You Gotta Give No Fucks

It doesn’t take a genius to see that fear over the scamdemic and other puppet show nonsense has resulted in a large portion of our population externalizing their power instead of taking personal responsibility, taking their power back. These people expect us all to live in fear and conform to their chosen masters. They will attack people who aren’t conforming, they have no belief in freedom and can’t understand those who live free. They like to cause scenes in public and become internet bullies while they themselves offer nothing but conformity and abuse and disrespect of other humans who don’t conform to society and their toxic “norms”. The only way to handle these people in a way that will give you peace is to not engage. Energy goes where attention flows. When you engage with someone, you’re blessing them with your energy as they are blessing you the same. Don’t waste your beautiful energy and power on those who are unable to see their own, they won’t see or appreciate yours either. All they see is what they gave their power away, what keeps them living in fear and permission to insult them. They aren’t capable of opening their minds. We all wake up in our own time and we were all once sleeping. There’s no reason to be mean back, that serves no one and lowers you.

When you’re stepping out of the norm and choosing an alternative lifestyle, you’re going to get criticism. They will be rooted in limited belief systems, the lack of knowledge on what living healthy truly is and a strong belief in conformity and needing permission to say or do anything. You can’t put knowledge into a closed, conformed and programmed mind. I find not engaging, not giving my attention and energy to anyone or anything that is there to hold me back, protects my peace and power. Simply giving no fucks is usually enough to either shut them up or be entrained with an adult throwing a fit because you don’t fear and conform to what they fear and conform to. It’s OK to have a little humor, it’s not OK to hurt them. Their already suffering greatly, love and compassion are needed. I personally like to send love and healing energies to the person I’m ignoring as I’m not trying to be mean. I just have no place in the world they have manifested, it will hold me back.

This is YOUR life and you’re not on this plant to shrink into a profoundly sick society, limit yourself with fear and beliefs that serve no one and be who you’re told you are. That’s slavery, not freedom. When I’m criticized for going off grid, or anything, it doesn’t shake me as I know I’m doing what’s right for me. I have acquired knowledge and a magickal connection that the masses are indoctrinated away from and programmed to argue or harm. It’s all programming. Either someone programs you or you program yourself. I also enjoy the fact that I’m not like most people, it’s my super power 🙂 No criticism will ever come from a place of power, love, respect or support. It’s simply not worth your thoughts.

Everything is a choice, even what part of society you choose to live in and if you have a leader, master, ruler, sheep hearer, etc. When someone shows me who they are, I believe them. I don’t allow myself to stay around anyone who decides to criticize me or put me down. That’s an energy I don’t want or need near me. Staying away from those who think they have the right criticize me protects my vibration, my energy and me fulfilling my purpose on this planet. I own no one an explanation or argument, I’m not obligated to shrink into any part of society that doesn’t serve me. The only rule and I mean the ONLY rule is to harm none. Everything else is powerless man made nonsense. It’s OK to offend as that’s the choice of the offended. You have no control over what others externalize their power to. Be loving and compassionate, firm if you have to and always, always, always stand in your power. Manage the people who have access to you and never change your path because it doesn’t fit some man made idea of who and what you should be. That’s slavery and conformity, there is absolutely no freedom there.

At the end of the day, each individual lives their choices. If someone chooses conformity and slavery, let them. It’s a popular choice. I personally like those who practice personal responsibility, freedom and think for themselves. We become like the 5 people we’re around the most. If we allow ourselves to be around those who don’t believe in freedom and who like to attack others, that will become normal to us. That’s an evil, very sick, very dark energy. You’re better than that and have the ability to completely delete it from your life. It’s not burying your head in the sand and denying it exists, you’re just choosing not to take on that energy and allow it to dictate your life. Be you, do you and don’t give a fuck what anyone else has to say about it.

Following My Intuition

My journey into awakening, herbalism, magick, natural health, music, self reliance and my life purpose.

Merry meet!

This isn’t the beginning of my awakening journey however, it’s a good place to start blogging. I’m feeling such a strong calling to learn, share, listen, change, grow. In my 46 years on this beautiful planet, I’ve never been so connected, called and guided. I’ve ignored this calling to blog about my journey and open a dialog for other like minds to join for a little while which is why I haven’t blogged in a while. I wasn’t following my purpose, I was trying to blog about anything but my journey and ended with writer’s block every time. I was in resistance to my guidance. I’ve let go and just started letting things flow. Now I have a head full of things to talk about and I’m looking forward to suggestions, ideas, stories, etc, for myself and anyone else who is interested. I’m following my guidance and just letting things flow. I’d rather be authentic than perfect and original than fit some kind of label or box. I don’t do labels or boxes, that’s just limited man made nonsense.

This journal is about my personal journey, the people and lessons I’ve experienced and to connect with like minds. I love to hear other people’s stories, share resources and knowledge and grow with my fellow awakened ones. This is not a place to judge, put others down or argue. I simply do not believe anyone should be treated like that. I have this belief in freedom, true freedom, not the shit the government tells you is freedom. Those are liberties, not freedoms. True freedoms can’t be manipulated or taken away which is why their not taught. When I speak of freedom I mean the natural birth rights we all have, free will and Universal Law. The things that those with the illusion of power don’t want you to know about. There’s reasons those are illegal to teach. There would be no man made illusion of authority if we all knew our God given rights and how their suppressed and hidden from us to keep us in ignorant slavery. Because I believe in true freedom, I don’t judge another. The only rule is to harm none. It’s OK to offend as you can’t choose to do so. Offending someone requires their permission and lack of knowledge of self. It really has nothing to do with you. Everything is a choice, once we judge we no longer believe in freedom, we believe in and support conformity.

