would be lazy, foolish, self-sabotaging and down right boring. I’m not talking about the evil fucks that sold their souls for the illusion of success like Bill Gates, I’m talking about the rich that are rightfully rich by doing the right things and getting an education none of us will get in any America, Inc. school such as Robert Kiyosaki and Grant Cardone. I’m not equal to these people nor am I under them. I have the same 24 hours in a day. If I’m going to get close to where they are, I need to make my 24 hours count, I need to gather the knowledge and do the work. Applied knowledge is power.

The insistence on equality and begging the government to use their illusion of power to make things seem equal in our little worlds is to give up freedom, growth, intelligence and our own personal life paths. It’s lazy as it takes away things to strive for. So what if we struggle? Everyone struggles. Struggle is nothing more than the shit that fuels my growth and strength. Making everything “equal” so I don’t have to do what others see as struggle will weaken me and eventually put me on the path to the slaughter house. Struggle should never be feared as it’s what you make of it that counts. I want to figure things out on my own, make my own mistakes which are nothing more than learning experiences and build the life I want to live without permission to do so. Learning from those unequal to me be it in the form of books, videos, in person or an education program and making my own, unequal mistakes will serve me more than using the excuse that things are unequal so I can’t make it.

Let me make it clear that I’m not referring to things like physical or mental differences or writing this with judgment, hate or malice. I’m writing this from a place of freedom and personal experience as well as my own research and studies. This is my opinion and beliefs on the matter and I’m not asking anyone to adopt them as their own. I’m just hoping to get people thinking and doing better as well as sharing how their unequally living their lives. I love when people do what is right for them, the only rule being to harm none. Seek out the info not taught, make mistakes, fall on your ass big time, you’ll come out of it stronger and wiser every time as long as you get back up and keep going. Those who do not get back up would prefer you stay down with them, it makes it OK for them to do less and stay equally low. Freedom is choice. If we’re forced into a box of equality and conformity, we’re choosing to give up our freedoms to make others feel better about themselves. You’re not the equality whisperer. Show them what inequality does and encourage them not need some law or rule that only the powerless will follow for them to succeed. We all have greatness inside us, some just need a bit more coaxing than others. If their not ready to wake up to their greatness, leave them and that energy in their world, it isn’t your battle.

I’d love to hear how inequality has served you, raised you to higher states of consciousness, frequencies and freedom. How does it serve your family, your business, your soul, your rituals? What do you do to help lift others up so they can experience a higher level in the unequal world? What do you do to raise yourself up?

Community Over Corporations

I have set a personal goal to become less dependent on corporations as I’m disgusted with their behavior, their influence on every aspect of our lives; education, health, knowledge, access to things we need and want, what’s in our food, what we’re allowed to know about the products we use, the suppression of science, our history and what’s really going on in the world. They have an interest in everything which means they need to not only profit off the people but keep us ignorant so they can keep profiting off us. Nothing gets taught in any American school, including medical school, that isn’t approved by Big Pharma and Big Food which is why science is suppressed and our medical system is based largely on dogma. The fact that masks are talked about more than raising our immune system is a great example of how propaganda and puppets on the MSN and main stream social media push dogma for profit over the well being of the people. Facebook’s information suppressors, I mean “fact checkers” are nothing more than corporation sell outs. Obama added GMOs to the list of things in our food that the corporations don’t want us to know about so they don’t have to tell us. I can go on and on about how corporations make a ton of money off flat out lies and suppression and I’ve had it.

Fear is a great money maker. Better stock up on toilet paper for your respiratory virus. Put man made vaccines exempt from testing and legal action when it hurts you and your kids in your body or you’ll die from a virus with a 99% recovery rate. Better buy all that immune-destroying bleach and Lysol and use it every day then feel even more fear when the illusion of lack is the latest puppet show episode. The illusion of a food shortage is coming, better fear that too!! Stock up on corporate-produced processed foods. Buy a mask!! Buy gloves while you’re at it. Close our small business, only big corporations are able to “safely” operate. Stay in you house, consume all the Main Stream Media and Social Media garbage, the handful of corporations that own and control them are dependent on you so ignorantly consuming the shit they tell you to, They even have their puppet strings on scientists and doctors who know better than to speak the truth, they didn’t sell their souls for our benefit. We’re just the batteries needed to feed their evil and without fear you won’t be dependent on them and they can’t have that. They do not benefit from our freedom.

The good thing is this is all an option. Every bit of it. We always have a choice and none of us are on this plant to be lead to the slaughter house which itself is a choice. I’m not saying it’s easy as America itself isn’t a country, hasn’t been since the civil war. It’s a corporation so it only makes sense that corporations run this place and have the decision makers in their own corporations in decision making positions in the FDA, CIA and other government organizations with the illusion that they are there to protect us. Monsanto has people sprinkled all through our government and has destroyed farming and the planet as well as the health of many children and adults. These are the people making decisions for us chattle, which is what they call us in private. Their cowards so they won’t dare call us that directly.

We can start small. We need to support our small businesses and our local farmers. Our farmers are key, we need to show them what we want with our dollar or bartering in fair ways that benefit everyone involved. One great way is to find a CSA share in your community or order an organic weekly subscription box from farms directly. I just moved to Tennessee where I’m working on getting to know my local farms and other small businesses. I do this one product at a time. Where can I find local honey? Where are the farmers markets? How about those who make jellies, soaps, baked goods, cleaning products, etc? Where do we buy our seeds and plant starts for our gardens? Where do I get good, clean, living organic soil locally? Local farms and sites like LetGo are great resources for these things as well as used items.

Where and from whom we buy our products is only part of it. What are we able to make, contribute or where can we help? Before corporations were the norm, we met all our needs on our own or within our own communities. We bartered, bought local and were much, much healthier and had actual freedom. We weren’t dependent on corporations to supply our needs. Having a belief and not living it makes for a useless existence. I’m working on getting back to the land and back to supporting my community as well as providing for more of my and my family’s needs. We all have this ability as none of us were put on this planet to have consumerism the center of our lives and destroying this planet.

I started small and over the past 3 years have built up knowledge and skills to move me more towards independence. I see dependence on corporations the same as depending on the government. When you look into the info that sites like Google suppresses, neither the corporations nor the government have a very good track record along their trails of blood. Much like living without fear, practicing your birth rights, true freedom and informing yourself of what is being censored and suppressed and making your own products is an act or rebellion and an act of freedom. Your knowledge, freedom and independence is what they fear.

I make my own hygiene products, cleaning products, animal products, medicine, grow all the food I can and have ventured into condiments. Leaning to make my own mustard and mayonnaise was exciting and shrunk the grocery bill even more. Building our own furniture is a fun and freeing learning experience. There’s free and cheap wood all over which in exchange we take it off someone else’s hands that didn’t it or buy it from a person, supporting my fellow humans directly. When we or our animals get sick, I’m able to either make medicine myself or buy it from an herbalist vet, supporting the kind of medicine I like to see practiced on both humans and animals. I save seeds which is something that Monsanto would like us all to just stop doing, it’s not good for the franken food business. We by second hand whenever we can, preventing things from going into the landfills and giving our money directly to a small resale business or directly to a human. We’re into quality but not name brands.