When writing, just as when I’m talking to someone, I speak my truth without a filter, I call things as I see them and think for myself. I also speak with kindness and respect others while speaking honestly and truthfully. There’s no reason for you to agree with all I journal about and that’s OK. You shouldn’t. You should research what resonates with you and leave the rest. This is why I call my beliefs “eclectic”, I don’t follow any belief system. I take what works for me and leave the rest. Living what I believe is more important than cramming my beliefs down another human’s throat, which is nothing but an act of cruelty. Labels or a belief system not necessary. They are limiting and will hold you back if you live a life trying to fit them. What a pathetically boring world it would be if we all conformed to the same thing. Humans are not meant to be like each other so your originality, authenticity, thoughts, lifestyle, looks, beliefs, things others call you crazy over, your flaws and your beauty are all welcome here. You won’t be judged or argued with for being you. This is your journey, learn to say “Fuck you”, “Fuck this” and “Fuck that” and follow your guidance. Anyone who is disrespectful to another human in the comments will be deleted. This is not Facebook, we don’t lower ourselves to that energy here, you are so much more.

As I look back through my life experiences, I can’t say exactly when my awakening began. I can look back on my life from now through childhood where I had momentary experiences of my power, abilities, past lives, ancestors and just made things happen that weren’t possible. I didn’t know what it was or that it even had anything to do with me. I was born into a toxic family, was surrounded by toxic people for the better part of my adult life, ended up in toxic relationships and was toxic myself. Although the Universe kept sending me signals, was was asleep and too toxic, addicted to the Matrix, had a head full of man made limiting beliefs and basically was another sheep. I have no idea why I’m not a junkie or alcoholic. I have no idea how I ended up away from it all, all I know is I was supposed to get away. I’ve learned all the lessons I can lean, there is nothing left for me there. I have cut ties, with love, with many people who were part of raising me or were toxic in my life. I don’t hate as we all wake up in our own time. These days, my family is a nice rainbow of of people, personalities, talents, beliefs, lifestyles, etc. who are blood related, larger number of people who are not. I choose my family. It will take a few other posts to explain all the positives that came our of that, which helped the grieving process. Now I see how much these people were willing to hold me back and have me live a sub par life style for their benefit. Today, I have no regrets. When these people come to mind, I send them love and healing energies and go on with my day.

The Universe always sends someone, I’m not always willing to receive. I had to not only let go of toxic people, I had to open up to let better people in. This is hard for anyone who has been through hell so many times the Devil welcomes you back and shakes your hand as you make your way out of there once again. It took time, practice and changing limiting beliefs, all which were man made. Once I began to open up, amazing things happen. I met Rick, my now life partner of almost 7 years. I met new friends and built quality, non-toxic relationships with people who want to see me win, support me and love AND are willing to receive the same from me. How fuckin’ awesomely symbiotic is that? I know many people had that from parents, their family members and friends. I didn’t grow up knowing that existed anywhere in sitcoms, it wasn’t a part of the unenlightened, toxic world I was born into. For me, to have this with other people is such a precious gift that I tear up a little just thinking about it.

Another side effect of removing toxic people from life is my abilities began to evolve. Surprisingly, this didn’t scare me. I always felt my energy but didn’t know what it was. I always felt certain energies but was told to stop being stupid. I also always felt my step dad was pure evil, my intuition has never let me down. After transcending all the past demons, my entire being opened up…mind, body and soul. My communication and connection with the Universe grew stronger, I’m learning at an amazingly fast rate, I feel myself moving between the 3D and 5D. I’m getting messages and guidance from my Angels and Source. I’m beginning to remember my dreams, something that I stopped doing after a series of nightmares in 2013. My magick practice is stronger and stronger, my health is unstoppable. Feardemic? What feardemic? Letting go of pharma drugs and the medical system after Obamacare wanted more than I pay for my house every month for just me, with no coverage for what I needed has served me well. I can’t legally tell you to stop seeing a medical doctor. I can legally tell you to do your research. The law is there for our ignorance, not our protection. For me, I was left with no choice. I was fighting the medically incurable (NOT scientifically incurable, nothing is) and needed to do something. I started researching, spent a few years doing this. I learned as fast as I can because my meds were running out and I had no access to more. I struggled as my meds ran out, my symptoms came back, some much more worse than before I took the meds, and I looked for natural alternatives, God’s medicine. I ended up curing the medically incurable and my health greatly exceeded what my neurologist told me I would never have again. EVERYTHING I did is illegal to teach in medical school and to cure I used no chemicals or pharma drugs. In fact, I removed them from my life completely. Dis ease is nothing more than a message. If we don’t hear that message and take action, it gets louder and louder. All the medical system can do is make you too deaf to hear it, tell you’re incurable and sell you drugs, surgery and a 10 minute doctor visit. Your entire life and those around you are effected by your health and the best a doctor is allowed to give you is 10 minutes? No, thank you. I’ve never seen a natural healer who treated me like a number that is just like everyone else and I can’t be cured. That’s not healthcare, that’s supporting dis ease and profiting from it. The best they offer is chemical concoctions with along list of side effects and surgery. That cures nothing and makes us even sicker. After studying herbalism, Ayurveda Medicine, Energy Healing, Epigenetics, (Dr. Bruce Lipton) Quantum Physics, studying some of the millions of people who cured themselves of the medically incurable, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, Gregg Braden’s work, magick and connecting to Gaia, I am able to keep myself healthy in mind, body and spirit. I haven’t seen a doctor for an illness since 2014 and I won’t. If I ended up with a mangled body like what could happen in car accident, I will go to the nearest emergency room. Their pretty good at putting you back together. Disease is where the dogma is. However, I will provide my own medications. I am my own doctor, I like my results much better than what the medical systems offers. They tell me it’s not possible to achieve what I’ve done. I don’t need that negativity in my life 🙂