The feeling of being able to go to the kitchen and whip up what we need is amazing, I love it and it motivates me to see what else I can make and not have to buy. I don’t have to run to the store or wait until the next shopping trip to get what I need right then. Although it’s not necessary, I do buy my ingredients in bulk from as local as I can get. This is a good amount of money up front however, every time I do the math, I’m saving a boat load of money in the long run. Making your own products and not buying in bulk will save a ton of money as well. I can also barter. I can trade my mayo, mustard, laundry soap, plant medicine or anything else I make for honey from a local bee farm or for food from a farmer I don’t grow myself. I can donate to those in need. I can sell a little and make some money. All the money stays local, helps my neighbors and builds our community.

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When we make our own products, we know what is in them. Commercial cleaners contribute to cancer, autoimmune and other medial issues. Mine supports health. Commercial food is full of all kinds of crap, some, such as GMOs and certain chemicals, don’t have to be on the label. I’m not ashamed of anything in my products and when someone asks me what’s in them, I’m able to tell them and put every last ingredient on the label. I have more control over my health and what goes on and in my body. When I buy from local farm, I’m able to talk directly to the farmers and ask them about their growing practices. I’m able to obtain real info straight from those who are growing and handling the food before I buy it. No middle man takes a portion of the money I spend, it goes straight to the farmer or private person I’m buying from.

Another way I lower my dependence on corporations is to wild harvest our food. What is in grocery stores is just a small fraction of the food Gaia provides for us and much of it is depleted of nutrients due to farming practices and GMOs have even less. Their not worth the effort it takes to chew them. Foraged food is much more nutrient dense. Anything processed with heat has little to no nutrients and no minerals, unless it’s “fortified” with a man made equivalent which is never good for you. Learning about wild foods and how to prepare them not only keeps the grocery bill small but will improve health in ways Big Pharma fears. It’s an act of rebellious freedom, our birth right and the way we’re supposed to be getting our food.

I’m not saying this is perfect but we have to do our part and start where we can if we’re going to be a free and truly healthy society. Some things are harder to replace, it’s easier to whip up a batch of ketchup than it is to build your own vehicle. In these situations, I still buy used and I research the brands and private sellers I’m buying from. When it comes to things that are harder to replace, I just do my best. There is a beautiful awakening on the planet and a split. What we’re currently experiencing is chaos that is necessary for change to occur. Everything is so beautifully falling apart as the new is being manifested and created. I do my best for now however, we will see more and more businesses that are better for us, our planet and our freedom. The corporations will be replaced with better and those will be the ones I will buy from. Until then, all we can do is our best. These corporations won’t make it into the MSN and, much like the powerless are doing now, they will be censored and suppressed. That’s why it’s important to research where you get your info. If it’s fear based, it’s not worthy or your attention.

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I’m in no way an expert and get my info from my own research. I urge everyone to do their own research and, for God’s sake, don’t use Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook or any of the censored, narrative-protecting, puppet-ran outlets. Get a tor browser and think for yourself. Share with me! Share with others! How have you cut ties with corporations? How do you support your community? What do you make on your own? I’m always to new info and new ideas. Sharing of info is one of the many things this feardemic is supposed to stop. Don’t the illusion scare you. We’re here to create our own reality and build the new to make the old obsolete. Fighting not necessary.

Have a free, healthy and blessed day!

How We Treat Others Is a Reflection of How We Treat Ourselves

It’s easy to treat the people we know and like with respect. It’s easy to treat a stranger in the store with respect, it only takes a minute to say a kind word or hold a door open. These are easy situations that easily make us believe we treat others well. The real challenge is treating someone we don’t care for with respect. The humans who are reflections of ourselves, our shadow sides, the ones in which we don’t like what we see in them; or the humans who have treated us so bad the mere thought of them brings up old feelings of hurt, resentment and anger. It doesn’t matter what kind of human we’re dealing with or what the situation requires, it’s always possible to not only learn about ourselves from them but treat them with kindness and respect, regardless of how nasty they are to us.

In today’s world, disrespect of our fellow humans is the norm, it’s part of the indoctrination, part of the programming. Getting people to think treating others in cruel and disrespectful ways is an excellent tool of control. The worse part about this is how easy many people fall into this. People who treat others poorly for being different than them don’t think for themselves, their masters are telling them what to think. Their lives are often ruled by fear and whatever authority outside of them they choose to be their master. They have heard and “them and us” mentality. They don’t live free, they live with the same angry and negative emotions they display to you. The only difference is, you can walk away and escape that low frequency, which is really all it is. The person is living on a low frequency. Negative feelings of anger, conformity, hate and the lack of compassion and respect for others do not exist in the same space a love, respect, kindness, acceptance etc.

I see these people everywhere. It’s in the mindlessness of reducing people to man made labels of politics, religion or simply name calling. Their instant assholes to those who support the other guy in whatever they’ve externalized their power to. They believe others should be beat up, killed or otherwise treated in a way they themselves wouldn’t be able to live through. When someone calls me a name, I laugh on the inside because the only reason they call anyone else a name or put some kind of mindless label on them is because they themselves are hurt by name calling and labels. It’s a chosen mindset. People only do to those they don’t like what will hurt them. I find name calling and man made labels weak, mindless and controlled by a chosen master. These people do not think for themselves, they consume whatever their told to by the MSN, social media, propaganda and their chosen masters. They have reduced their own lives to such a state that their consumed by the negativity their masters feed them and are unable to respect other perspectives, lifestyles, thoughts, etc. People have been programmed to hate what they don’t agree with and all who live it. It’s possible, and humane, to understand others are different than you and that’s OK. You don’t have to be like them to accept, love and respect them. This is called freedom, something the USA, Inc is NOT built on.

It’s easy to want to tell them off, tell them to shrink back into their own world of fear, censorship, control and treating others poorly. These people are easy to upset, get back at or get into a mindless argument with. Those kind of things are normal in their lives. These people will tell you it’s “standing up for themselves”. Arguing isn’t standing up for yourself nor is it really hurting someone who worships conformity out of fear and indoctrination. They don’t know peace and therefor aren’t able to contribute to it. There is no intelligence in arguing, no one listens to anyone, their just being “right fighters”. Fighting with these people is mindless and serves no one. If they want to settle down and exchange ideas, thoughts, etc in a respectful and accepting way, great! Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

Of course, this is easier said than done. I’ve been a “right fighter” in my life before. Looking back on these moments, I can see how it got me no where but more upset and I carried that mindless argument in my head all day. I externalized my power to someone who will never believe in freedom, thinking for yourself, creating your own reality, etc. I cared about the opinion of someone who I didn’t much like and, sometimes, didn’t even know. I was weak and had to fix that shit as these people are everywhere. Fighting them with my time and attention is like poking the bear, nothing good will happen after that. I find it best to remove these people with kindness.