Through all these life experiences, many beautiful, some down right horrifying, I’m able to realize my power, my strength, my abilities and transcend the hurt into an energy that serves me. I’m feeling such a strong calling, push, motivation, to live closer and closer to Gaia, within her natural rhythms and flow, her food and medicine, live symbiotically with all her sentient beings. I feel myself disconnecting from man made systems and expectations without fear or regret. I’m just doing what I’m guided to do. I’m being invited by the Universe to share and help serve others. Not to awaken them, we all wake up in our own time. It’s what I’m on the planet to do. I’m here to first raise the vibration of this planet, help the awakening, support others as they wake up and those who are awake. I’m here to help build then new, not fight the old. I’m here to practice personal impressibility for myself and to be independent of man made systems. I’m Sovereign within myself, live by only Universal Laws and follow my intuition. I’m guided and protected. We all are when we start living our purpose.


Regrowing Celery and a Few Other Things from the Grocery Store

Living a self-sufficient, independent lifestyle takes many skills and can make you hungry! Growing our own food is a skill that more and more people are acquiring today. Food is one of our most basic needs and one that serves us to be very educated about. Conventional “food” is full of toxins, GMOs and has little nutrients as well as a plethora of negative health issues in addition to screwing up our DNA. When we grow our own foods (and medicine), we know what goes into it. We have control over our state of being and don’t give our support to big food and big pharma. We also lower the need for shipping costs, using less precious resources. Growing your own food is great for your health, budget and the planet as a whole. It’s the way we’re all supposed to be living, it’s the natural way.

Not all of us have the means or the space to grow a big garden and that’s OK. It doesn’t mean you can’t take control of your food in other ways. Many culinary and medicinal plants grow well in pots, others grow from your kitchen scraps. That’s right!! Kitchen scraps. Not all food plants require you to plant a seed or propagate from another plant. Some will continue to grow after being brought home from the grocery store.

Before we move on to the HOW, let me make a quick disclaimer here. It’s best to buy organic. Much or our produce from other countries is exposed to radiation which kills the ability to regrow. This is called irradiation. The FDA treats the food irradiation as a food additive since it changes the molecular structure of the food. Basically, it’s no longer food. You want to make sure your produce is organic. It makes no sense to eat food and medicine sprayed with toxins that cause dis ease and death or has been exposed to radiation. Many conventional foods won’t regrow, same for their seeds. GMOs are downright evil. They won’t grow without a ton of dangerous chemicals. No human or sentient being should eat GMOs…ever. There’s nothing natural about them.

One of my favorite plants to regrow from the grocery store is also one of the easiest. Celery is very generous. When I buy organic celery, I chop the bottom off, about 3 inches or so up. I put it in rain water (any clean, fluoride-free water will do. I’ve also used spring water) I change the water every day. It can get smelly and slimy if it sits too long. In a few days, what will be a future celery stalk will grow in the center. A week or 2 after that, you’ll see roots. I like to let a few strong roots form then I plant it in rich potting soil. Celery is a pretty plant as it’s growing it’s stalks.

Green onions are another one that’s easy to regrow. You simply cut off the bottoms, 2 to 3 inches above the root. Gently plant them in fertile soil. They re reproduce over and over again before they stop producing. I’ve planted them in my garden near plants I want certain pests to stay away from and so far I’ve harvested them all year and have to pull them up at the end of the growing season. Their a great herb to keep on the kitchen window.

Some lettuces will regrow. You’ll need to get them with the bottom still intact. You cut it off as you would celery, put it in clean water and change it every day until roots grow. This can also be done with bok choy and cabbage as well. Many plants will start to grow while in the water. I’ve personally never let a plant stay there so I have no personal experience how much any plant will continue to regrow in water alone.

Root vegetables are fun to regrow and, for a potato lover like me, super delicious. Potatoes can be replanted when the “eyes” start to grow. I cut the potato in pieces and plant it in the ground or container. Carrots won’t grow from planting a carrot however, cutting off the top and planting it in fertile soils will produce some very nutritious and delicious greens that taste great in salads, on sandwiches and in soups. These can be harvested multiple times.

We’re put on the planet with an abundance of all we need. We don’t have a food shortage, it’s not scientifically possible. What will look like a food shortage will be a shortage of knowledge, skills and freedom. Many foods regrow easily and others are simply easy to grow. I strongly feel, with the current events and the threat of a staged food shortage, we all need to sharpen our skills. What helped me begin my journey of regrowing food was the book “No-Waste Kitchen Gardening” by Katie Elzer-Peters. It’s an easy to read and understand book with plenty of pictures to help you understand and assimilate the information. I strongly recommend this book to anyone with the desire to develop skills and stay independent.

I’d love to hear how you regrow food. What other skills do you believe we all need to feed our families when the grid goes down? Share below!

Personal Rain Water Experience

When going off grid, water is one of the first and most important natural resources we need to make sure we have. As we’re putting together our rain system and learning along the way, we’re also experiencing some pretty amazing health and healing benefits. Anything straight from Gaia is the best, highest quality form available. When a garden is grown, the difference in the quality of plants watered with rain water and plants water with water treated with man made chemicals can’t be missed. Much like plants, people and animals do better when watered with Gaia’s water. You can’t get better or higher quality or cleaner than straight from Gaia.

We’ve been drinking rain water for over a week now and I must say the benefits are plenty. We’re not completely off grid yet so here I’m only referring to drinking and cooking with rain water. In the future, when we’re completely off grid, I’ll blog about our bathing experiences. For now, we’re only drinking and cooking, watering our garden and giving it to our 2 dogs. One thing I can say is the taste is amazing. Clear, clean, natural. It’s definitely better than any filtered tap water or bottled water we’re tried and some of the alkaline bottled waters are pretty darn delicious.

The rain water drop falling to the floor in rainy season
The first thing I noticed after the taste was the calming effects. I’ve always been a pretty anxious being, many years ago I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and given anti-anxiety drugs and Xanax. The best these drugs can do was give me temporary relief at the expense of my health, keep me addicted to man made drugs and actually made the problem worse over time. I eventually needed a stronger does and was losing my natural ability to cope with stress and my own anxiety. This was not living, this was existing in a zombie like state, turning off all feeling and connection and destroying my own mind and body in the process. I’ve grown out of this and, with greater success and no harm to my body, started using the medicine best for humans…what Mother Nature offers.

The success of Gaia’s medicine’s as well as much needed lifestyle and belief system choices and developing the proper mindset has eliminated the perceived “need” for man made drugs. Although Gaia’s medicine blew away man’s drugs as far as results and not harming my body, I still had minor, and I mean very minor, symptoms. I would catch myself in thinking patterns that didn’t serve me and would be able to redirect my focus. I’m having to do that a lot less. My mind is calmer, clearer and I’m able to keep myself together when upset and think through dilemmas and make choices that yield better results. I’m learning at a much better rate, it doesn’t matter if I’m reading leisurely, learning a new song or preparing for an exam, my mind has been operating super efficiently and what few anxiety symptoms I’ve had are gone. Clean, natural water brings a clean, natural mind.

Good digestion is necessary for good health. Digestion is something I’ve struggled with most of my life, mostly due to my own ignorance of how the human body really works. The gut is the second brain and where many process take place that are often mistakenly credited to the brain in our skull. You simply can’t have great health with not so great digestion. After drinking rain water, it has calmed down the gut. I get bloated and uncomfortable a lot less. My stomach is flatter which I don’t mind at all. I’m able to eat more foods and use less of Gaia’s medicine. I love the way it make my gut feel calmer and function more efficiently and naturally. I’ve spend so much money on this issue and all I needed was clean, fresh, pure rain water.

It’s so easy to find someone being a witness to the benefits of rain water as far as beauty goes. True beauty is health and balance, when our bodies are healthy and balanced, our skin is clear, even life-long blemishes disappear and our hair is thicker, stronger, shinier and bouncier. I use a lot less lotion simply because I don’t have dry skin. MY eyes are bright and clear with thick eyelashes and vibrant color. I’ve always had thin, brittle hair. I used to spend so much hard earned money on my hair, buying product after product to combat the abuse I’ve put it through. At the time I would tell you my hair is naturally thin and brittle. Here’s the thing, no person’s hair is naturally like that, it’s not natural. It’s the result of our unhealthy choices. When my choices got better, I looked better because my body got healthier. When my hair was thin and brittle, it was the result of my choice to abuse it and not live closer to Gaia.

My energy level has greatly increase and my caffeine consumption has greatly decreased. When you give your body what it needs it will run more efficiently. My diet is pretty good and I only use Gaia’s medicines so I was already enjoying a pretty high level of health. After incorporating rain water into my life, I realized my level of health wasn’t as high as I thought it was. The improvement in not only my energy levels but my quality of energy was something I didn’t expect but was pleasantly surprised.

The rain water drop falling to the floor in rainy season
It’s only been a little over a week and I’m already seeing amazing results. I’m excited to see what long term rain water drinking can do. I have seen many people online talk about the benefits of bathing in rain water or washing their hair and face in rain water. We’re still on the grid so our showers are filtered tap water in which I feel a difference. One thing I’m looking forward to is bathing and washing my hair in rain water. Because it’s so pure, less soap is needed. I noticed this in the cleaners I use rain water for as well. It works with your body so it’s not drying and is naturally alkaline.

That’s my first experiences with drinking rain water. I see no reason to stop drinking it; in fact, I’m looking for a plastic free, earth friendly reusable water bottle to bring the rain water on the go. Until then, when I have no access to bottled water, I choose a bottle of alkaline water. Water bottles are horrible for the environment and not enough of them get properly recycled so I like to avoid them as much as possible. We cut the amount of recycling we create by switching to rain water, the water jugs and bottles were just too much to keep up with and we can only re purpose and recycle so many.