Since I’ve cleaned out the toxic people from life, I don’t come across anyone I know well who has externalized their power to conformity and man made authority. As nasty as these people can be, I had to realize a few things. Their suffering and carrying pain with them every moment of their lives. Their scared and need someone to blame, that’s where the argument comes in. They are blind to their own ability to create their own reality and are convinced they have to accept the one presented to them by social media, the MSN, Google, whoever they decide is more powerful than them, etc. Their hurting. Hurting people hurt others. Pain and fear shuts down the immune system and puts a person in a constant state of “fight or flight”. They are not able to be truly healthy. They do not process the ability to think clearly, their mind is all fogged up with man man made shit. The second thing I had to realize is these people are my reflections.

That’s a hard one to swallow. These people are reflections of me. It’s also a great way to turn a negative person into the shit that fertilized my growth. If I can get past my ego and see similarities in them and I, I can grow from the negativity. I don’t have to participate in their nonsense to turn them in to an opportunity to learn and grow. I many not act to the extent some of these people do on the outside however, what is going on inside me? It’s HOW I handle these people that matters, not sinking to their level and telling them off. I don’t always remember that.

Taking the focus off them and on me puts power back in my hands. It helps me to better control myself (and my mouth) I have developed the ability to take the judgment out of it, I can’t see my reflections if I’m judging. Judging takes the opportunity to lean and grow away from me, I don’t like that. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m a work in progress. I have compassion for their fact that their hurting, scared and controlled. I don’t know what life experience they’ve had to end up where their currently living. Hurting people hurt others. They don’t know how to accept kindness, compassion or love, which is the highest frequency. They also don’t know how to give it. Looking back on my life, especially before my awakening and at times after it, I can see all of this in me. I was once a “right fighter” and thought everyone should conform to the one thing I thought would solve problems, keep us safe (safety is the government’s code word for control), etc. I saw others different than me as less than me at times or just not “right”. I had “them and us” thinking. I also wasn’t happy, didn’t know my power and supported the religion of conformity over the birth right of freedom. I also didn’t do a lot of my own thinking. Considering I was once where they are, in one form or another, treating them as nasty as they treat others is also treating myself the same way.

For me, developing these skill of non-judgment and kindness took time an practice. For a while there it seemed the Universe was testing me, sending me one angry person after another, until I learned to handle it properly. Man, I’ve had a lot of practice!!! Today I don’t respond to anything that is disrespectful to me and others. I simply don’t feed that energy. To feed that energy is to invite it into my being. I also learned, again, with LOTS of practice, to not walk away with thoughts of “That guys is an ass” or “She’s sleeping, has no idea what she’s talking about” or any other negative comment about them. I don’t allow them to rent space in my head for free and I don’t bring that energy and experience home with me. When I look back at times I’ve done that, it didn’t serve me. I ruined my day, I lost sleep replaying the event over and over again my mind, thinking of things I should have said. I carried that energy everywhere I went. I sunk down to the frequency they live in. This did not serve me or others. I had to stop doing that to myself.

These days my intuition is better developed so I’m able to walk away before any abuse starts, I’m able to see it before it manifests in front of me. This allows me to walk away, thinking only the best for them and sending them love. When it comes to people I knew and had to remove from my life, blood irrelevant, I cut ties. When I see them at family events, I’m polite and kinds as I’m not carrying negative feelings with me. They don’t get to choose my thoughts or state of being. I just accept them for who they showed me they are. Actions speak louder than words. I decide if they are good for me to be around and act accordingly. I send them love. When someone isn’t good for me, it could mean they have some growing up to do or haven’t awakened yet. They live in a different world than I do. Judgement isn’t necessary. I take the experience as a message telling me to stay away from them. People will never tell you who they truly are, they will show. Believe them when they show you.

The most beautiful thing that has come out of these situations is, on a rare occasion, I’ll get an apology. This always brings back times when I had to apologize to someone so I’m compassionate. I’ve also learned to tell the difference between a fake and real apology. It’s not easy to humble yourself and apologize to someone you hurt. When someone sincerely apologies to me, I accept the apology. That doesn’t mean I accept them in mu life. I’ve already forgiven them as that’s for me, not them. I hear them out and I’m kind and compassionate. I remember when others were kind and compassionate when I apologized for my wrong doings. I appreciated it and got a lesson on how to treat others. It helped lift me up and make me want to do better. It, at times, gave me and the person I wronged the opportunity to talk it out, let go of that negative energy between us and either go our separate ways or build a relationship. I make this choice on a case-by-case basis these days.

Considering the fact that I have changed so much throughout my life and have leaned many, many, many lessons, how can I judge or treat poorly someone who is where I once was? I grew and learned from it. It’s no where near who I am today. Others deserve the opportunity to do the same. Hurt people hurt people so hurting the hurt only brings about more hurt and closed minds. It feeds the separation that keeps freedom from existing. Sometimes walking away from someone throwing a fit or getting abusive is the best thing to do. If their not yet in the mindset of hearing the other side and respecting others for their differences, their not ready to have a conversation with me; both because of their own mindset and because I don’t want to meet them on their frequency. If someone isn’t open to listening, it’s a waste of my time to have a conversation as I refused to be talked down to or bullied and I refuse to do that to others. Sometimes kindly walking away is sometimes best thing you can do.

Alchemy is making the best our of any situation and not letting external events effect your current state of being. This is a power within us all we can cultivate and grow. It’s a power that those on the lower frequencies can’t get past or even understand although it’s within them as well. At the end of the day, I’m responsible for my state of being, my life, my thoughts and my own freedom. I am the ultimate authority in my life and the only one who can make or break me. What I allow in my head, my life, my consciousness is so critical to my state of being. When someone shows me their not good for me, I just see them as not for me and move on. This gets easier and easier as I do it and enjoy living the results. I came hell and awakened into someone I never knew I could be by walking my own path. I’ve learned that weather someone is for me or not for me, their path isn’t my business to judge nor do I have to walk it with them.

The peace, acceptance and strength my journey has brought me is amazing and is the result of my growing, learning and becoming a better person. I has never come from and will never come from arguing with those on lower frequencies, that’s where I once was, not where I’m current at or where I’m going. Others can come from the ashes of hell as well. It’s nothing but a choice.

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Not Worth of My Attention

I went off Facebook a long time ago, they are not worthy of my presence. I stopped using Google, social media and the Main Stream News as a source of info before people began to wake up to the mental illness they breed, they are NOT even close sources of information. They are sources of indoctrination, mind control and support of being told what to think instead of thinking for yourself. An open-minded, free thinking awake being such as myself just can’t see any seriousness in any of the above. Their a wast of time and mind. Really, who takes those slaved-owned entities seriously? Does anyone prefer to get told what to think and have their “resources” chosen for them? Anyone? Anyone?

For me, social media is painful to watch and quite disturbing when I see what society has become had how mindlessly controlled every aspect of their lives are. (I’m not referring to all of society here, the number of the people waking up is growing every day.) It’s grossly censored, fear based and supported by those who are either completely ignorant or who prefer to trade their natural rights for the mental illness we call politics will have you thinking lack, limitation and no free speech is somehow freedom. George Orwell’s 1984 is coming true, sheep are being lead straight to the slaughter house by the same chosen masters that are feeding them.