As a side note, do need to mention not to drink rain water until you’ve processed it. There are many filter and cleaning systems out there. Do your research to find the right one for you. Although rain water is the purest water known to man, it picks up particles as it moves through the atmosphere. Never drink collected rain water until it’s properly processed.

What are your experiences with rain water? How has it improved your health, your mind or your life? Comment below, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

I’ve included a few resources if you would like to learn a bit more about rain water:

Kava Kava Calm

Kava Kava, or often just called Kava, is a tropical shrub with large, heart-shaped leaves from the Pacific Islands whose roots are used medicinally and socially. It’s often used as a recreational and social drink the same way we use alcohol. It’s also used in sacred ceremonies. It even has medicinal uses, I can be a witness to the medicinal effects as I used Kava myself for anxiety and to get through stressful times. It has a long list of medicinal uses; This amazing plant is such a gift to humanity. Other medicinal uses include migraines, ADHD, it has anti cancer properties and chemo preventive properties. It’s been used for respiratory infections, tuberculosis, UTI, sexual arousal, PMS and a plethora of other varied medicinal and healing uses.

Traditionally Kava is prepared as a very bitter and earthy tasting tea or the roots are chewed. It can leave a numbing feeling similar to a dentist visit and has been used as a topical numbing agent in surgeries and other medical procedures. Tinctures are also made with kava, from my experience they are very potent should be used with the highest level of respect. Today we have available to us kava in capsules, candies and other forms.

The active ingredient in Kava are kavalactones, they are responsible for many medicinal uses. Among many herbal actions, its a sedative, anesthetic, anxiolytic and entheogenic. Kava gives a calm, relaxing feeling to the body and mind without making you tired or feel groggy. It induces states of euphoria, alertness and contentment. Due to it’s ability to calm the mind and body, it has been effectively used for anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD and psychosis.

Kava has shown to prevent and help heal cancer. It’s both chemopeventive, helps to prevent cancer by blocking tumor growth and chemotherapudic, helps to heal cancer. In prostate cancer patients who use Kava as a medicine, tumors shrunk significantly and the health of their prostate improved. Kava works with your immune system to help prevent cancer by enhancing your anti-tumor immunity to block tumor growth. Kava prevents inflammation in a cancer-prone micro enviroment.

Kava works on the brain and central nervous system influencing GABA receptors and stimulating dopamine receptors. It gives a calm, relaxing, euphoric feeling which can aid in focus, ability to learn and think through problems and help heal anxiety, depression, headaches, menopause symptoms, muscle spasms, sleep problems, stress, restlessness, ADHD, migraines and can increase sexual arousal.I’ve used Kava to help with focus and brain fog, it was very healing.

Wait…there’s more!! Like with all the herbs I blog about, there’s no way to list all the benefits of any one plant in one blog post. I do feel there are some honorable mentions. Kava has been successfully used in healing epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, colds and flu, respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis, uterus pain and swelling and UTI. Kava prevents premature aging, curbs cigarette cravings when quitting smoking and even helps in weight loss. It’s an amazing immune booster helping to keep the body balanced and dis ease free. Topically kava is used for leprosy, aid in would healing and eye related pain and health issues. it also make a wonderfully healing mouthwash.

Kava has it’s place in magick, it’s energies are feminine and the corresponding planet is Saturn. Dieties Kanaloa, Kane and Lono are all associated with Kava. It’s no surprise that Hawaiian Gods are associated with Kava as Kava is traditional and still popular today. Kava is one of my favorites to help me get into an altered state of mind before magickal workings. It’s used in spells for endings, exorcisms, longevity, protect the home and keep unwanted visitors away.It can be hung at your door for good luck. It’s great for scrying as it helps you see visions and messages clearer.

As amazing as Kava is, it does come with some warning. The potential for abuse is something to be aware of either as an herbalist giving it to clients or using it myself. Although it can help heal depression, it can also make it worse. Because of it’s effects on the central nervous system, use should be stopped 2 weeks before anesthesia, kava can increase the effects. Kava should never be mixed with alcohol, sedatives and perscription drugs. Avoid if you’re breastfeeding or pregnant. There is some concern about the negative effects on the liver. What isn’t clear is if it’s the kava or additves some manufacturers use or the pesticides used in growing the Kava. As an herbalist I would avoid giving kava to anyone with liver issues, on pharma drugs or drinks alcohol escessively. Organic or wildrafted should only be used, medicines should always be pure as Gaia intended.

Kava is one of my favorite medicinal medicines. When I give it to somen who isn’t at hign risk for the negative effects, the results are amazing. It’s a powerful medicne we should only use with the highest respect and for the right reasons. What are your experiences with Kava? Share below.


This blog post in not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any illness. Please contact your herbal professional befor taking any supplents or if you have any questions or concerns.

Grateful for Rainwater

As off girdders-in-training, one of the simplest things to learn and use while still on the grid is harvesting rain water. This is one of my favorite subjects, it includes 2 of my strongest beliefs…no man made chemicals and self sufficiency. Water straight from Gaia, untouched by man is one of the healthiest, most beneficial things we can put in our bodies, in our gardens and give to our pets. Of course, we want to filter it and treat it in natural ways to remove any microorganisms that may have found a home in it. I’ll have future blog posts on our particular water system complete with pictures as well as properly and naturally treating rain water in the near future. In this post, I want to focus on the benefits of harvesting rain water.

Being a Sagittarius, an independent and free spirit, the self sufficiency and control rain water harvesting gives us are the 2 main reasons to harvest water however, their not the only reasons. Harvesting water makes us independent of someone else’s control over the water…how much we pay for it, what chemicals are added to it, where and how it’s stored, is it dead and acidic or alive and alkaline?

Having no water bill is a given when you’re off grid. No one should pay for what Gaia gives us as it belongs to all of us. She has given no man authority over her or her gifts. When I pay our on grid water bill, I feel I’m paying for fluoride, chlorine and other toxins, not so much for the water. With rain water, you can treat it naturally and not have poisons forced on you. You decide what, if anything, goes into your water. You know how it’s stored, how alkaline or acidic it is and how its treated. You have full control over what goes into your and your family’s bodies, in your garden, what’s used to clean your home and vehicle, what you shower in and what you give your farm animals and pets. You have full control and don’t have to pay money for it.

If you’ve grown plants with and without rain water, you noticed the plants respond to rain water much better. It’s naturally healthy for them the same way it is for us. They look healthier, livelier, bigger and some have better tasting, larger fruit and higher yields. Simply put, man can’t compete with Gaia nor can man improve what she does. Plants do best with what Gaia gives them, so do humans.

The health and healing benefits are numerous, it’s the purest water on the planet, naturally alkaline and due to it not yet hitting the ground, no minerals. The best part is there are no man made chemicals, no fluoride, no chlorine, nuthin’. We’ve all heard of acid rain; if you like in an area that’s known for acid rain, you shouldn’t collect rain water. Humans have been using rain water since ancient times and still today in some parts of the planet.

Rain water has the same PH as reverse osmosis water but naturally. It promotes detoxification of the body and supports a healthy digestive system. Rain water also neutralizes the blood PH,making the whole body work well as a system. It’s antioxidant properties also make it anti-cancer. Rain water has been prescribed in quite a few ancient medicines for cancer. According to Ayurveda Medicine, 2 to 4 tablespoons of rain water in the morning on and empty stomach neutralizes the stomach acids and soothes mucosa.

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Health brings on natural beauty. Rain water is a great for anyone’s beauty regimen. It’s alkaline which makes it mild to the hair and skin, encourages hair growth and strengthens the hair. It helps keeps the PH balanced in the skin helping it retain moisture and elasticity. When used on a regular basis, the skin glows with a younger, more radiant, glowing, healthy look. It’s great at effectively cleansing the skin.

When using any soap, shampoo, body wash, laundry soap, etc, you need to use less with rain water. It works super well. You’ll see less fading in your laundry. Tap water minerals can react with detergents making clothes look faded and dull. A nice little side effect is it makes your soaps last longer, saving a little money and time making them or going to the store to buy them.

I do need to include a side note here about soaps. When living off grid, you’re responsible for the land you’re living on. Anything you put on or in that land can come back to bite you if it’s not Gaia friendly. There are plenty of safe soaps on the market, just do your research and familiarize yourself the ingredients of anything you buy to be sure it’s not going to harm the plants, sentient beings, you or Gaia. Some homesteaders use their grey water for their chicken feed plants or for projects that don’t including ingesting it. Whatever you do with it, this water is getting returned to Gaia. She knows what to do with rain water however, she doesn’t like chemicals too much. Who can blame her?

It’s no secret that plants love rain water. You’ll see a difference in your indoor plants using rain water as well. I just collect and use it. I’ve never had a problem not filtering it. I just make sure it’s stored in mason jar with a tight lid. Rain water is natural for any plant. You’ll see it in the brighter color of their leaves and flowers, the blossoms coming in faster and healthier or the fresher, healthier, cleaner over all look. Your precious plants, in and out doors, will thank you in many ways.

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We can’t leave our pets and farm animals out. Just as it’s good for health, it’s amazing for your pets as well. Wild animals have been seen playing in the rain, it’s medicine as well as fun. Your animals get the same benefits. You’ll see it in their fur, their eyes, their over health and energy level. Give filtered rain water to them to drink, bathe them in it or let them play in the rain and build their immune system.

Although rain water is nothing less than a precious gift from Gaia, it does come with its own cautions. Rain water lacks important minerals so you want to make sure you’re getting them from another source. I use Himalayan sea salt on my food, it has 84 trace minerals and won’t harm your health like regular table salt does. You want to make sure you’re using a filter meant for the purpose of rain water and that it’s in good working order. It’s very important to keep up with your filters. Pregnant women need to make sure they either have a high quality filter or the water is boiled before consuming.

Rain water, being one of the five elements, is a useful tool in magick. The first rainfall of the month is considered sacred. When using in magick, you need to consider the energy of the rainfall or storm. Storm water is symbolic of the powerful energy nature processes. It’s good for strong results. It gives more power to your spells. The energy is raw and chaotic so you need to be sure to never break your focus. Water from a calm storm is good for magick that requires a calming energy. Easing emotional issues, peaceful sleep, settling down after being upset are all spell subjects that could benefit from calm storm energy. A thunderstorm possesses a neutral energy and can be used with a wide variety of spells you wish to add a bit more power to. Protection and love spells both are examples of spell that could benefit. Water from a hurricane or tornado is best used in spells of revenge,manipulation, control and confusion.