If I took politics, the MSN, social media and the powerless of politics seriously, I would have to seriously lose knowledge, go back to sleep and adapt “them and us” separation thinking. These are all things necessary to get slaves to choose to be slaves. You can not have a weak mind, put that much power in the 3D and become a free, sovereign being that lives freedoms that comes from Gaia, not the slavery of man. Slavery itself is a man made concept and cooperation in it in any way is a choice and a direct insult to the creator who made us sovereign beings with free will, the ability to think and ascend and see through the illusions of man.

I can’t shrink my intelligence to think in terms of “Trump Supporters”, “Democrat”, “Republican”, “Conspiracy Theorist”, “Christian”, “Jew” and any other source of man made labels from entities that where created for the purpose of shutting down minds and controlling the masses. This is all separation in which is in place to keep people from waking up, coming together and realizing that the system, the Matrix, is falling apart. The New Earth is being created the way everything in existence has been created, with the minds of the people, the minds of the awake.

What does it tell me about someone if their a supporter of politics and gets all worked up when things don’t go their way or when another person or entity supports the other guy? This tells me they do not know their power and define themselves by man made entities that are leading them to the slaughter house. This tells me their thinking is biased. They will never be a part of anything that will solve problems or bring peace because their programming won’t allow the compassion, understanding and higher thinking necessary for those things. People like this do not believe in freedom nor do they want it. They have a strong belief in conformity and possibly abusing others who do not conform. Their lives are based on fear and everyone else doing whatever they think protects them from those fears. They have victim mindsets and their savior is whatever outside of them they see as more powerful than they are, as long as that entity doesn’t disagree with their narrative. They prefer their thinking done for them and to be told what to think through the MSN, social media, and search engines such a Google and Yahoo, entertainment and serious censorship and suppression of information. There is no power here, no freedom, no higher thought, no real connection. This is NOT where I belong. I’m here to expand, grow, learn and ascend, not shrink into the very thing that stops me.

Most recently those who are on a mission to enslave humans and remove all free speech and free thought from the planet and their mindless, obedient puppets cooperated in taking Parler down, a free speech social media. As a part of controlling what others think, the weak and powerless often call it a “Trump Supporter” Website. That’s to control the thinking of those who limit themselves to the slavery of politics and the little thinking it requires. What this label really was really for is to keep the shut down minds shut down, judging and not participating in anything to do with free speech. I left Facebook due to the lack of respect for me as a person, my freedoms and my growth. I went to Parler and guess what? No one attacked me. I’m not political, I don’t externalize my power to politics nor do my rights and freedom come from man. I wanted to escape the mental illness of politics and on Parler I did. Those who conspired to take it down are slowly being replaced by better, more free companies. Their cowardly asses are scared shitless so they have to gang up. Not one of the companies that do not support free speech have what it takes to retain those who are awake and looking for truth nor are they convincing of anyone to continue to use them on their own. Their nothing more than a bunch of cowardly bullies serving their masters. I find them weak and boring. They are not worthy of my attention nor are the worthy of yours!!! You are so much more than of those mental illnesses want you to realize.

The best part of this is these companies have no choice but to replaced by more awaken, honorable companies. Bullies are easy to take down. What they did to Parler is just an example of what they fear. If they had nothing to hide, they would have nothing to fear nor would they have an interest in taking down their competition. This is part of the awakening. Their pathetic attempts can not stop it. There will be more, better social media, search engines, tech companies, etc. Hell, with the no-liability, exempt from testing but approved for use on human guinea pigs vaccine their trying to destroy the health of humans with will come even more companies for the awake. I see it as being pushed out of the Matrix entities which is all they control. What they don’t tell you is that’s ALL they control.

None of this mindless evil should be fought. They fight everyone and will have you fighting for them. Just look at those who attack others who are protecting their immune system by not wearing a mask or voting for someone they don’t agree with. THIS is the result of the man made entities, the strong belief in conformity over freedom. This is not good enough for you, for me and for humanity. The way to get rid of or change anything is to make it obsolete. Why doesn’t anyone use cassette tapes to listen to music that much anymore? Because their obsolete. The main stream entities, Google, Facebook, MSN, etc will become the cassettes no one uses anymore. Leave them alone, let them throw their fits. Rise above. They are not able to rise above so it’s important to their existence that you don’t expand and rise. Leave them in your dust, the are nothing but the shit that fertilized our growth.

Part of the mind control and making sure they create enough fear and sickness to feed off is using what you depend on them for to control you. If you’re not vaccinated, you can’t fly. That’s find with me. There will be other options to fly without one. If you’re not vaccinated, you can’t use their other dogma-based poisons. DEAL!!! If you’re not vaccinated, your children can’t go to school. No child should be in the indoctrination centers we call “school”. There will be real schools popping up and parents taking control and giving their children a real education. No matter what they do, the New Earth is being created and they can’t stop it. Stopping it was what the BS of 2020 was all about. Their systems are falling apart. How we meet our needs is changing. How we pay for things or trade for things is changing. Local communities are coming together, people are coming together. We’re getting back to our communities and our roots. Contrary the version of history we’ve been taught, there hasn’t always been government but there has always been people. We’re here because they survived. Not because governments survived. The Universe is bringing us back to our roots. Those that will not only survive but thrive in ways the Matrix would never allow will not do it in the same space and mindset as those begging their governments to take care of them, tell them what to think and take down anyone who might not agree with them.

Since the beginning of the Scamdemic, I saw nothing but light at the end of a tunnel. I have not felt fear which is a direct rebellion to those who feed off it. This is the ending or an era, that’s what the Mayans were telling us. It’s not the end of the world as the fear mongers would have you believe, it’s the beginning of a new one. The Age of Aquarius. There is so much beauty in the chaos and too many people awakening to believe this is the end or we have to submit to those losing their illusion of power. Man made system are desperately hanging on knowing their on their way out.

No entity, website, news outlet, social media, human, system, etc that needs to put others down, lie, manipulate, censor, suppress information, take away freedoms, choose sides on any social issue or attack or recruite people through fear, censorship, suppression, taking down others and getting people dependent on it is worth is shit. Their best ignored. I see us in transition. I have slowly removed a lot of these entities from my personal life and my business. As more and more alternatives are created, they will be replaced until banished to the 3D where they belong. In less time than we realize, they will all be replaced. They have reasons to fear, we do not. None of us were put on this planet for this sickness. Cooperation is a choice, not a requirement.

Grab some popcorn and watch all these main stream entities act out of fear. Pay attention to what is making them obsolete, not what is keeping them alive. You have so much power in this situation. Where you put your thoughts and actions speaks louder than the hate that comes from politics and other man made entities. Don’t externalize your power to the powerless, they wouldn’t need it if they were more powerful than you. If you’re a tech person or have an idea to help, put in in place, execute it. Get together with like minds if need be. You’re given these ideas for a reason. The Universe is planting seeds, we’re being called to awaken and not only save humanity but to save this planet. You are the power, we are the power. Let them mess around, Parler will be back up with so man other sites of freedom, quality, real knowledge, love respect and no censorship and suppression. Those things will not be needed in the 5D, the new earth. They are dead weights that need to let go, they are the shit that fertilized our growth.

The Universe put you here for a reason and that reason is to grow, expand and create.

Fuck Your New Normal, I’ve Created My Own

Since the beginning of the feardemic, the seed of a “new normal” has been planted. This seed is like a GMO seed. It’s not natural, not from Gaia. It’s based in dogma, fear and dependent on censorship of the MSN, Social Media and Google and other outlets that suppress any real information. These outlets are nothing but puppets keeping the sheep lead to the slaughter house. The “new normal” they would have us living is a great way to not only guarantee the destruction of human physical healthy but spiritual and intellectual also. It’s guaranteed to disconnect us from Gain and realizing our own God given powers. No one should get any info from these corporate-controlled entities with their “fact checkers” which are nothing more than corporations who have a large investment in the ignorance of the people. The good things is we the people and each individual person has choice, the dogmatic fear-based “new normal” is the one we’re told to choose and live. It’s very important to the agenda and those with the illusion of control. My response is “Fuck that, if I’m living a new normal it’s going to one I choose. I create my reality, not accept the mental illness we’re indoctrinated to believe is reality.”

I’ve done just that. There are many people waking up on this beautiful planet doing the same thing every day. The number of people waking up is uncontrollable which makes all the efforts by those whose power come from fear and dependence of the people look fragile and, well, powerless. This force can not be stopped. The awakening can not be stopped. Finding another awake person at one time was a task as the majority of people were obeying the dogmatic orders of wear an oxygen-restricting petri dish, use immune-destroying, cancer and auto-immune causing bleach, Lysol, and other man made chemicals and stay away from each other. Never mind that these things are great ways to wipe out the human race if we all did it. We’re already in our sixth mass extinction according to Epigenetics and Quantum Physics, both in which, in their truest form and what they are really discovering is suppressed, censored and fucked with. The dogma-based medical system would collapse if real science as well as ancient wisdom were legal to teach. My response to those who are telling me to destroy the health of meself and my family as well as extend my power is “Yea, I’m not doing that”.

So, what am I doing? Well, I’m studying what is illegal to teach and what the censorship and suppression of info it there to keep us from learning. I’m doing my own research, thinking for myself and making my own choices. It’s amazing how many people allow their thinking to be done for them. I don’t get it and I’m not going to depend on others to tell me what to believe, how to think or how to live. That’s an insult to my creator, the powers and abilities I’ve been blessed, my own intelligence and my mission on this beautiful planet. It will hold back my growth, weaken and suppress my abilities and make me sick as well as shorten my life. I have no time for that. Seeing where things are headed, I’m grateful I stood up for myself and refused to drink the Kool-Aid. Everything is a choice, even the choices those with the illusion of power tell you that you can’t make. Their full of puppet shit.

The first thing I did was say fuck the fear. I have not felt one ounce of fear over this scamdemic. I knew enough about how my body and immune system works to see through the puppet shit. The ones telling us to fear feed off it and know fear destroys the immune system, stops growth and stops learning. It has people living in a constant state of “fight or flight” which is a great way to get sick. Fear, like anger, causes dis ease. I knew enough about science to smell the puppet shit. I knew this wasn’t based in science so I dug deep, used a browser that can’t be censored and got my learnin’ on. Of course, that browser wasn’t Google. I then raised my immune system naturally, with Gaia’s food and the energies of this earth as well as life style choices. Am I the only one that has seen people finishing their cigarette before putting a mask to head into McDonalds for a meal of chemicals in shapes of food? Man made shit can’t come close to the power and intelligence Gaia has. I stopped using the medical system and pharma meds in 2014, I continue to stay away from those things. The medical system being the third leading cause of death in the USA, Inc doesn’t exactly scream “healthy, well and modern science”

Fast forward to today, January 12, 2020. There are less and less people drinking the Kool-Aid and many people who once followed the dogma are not waking up. It’s a fucking beautiful thing. People are taking their power, minds and lives back. The masks are coming off, the fear is turning in to strength and sovereignty and people are recreating their lives, their “new normal” with Gaia, ancient wisdom and modern science. I see people disconnecting from the grid, the Matrix and building their own lives better, stronger and less dependent on government and society nonsense. If you don’t depend on them, they can’t control you. This is a big part of the off grid movement.

I’m a musician and through this controldemic I played in some crowded places and didn’t social distance. That wasn’t always an option unless we went outside in some places. As George Carlin says “The immune system needs practice”. This is why those with a clue went to “Covid Parties”. It’s no different than, before body-destroying vaccines, mothers would have “Chicken Pox Parties” when one kid got it. They all got it and their immune systems were much stronger. No vaccine has ever been proven to improve the immune system. They all have been proven to fuck up the body and mind which is why they are now no-liability products and exempt from any real testing. I’m not about to not change what I love or change things in my life I don’t want changed over a virus in which we can’t detect but have big numbers on cases with a 99% recovery rate. By the way, where did the flu go? Where are the common colds? Well, much like SARS, H1N1, Bird Flu, etc, it’s a Covid family dis ease. According to the scientist that developed the Covid test, it can NOT detect the virus because it was never designed to. That scientist has since been silenced. This is just one example of what research outside of the censored sources will tell you.

I do believe the virus is real. There’s a patent on it owned by a company Bill Gates funds and the patent isn’t new. In America, you can NOT patent a natural substance. That’s why Monsanto has patents on it’s franken food. It’s not natural food, It’s not real food, it’s not from Gaia and no human should ingest that nutrient-deficient, DNA-fucking-with, dis ease causing shit. It’s no dangerous than the flu, unless you get your info from MSN, social media, Google and the entities they control. I will NOT get a vaccine, I simply don’t do vaccines. Putting a product in my body that is legally a no-liability product which means I have no legal recourse when it harms me, which is exempt from testing and came out quicker than any other vaccine which takes an average of 10 years to develop, test and market. If you believe your indoctrination, vaccines have lowered disease. If you believe science and what is hidden from you, you’ll know they are the reason for so many dis eases. It depends where you get your info which is why it’s important to research your sources and find independent sources with nothing to hide or lose.

Everyone should do a test. Get a TOR browser and do the exact research on it and Google then compare your results. It’s disgusting and mind-opening the difference. After doing this, I will never use Google again. What a fucking joke it has become.

We moved to Tennessee where there is more freedom and intelligence than conformity and obedient sheep. I see very little masks, very little if any fear over the sheepdemic and people actually have an idea of how their bodies work. Unless I go to a store that is a corporation, I don’t see many signs of the corporatedemic. The smaller, privately owned business, the ones I give my business to, just aren’t having it. That’s awesome because I’m not having it. I literally go all week without seeing a mask or someone walking around in fear. This is the “new normal” I created and I’m not going to change. Reality is created, not accepted. If they can get enough people to blindly conform by controlling their perception, the world they want will be created and those living in that world will be their dependent slaves. Nothing more than sheep being lead to the slaughter house. I’m a much more powerful creator than this, we all are.

We all have the power to create our own worlds, and those who need you to be in fear so they keep their illusion of power need that info hidden so the world they want can be created. If they control your perception of the world, they control what you create with your mind. Accepting their “normal” shuts down the mind so you are less likely to realize your own power. There is no growth or gaining of new knowledge in a state of fear.