Water is something be respected, be grateful for and help to improve life in general. It’s necessary for the existence of life on earth. Living solely off rain water is something I’m looking forward to. What are your rain water experiences? I’d love to hear about them. Share you knowledge 🙂

This article is not intended diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness and has not been evaluated by the FDA.


Avocado Seed Powder

Avocados are one of our favorite super foods, their a powerhouse of nutrients and dis ease fighting compounds and a staple in our home. We use them in a lot of dishes; tacos, sandwiches, salads, egg salad, their so delicious. In our quest to be less wasteful and to help Gaia’s healing, we’re always looking for new ways to throw less away. When it comes to avocados we’ve managed to do just that. We use the oh so yummy and very good for you green fleshy part, who doesn’t?? We also use the peel and seeds. In this article I would like to share how we use the seeds, we will discuss the peels in another article. It feels good to buy a fruit and not throw any of it away. Zero waste!

Avocado seed powder isn’t something that’s common these days which is a shame, there’s so many uses for it. It was and still is used in culinary dishes and for medicine in Africa for a plethora of ailments. It’s helpful in managing diabetes, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, protects liver and kidney tissues and can cure fungal infections. When made into a paste, it makes a great sun screen. Africans have even used it for snake bites. The Aztecs, Mayans and Indigenous people of South America all had their medicinal, culinary and magickal uses.

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Avocado seeds are still used today. They fight blood cancer by encouraging apoptosis in cells affected by leukemia an have been considered an alternate leukemia treatment. The monounsaturated fatty acids keep cholesterol in check. In Nigeria they use the seeds to lower blood pressure. Their anti-diabetic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anit-cancer. They can reverse UV damage and keep the UV rays from causing DNA damage. When made into a paste, avocado seed powder makes a local anesthetic which can reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation.

In addition to all the healing uses, avocado seeds are full of vitamins,mineral and nutrients including alkaloids, calcium, saponins, protein, magnesium, iron, tannins, falvonoids, phosphorus, potassium sodium, zinc, folate, niacin and vitamins A, B6, C, E and K.

Avocado seeds also have quite a few uses in magick. They make wonderful handmade runes. They make a beautiful dye in shades of pinks and reds. Just like they benefit the health of our skin, they also are useful in beauty spells. The powder is also powerful in ritual soaps, salts and teas.

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When we eat an avocado, I rinse off the peel right away and put it in the dehydrator. I then wash and dice up the seed and put it in the dehydrator. Every dehydrator is different, I set mine for 10 hours for the seeds, 5 for the peels. After the dehydrator is done working it’s magick, it’s time to make the powder. You don’t need a fancy-schmancy herb grinder although there’s nothing wrong with using one. I use a good quality coffee grinder, it cost me about $$20. I do recommend you have one for coffee and one for seeds, peels and herbs, unless you like the taste of coffee in everything you grind. Grind the seed into a find powder and store it in an air tight container such as a canning jar with a tight lid.

Living off grid requires us to be at our best physically, mentally and spiritually. Little acts such as adding a bit of avocado seed powder to a dish or smoothie is an easy and affordable way to stay healthy. Have you see the cost of cancer or diabetes or any other dis ease lately? It’s time we took control of our own well being. It doesn’t have to cost much as this powder costs us whatever we paid for the avocados. Growing your own avocados makes this powder even more affordable and you have complete control over what goes into your food.

Do you use avocado seeds for anything? Share you thoughts on this. Let’s work to keep each other informed and healthy.

Resources: The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients – Lexa Rosean

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any dis ease.

State of Being is a Personal Responsibility

It doesn’t matter if you’re off grid, on the grid or some where in between, there’s no escape from being personally responsible for yourself. I do find off gridders to be amazing responsible for themselves, that’s something I respect and strive for myself. It’s an unshakable independence and freedom. I also feel personal responsibility is missing in our main stream society today and it’s lack is at the root of society’s issues. It doesn’t matter what is done to you, what someone says or what the government is doing, I am responsible for my state of being regardless of what is going on around me. To allow the state of the government, what others say or think or not research what I’m told is to choose to conform which, in my opinion, is lazy and irresponsible. Those things don’t pair well with the off grid lifestyle. Freedom and independence never come out of conformity.

One of the ways I take personal responsibility for myself is to be in control of my state of being physically, spiritually and mentally. Let’s take physical for example. There is a bug going around right now, I’m not going to get into the political nonsense that surrounds it because it doesn’t deserve my attention. I can’t control what is going on however, I can control myself and how or IF I allow it to effect my state of being. I can do research and inform myself in ways the Main Stream News isn’t allowed to and find the hidden, censored and suppressed information. I see the most responsible thing I can do for me and my loved ones is to take excellent care of myself and improve my immune system. I haven’t had a cold or flu since 2014 and I’m not about to get this one. Keeping my mind, body and spirit in a state at which dis ease can’t live is vital to my own survival and the survival of my loved ones. I don’t want my loved ones to have to see me suffer from a dis ease or see me dwindle into my death.