With this being said, I have a true belief in freedom. Not the patriotic belief I’m supposed to be programmed to have, that’s not freedom. That’s slavery confused with freedom. True freedom comes from the Universe and can’t be changed or taken away. When you look to any man made entities such as government or to tell you what your freedoms are and protect them and alter or take them away, it’s not a free life you live. It’s one of conformity. If you believe everyone should do something like wear a mask, believe in the same religion or give their power to politics or do anything else you think they should do, it’s not freedom you believe in. It’s conformity. It’s not thinking for yourself, it’s being told what to think and cramming that down the throats of others. This is common among those who choose a life based on what their told to fear, things outside of them which will never be as powerful as we all truly are. We all need to take our minds and lives back.

My belief in freedom, for myself and my fellow brothers and sisters on this planet, keeps me from thinking negatively and judging those who are acquiescing to the demands of the powerless. I will speak my truth, I won’t put others down for theirs. I see it for what it is however, I don’t treat others that are making choices different than mine any different than those who are making the same choices I am. We all have free will (that’s why they fuck with it) and freedom (why we’re not taught what true freedom is). If I see someone being abused by another for wearing a mask, I will stand up for that person’s right to choose to wear a mask. For me, when it comes to freedom, it’s not about agreeing with anyone as that’s not what freedom is about. It’s about allowing others to live a life different than yours without judging them or disrespecting them. I don’t care who they are, their freedom is just a precious as mine. They have the right to speak their mind just like I’m doing here, uncensored and without political correctness or worry about who it offends.

The best, most daring and freeing thing I’ve ever done and will continue to do is do my own research and think for myself. I’m a rebel at heart however, that rebel only comes out if provoked and she’s been provoked. I’m a rebel with more than a clue and I can’t be stopped. I do not externalize my power, I feed it, develop it, grow it and use the fuck outta it. I don’t believe what I’m told. I’m also not controlled by name calling and man made labels or who may be upset. That’s how you control the sleeping. I’m loyal to my truth and who the Universe created me to be.

I can’t take seriously someone who lowers themselves to name calling and labels. A few months ago, when we were still living in Wisconsin, we went shopping at Woodman’s for groceries. Of course we were maskless. Some dude proudly wearing his government mandated muzzle starting shouting at us “You’re selfish”. He shouted it over and over again thinking it will somehow upset us or make us waste our money and time acquiring masks. This person calls names and gets loud because if someone did that to him it will embarass him and encourage him to alter what he is doing. He would allow it to upset and control him. He’s controlled by names and labels. He wasn’t really doing anything to us, he was showing who controls his mind, where he gets his info from and pushing his belief in conformity on us. He was showing us who gets to decide what he thinks and it wasn’t him. My though was “This is a grown ass man trying to get his point across by standing in the middle of the produce section screaming at those living their freedoms to not wear a sign of suppression on our face, calling other adults names like a third grade school yard bully and I’m supposed to take this seriously?” Needless to say, I don’t give a fuck what names I’m called or who agrees or disagrees with me. I’m responsible for the life I live so it will be lived on my terms, not a name calling adult or his chosen political masters. This guys and people like him are best ignored.

This is YOUR life experience. We’re on this planet to learn, grow and expand. Don’t let what’s going on in the world stop you. There is no man made entity you have to participate in. None. Be you, do you and the right people will come into your reality. Live an let live. Be respectful of others and do what the fuck you need to for you, regardless of who doesn’t like it. The ONLY rule it to harm none. You can’t control who you offend as that’s the choice of the offended, not anything you have control over. Don’t cater to that nonsense. Haters are nothing more than confused supporters, as Trent Sheldon so intelligently and strongly says.


The Coming Illusion of a Food Shortage

I’m not political, I see politics as a man made system of control that is crumbling to the ground, trying desperately to avoid it’s inevitable fate. I refuse to argue about such mindless, perhaps because I see no benefit in trading my natural rights for man made ones and selling my soul to a system tailor made to keep the masses sleeping comfortably in their chosen slavery. Regardless, I do believe we all should pay attention to what’s really going on, not the indoctrination the main stream media, social media and Google as well as other censored sources of misinformation that suppress the truth in any way they can are telling us. It doesn’t matter what you believe, what matters is the quality and funding of your chosen resources. I’ll support your freedom to believe as you wish before I submit to conformity by either thinking you should think like me or letting others tell me what I should think. I respect those whose actions match their words, those who live what they claim to believe, regardless of what their beliefs are. The only rule is to harm none. It’s OK if someone is offended by any part of who you are as they need to choose to give you the power to do so. It’s a them issue.

Photo by Arnaldo Aldana on Unsplash

We keep hearing of a food shortage which isn’t possible, unless you’re totally dependent on the man made systems for all your food. When I look at a forest, a field, my back yard or simply go to a park, I’m surrounded by food and medicine. It’s everywhere!!! What we lack is knowledge of our natural environment and what food actually is. There is no food shortage, there will be an interruption of the supply of food the government controls. It’s quite small compared to the abundance of Gaia’s food. We don’t teach about where our food comes from anymore or how to forage and prepare wild edibles. The on-grid, main stream society life has become so dependent on man made systems in which I see as systems of control. They can’t stop you from gaining knowledge of foods they don’t want you to realize is at your disposal. If you can forage for delicious, healthy food and learn to prepare them, you won’t buy their poisons, will heal ailments and dis ease and will laugh at the idea of a food shortage. A food shortage isn’t possible, a knowledge shortage is one of the best tools of control our the powerless ones have.

Henry Kissinger said “Who controls the food supply control the people”. This is so incredibly true. What we’re indoctrinated to see as food is an extremely small percentage of all available plants. Our minds have been closed and, in the process, many species of plants have died out. We couldn’t eat like our ancestors today as many of their plants and animals are no longer on this earth. What is left is so full of toxins and the DNA has been messed with, it’s not even the same and doesn’t supply the same nutrients. Shrinking what is seen as food makes the food supply easy to control and fuck with. Not only is the illusion of a shortage easy to sell to those in which you control their “education”, it makes it incredibly easy to add toxins and chemicals into the food. The same decisions makers in the food industry are the same decision makers in the FDA. It’s a racket.

A food shortage means a shortage of plants and animals. Wouldn’t that mean a shortage of all things made from plants and animals? Why aren’t we hearing a shortage of things like cleaning products, hygiene products, pharmaceutical medications, furniture, clothes, sport equipment, blankets, rope, insulation, paper, make up, leather, car wax, dye, ink, paper towel, pencils, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, I can go on for days! Why are we not being told there will be a shortage of everything else that require plants and animals?

Photo by Steffen Petermann on Unsplash

Considering that fear is being created over a “food shortage” and the fact that so much of our lives are dependent on plants and animals, why aren’t we being warned of other “shortages”? My thought is because this is not a food shortage, it’s only an illusion of a food shortage. What I see this as is as skills and knowledge shortage. A food shortage isn’t possible, we were put on this plant with all we need. We have been grossly indoctrinated from our birthrights and knowledge.

This is the time to learn skills, strengthen ones you haven’t used in a while and, whenever possible, create relationships with those of like minds and have skills. Learn to safely forage for wild foods. Your back yard is full of them. Foraged edibles are generally more nutritious than their cultivated cousins and can make some potent medicines as well. Grow your own food not only outside but inside. Research which plants do well indoors or over winter if you have a winter indoor garden like I do. One of the easiest and most nutritious things to get started growing is microgreens and sprouts. They don’t take up much room and are amazing super foods. Growing food is a great skill to pass on to the little ones, it will add to their confidence and independence. It will help give them the knowledge they need to not be controlled by or externalize their power to a man made entity. When you have skills and learn what is hidden, suppressed and censored, you don’t live you life in fear as we’re told. Break the dependence on the Matrix, the man made systems of control. Their the only ones they can fuck with.

Photo by Eva Andreeva on Unsplash

I strongly believe that everyone should lean basic herbalism. If there is truly a shortage, that means there is a shortage of pharmaceutical medicines as their made from plants as well. Not being able to get a subscription filled or not get enough filled can be devastating for those who have become dependent on them. Knowledge and skills can help you realize that there are things you can do and medicines out there you can use. Learn what is illegal to teach in the USA, Inc, if it will cure or keep you healthy in a stressful time. I’m referring to God’s medicine, it’s not taught in medical school. This is a cruel thing to do not only to those who blindly believe our medical system is based on modern science, it’s also a cruel thing to do to someone who is willing to spend time and make the sacrifices and do the work that is required to become a doctor. We don’t even empower our doctors with the ability to cure, they and us are taught there no cures and we don’t teach them ancient wisdom and modern science. Nothing gets taught in the USA, Inc that Big Pharma, Big Food and other Big corporations don’t want taught. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable herbalist is helpful. Just like nutrition, God’s medicines’ aren’t taught in medical school.

2020 is the year of clear vision, this is 2012 on the Mayan Calendar, the same thing we were told to fear in 2012. They didn’t use the same calendar as us. 2020 is the year of clear vision. So much is coming to light and the ones who are losing their illusion of power are throwing fits like a bunch of over tired toddlers on a sugar high. We’re coming into what will be a beautiful transition for some and Hell for others. It’s a choice. It’s a chess game in which you see through the illusion of power of your opponent. What’s your next move?

What’s your thoughts on all this? I’d love to hear different points of views as they can be mind opening. It doesn’t matter who agrees, it matters that we’re all thinking for ourselves, doing our own research and making up our own minds. Support and love is more important than being a right fighter. Everyone lives in their own reality as we all the ability to create it.

Stopping Natural Cycles

Nature is based on symbiotic relationships, we take and give back on a consistent basis. She is the original recycling center, creating no waste. Everything has a purpose and that purpose can change depending on we are in the cycle it is. When a plant goes to seed, the bird eats the seed then carries it off to be pooped out and germinate in the ground. The seed grows, having a beneficial symbiotic relationship with Gaia, producing, food, medicine, benefiting other plants and microbes in a variety of ways. the plant then goes to seed, planting seeds. All living creatures and this beautiful planet itself is dependent on natural life cycles.

animal beautiful biology bloom
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All life depends on a plethora of cycles. When these cycles are interrupted, it throws Gaia our of balance and living things suffer and often die or live a lower quality of life. Humans are a great example of this as humans are the ones who interrupt life cycles as Gaia’s other sentient beings live symbiotically with her. They do not try to control or conquer her. That’s mindless and foolish. You can’t conquer your creator and attempting to do so will only hurt others as well as yourself. It’s evident in the world today.

All the ways humans stop or interrupt Gaia’s cycles are too many list here. I’m going to share a few I notice. Please, share the ones you notice. We can all create awareness that could lead to change.

Eating and Elimination is a life cycle all living creatures on this beautiful planet participate in and are dependent on. It’s also a very fucked with life cycle by greedy humans who always knew better. We start with our food. Conventional food is grown with chemicals and pesticides which are needed in larger and stronger quantities because what is needed to naturally grow crops has been depleted from the soil. Without the life natural cycle without human interference, the soil is unable to produce all the microbes and nutrients needed for life. It’s unable to continue to produce life. Instead of feeding the soil to sustain our food source, humans use more and more chemicals and fuck with God’s perfect creations. GMOs are nothing by nutrient-depleted franken fruits that should have never been allowed to grow. The last thing a GMO farmers has to worry about is nutrients in the soil, they have been replaced with chemicals and fucked with DNA. No one should eat them. They throw the body off because it’s not food. They fuck with the land even more and the natural beings, plant and animal, that belong and depend on it. Instead of feeding the soil, the plants are fed chemicals which harm the health of humans but living creature that depend on that soil. The life cycles stops. This is nothing more than an act of cruelty.

Another life cycle we stop is elimination. When we use an on grid toilet, we flush water and waste down which travels to a processing center where it’s treated with dangerous chemicals. In the natural cycle, we return our wast to the earth without man made poisons. Off gridders often use things like composting toilets. Gaia knows what to do with your wast. She’s an alchemist. She will take it and give it to living organisms and sentient beings that can benefit from it. Let’s say an off gridder composts all their waste. They now have rich, fertile compost to feed soil for plants. Their plants grow strong and healthy, producing food for the living beings that depend on them. On-grid ways of dealing with human waste stop the life cycle and puts dangerous toxins in our water and land that harm living beings.

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There are also smaller cycles such as the butterfly’s lifestyle. The butterfly starts as a caterpillar that eats and excretes waste in a symbiotic relationship with Gaia. She then goes into her cocoon state and emerges as a beautiful butterfly. If we interrupt any part of that life cycle, there will be no butteries. This is the reason many gardeners plant butterfly gardens as well as bee gardens and bird gardens. Due to the ignorance of the way we live…the ways we build our buildings, dispose of our trash, all the ways we stop life cycles, more and more people are doing what they can with what they have to help keep these cycles going. The bees are a very good example. No bees = no humans. Symbiotic relationships are necessary if we’re going to save this plant and survive as a species. We can not survive with all the man made systems.

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Off gridders, those who live symbiotically with Gaia, organic gardeners, the stewards of the land, understand this and their practices are based on the cycles of life. As a result of living with Gaia as we’re made to, we get better, natural health through naturally grown foods, more productive gardens and farms and a level of health and connection that we’re supposed to believe doesn’t exist.

There are an infinite number of natural life cycles. Which ones do you notice? How are you stopping the cycles from being interrupted? Share your thoughts and ideas below, let’s keep each other informed!!

Lessons Learned from Mother Gaia

We’ve been planning our off grid life for a few years now, researching, studying, experimenting. The last thing anyone should do is buy some land without first acquiring the knowledge to live and thrive off the land in a symbiotic way. We did a little experimenting last week and did we learn or did we learn??? Yes, we learned a thing or two. Gaia is a great teacher as well as a great provider.

We headed to the mountains in Tennessee, where we’re looking for off grid land to start our new life. We found a place on, Rocky Meadows Farm & Recreation, to off grid camp while in town. We were planning on winter tent camping and thought we were well prepared. Rocky offered us a newly built cabin which was basically a shed. We happily accepted and I’m thankful we did. It got down to about 28 degrees at night and our little heater on a generator just couldn’t keep up. We slept in the van that first night. This didn’t ruin our trip as the beauty of the place, the energies, the nature magick, our plan coming together so beautifully, everything was just perfect. Learning how to stay warm and what an appropriate propane heater for the situation is a lesson I’ll never forget. I’m grateful for that warm van, for Rocky’s heater and for the lesson learned. The remainder of our nights were spend in the cabin, warm and comfortable.

I should back up a little here…The heater was actually the second lesson. The first lesson was learned before we even left. I allow myself no excuses and what is going on in the Matrix is no exception. Rick needs a good job and he found one…our second day there. There was one job in particular he wanted and, through the power of his mind and the Law of Attraction as well as other Universal laws, he got it. He cancelled all his interviews and we enjoyed our time together while looking for a place to live. When we left, he had 3 days full of job interviews, all good jobs. There is an abundance of jobs out there. This is also a great time to start a business, there are new needs and desires that need to be met. There is no such thing as a bad economy, only a changing one. The willingness to grow and change is what matters, not blaming the economy, the puppet show, I mean, government, the scamdemic, what others do, say and think, it’s all distractions. No good comes from those things. I stay in my own lane and make shit happen, regardless or what is going on outside of me. What is inside of me is more powerful than anything outside of me, I know my power and abilities, in spite of the scaredemic.

Lesson three – Not all places are living in immune-destroying fear and wearing a oxygen-restricting petri dish on their face. I noticed that the general vibe is freedom over conformity. I like that. I live that here in Wisconsin although it makes me a minority, I do a lot of ignoring when people, mostly strangers, express their disapproval of my uniqueness and alternative lifestyle. I simply can’t find a reason to care what others say about how I live. I have no fucks to give. In Tennessee I saw a lot less masks, freedom is respected so people have a choice. No choice = no freedom. If I believed everyone should do something and turn to the puppets, I mean government, to make everyone do something, it’s not freedom I would believe in and support. It’s conformity. It’s an insult to my own power and divine guidance. I feel freedom is respected in the Knoxville/ Louisville, TN areas. No one gave me angry eyes for not wearing a mask. The plandemic isn’t on the minds of everyone, we hardly had conversations about it with the locals. People seem much more informed and not easily controlled by the unscientific controldemic. things were quite normal and felt as it we traveled back in time to pre-feardemic days. It’s refreshing to see as here in the Milwaukee area, masks are still the norm and the smell of fear and lack of knowledge is impossible to escape. The illusion is running people’s lives as they get more scared, sicker and less informed. I’m so looking forward to living in an area that isn’t consumed and controlled by the vary fear created to lead people straight to the slaughter house.

This camping trip has greatly increased our confidence in our abilities to apply what we learned about living off grid and to keep our minds open as there is so much we don’t know. We were guided to go there, learn the lessons and connect to our Mother Gaia. She made sure we had all we need, sunny, warmer days to fish, forage and explore, wild edibles and medicinals, fire, great people to rent from, all the food we need and the right knowledge and wisdom gained through lessons and observation to compliment what we learn through our research.

I used a pendulum, it was beautiful as I could tell the pendulum was experiencing different energies as well. It danced beautifully over the pendulum cloth in a way I’ve never seen it do. The energies in the mountains were excellent for some great meditation sessions. Their so natural, warm, raw, unspoiled, Gaia in all her glory. Just sitting, breathing deep, surrendering, feeling the subtle energies around me, this is heaven.

What are you off grid experiences? Have you camped off grid or tried to do something for the first time? What are you biggest lessons? d love to hear about them below.

You Gotta Give No Fucks

It doesn’t take a genius to see that fear over the scamdemic and other puppet show nonsense has resulted in a large portion of our population externalizing their power instead of taking personal responsibility, taking their power back. These people expect us all to live in fear and conform to their chosen masters. They will attack people who aren’t conforming, they have no belief in freedom and can’t understand those who live free. They like to cause scenes in public and become internet bullies while they themselves offer nothing but conformity and abuse and disrespect of other humans who don’t conform to society and their toxic “norms”. The only way to handle these people in a way that will give you peace is to not engage. Energy goes where attention flows. When you engage with someone, you’re blessing them with your energy as they are blessing you the same. Don’t waste your beautiful energy and power on those who are unable to see their own, they won’t see or appreciate yours either. All they see is what they gave their power away, what keeps them living in fear and permission to insult them. They aren’t capable of opening their minds. We all wake up in our own time and we were all once sleeping. There’s no reason to be mean back, that serves no one and lowers you.

When you’re stepping out of the norm and choosing an alternative lifestyle, you’re going to get criticism. They will be rooted in limited belief systems, the lack of knowledge on what living healthy truly is and a strong belief in conformity and needing permission to say or do anything. You can’t put knowledge into a closed, conformed and programmed mind. I find not engaging, not giving my attention and energy to anyone or anything that is there to hold me back, protects my peace and power. Simply giving no fucks is usually enough to either shut them up or be entrained with an adult throwing a fit because you don’t fear and conform to what they fear and conform to. It’s OK to have a little humor, it’s not OK to hurt them. Their already suffering greatly, love and compassion are needed. I personally like to send love and healing energies to the person I’m ignoring as I’m not trying to be mean. I just have no place in the world they have manifested, it will hold me back.

This is YOUR life and you’re not on this plant to shrink into a profoundly sick society, limit yourself with fear and beliefs that serve no one and be who you’re told you are. That’s slavery, not freedom. When I’m criticized for going off grid, or anything, it doesn’t shake me as I know I’m doing what’s right for me. I have acquired knowledge and a magickal connection that the masses are indoctrinated away from and programmed to argue or harm. It’s all programming. Either someone programs you or you program yourself. I also enjoy the fact that I’m not like most people, it’s my super power 🙂 No criticism will ever come from a place of power, love, respect or support. It’s simply not worth your thoughts.

Everything is a choice, even what part of society you choose to live in and if you have a leader, master, ruler, sheep hearer, etc. When someone shows me who they are, I believe them. I don’t allow myself to stay around anyone who decides to criticize me or put me down. That’s an energy I don’t want or need near me. Staying away from those who think they have the right criticize me protects my vibration, my energy and me fulfilling my purpose on this planet. I own no one an explanation or argument, I’m not obligated to shrink into any part of society that doesn’t serve me. The only rule and I mean the ONLY rule is to harm none. Everything else is powerless man made nonsense. It’s OK to offend as that’s the choice of the offended. You have no control over what others externalize their power to. Be loving and compassionate, firm if you have to and always, always, always stand in your power. Manage the people who have access to you and never change your path because it doesn’t fit some man made idea of who and what you should be. That’s slavery and conformity, there is absolutely no freedom there.

At the end of the day, each individual lives their choices. If someone chooses conformity and slavery, let them. It’s a popular choice. I personally like those who practice personal responsibility, freedom and think for themselves. We become like the 5 people we’re around the most. If we allow ourselves to be around those who don’t believe in freedom and who like to attack others, that will become normal to us. That’s an evil, very sick, very dark energy. You’re better than that and have the ability to completely delete it from your life. It’s not burying your head in the sand and denying it exists, you’re just choosing not to take on that energy and allow it to dictate your life. Be you, do you and don’t give a fuck what anyone else has to say about it.

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