I have full control over what goes on and in my body. I avoid mad made toxins as much as possible, sticking to what Gaia provides. The availability of organic food these days is something I gratefully take full advantage of. Removing toxins from your life will do more for your health than anything man can possible make. Nature isn’t based on toxins and neither are you or me. Toxins are responsible for a large portion of dis eases, physical and mental. Modern societies have high levels of dis ease because of toxins not only in food but also in man made medicine, vaccines, our water, air, bath and body products, cleaning products, their everywhere. It’s a disrespect to not only ourselves but to Gaia herself. The products that contain toxins also hurt Mother Nature, our, our planet, our home.

To live off grid, we need our health. We need our minds sharp and our bodies strong and healthy enough to do our daily chores, build a building, wild craft, get things done and continually learn and grow. This starts in our minds, what we think we become. If we see ourselves as victims of dis ease, we will be. I haven’t had a cold or flu since 2014 partly because I made choices to get healthier and respect my state of being and partly because I made the choice not to live a lifestyle that can support dis ease. I studied modern science and ancient wisdom, both illegal to teach in our schools to doctors, to our kids, to anyone in the United States. It blew my mind and opened my eyes. When I learned that genes can’t possibly make you sick unless you provide the right unhealthy environment, bacteria and viruses can’t cause dis ease unless your body is unhealthy enough to support them and illness and dis ease is a message that something is our of balance, my health, my state of being and my mindset all changed for the better. I became more empowered and I applied it. My health is amazing. I strongly suggest anyone that wants to get healthier study Dr. Bruce Lipton’s and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work to start their journey into amazing health.

The easiest thing for me to start with is food. We just started making better choices. As we ran out of things we replaced them with organics. I was pretty good at shopping for conventional foods…looking for sales, using coupons, etc. I had to learn to apply those skills to organics and non-GMOs. It’s not as expensive as I thought once I acquired the knowledge to shop economically. Growing our own food saves a ton of money as well as going to farmer’s markets. Making things from scratch makes your food dollars go much further. Food is our fuel, it’s what keeps every aspect of our bodies going. Get to know your body, learn basic nutrition and don’t be afraid to try new things. The best thing about this is there is so much to choose from so it’s not necessary to choke down foods you don’t like. You don’t have to eat perfect, I do 80/20, 80% good, healthy organic food and 20% not so healthy food. It’s not about limiting yourself, it’s about growing yourself.

Everything is mental. Everything we see was once just a though in someone’s mind. Our minds are powerful, more powerful than the life in the Matrix allows you to know. Science and ancient wisdom is suppressed to keep you from knowing your powers. This wouldn’t be the case if your mind wasn’t powerful. What you focus on grows, what you believe you will get. I never tell myself I’m sick or have a dis ease or fear getting sick or a dis ease. I see myself as strong, healthy and young. I see my immune system as strong and unfuckwithable. That’s what I manifest, that’s what I support when I eat, exercise, read or work on a new project, meditate. I make better choices because I want to maintain and grow more into health. What your believe you will achieve.

Of course exercise is vitally important, off grid requires physical work and having a well maintained body just feels great. It’s needed for the mind-body-spirit connection. Find exercises you enjoy. You’ll be more motivated to do it and you’ll bring more happiness into your life doing what you enjoy. For me I like the feeling of a strong and flexible body so I do a nice combination of strength building and flexibility yoga as well as walk in nature. Rick and I often take hiking trips, getting out in nature, breathing in the good ass prana and walking a few miles. I always sleep well after a day of hiking.

The mind, our consciousness, is where our power begins. I’m not talking about religion here although that could certainly be apart of someone’s path. Taking care of the mind helps us deal with stress and keeps us emotionally, physically and mentally balanced. What this looks like for each person will be different as practicing personal responsibility is doing what is right for you. There is no one right, true or only way to do this. There is the only the right way for you. For one person that could mean regularly going out into nature and connecting, for others it could be going to church every Sunday, for others it could mean a solitary practice at home, others may join in on a local drum circle with their local spiritual community. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing what’s right for you. For me, I meditate, practice magick, research and study, have mentors, read, research, go into nature and feel the energies all around me and conduct myself in ways that are in line with my spirit.

This is just a general overview, I can’t possibly stress how important our minds, bodies and spirit are to our off grid survival. Scientific studies on telomeres shows us that humans are genetically programed to live up to 120 years, our lifestyle choices greatly lowers that. Taking our power back and living independently means taking responsibility for every aspect of ourselves and keeping ourselves in a state of being that can support the lifestyle we want. We all have the power to have the life we want and the health to achieve and support it. Never stop learning, researching and growing then share you info!! What are you ways to stay healthy? What are your reasons? How do you do it? Share below, I’d love to hear all about it!

Yellowdock, Medicine for Humans and Animals

Yellowdock is a medicinal perennial that grows 1 to 5 feet tall. It has curly basal leaves and greenish hermaphroditic flowers. We get this plant from Europe and it was a common Native American herb. Medicine is made from the roots and leaves. Medicinally yellowdock has a long history, appearing in our US pharmacopeia from 1863 – 1905 and still used by herbalists and homeopaths today.

Yellowdock has some powerful medicinal uses and, as with all the herbs I’ve posted about thus far. I can’t possibly put all it’s medicinal uses in one blog post. Yellow dock clears toxins from the bowel by moving stagnant bile flow and inhibits the growth of e.coli and staph. It releases iron from the liver to be used in the rest of the body. A few of the ailments it’s been used to heal are acne, indigestion, arthritis, boils, appetite loss, jaundice, liver congestion, leprosy, indigestion, glandular rumors, eczema, cancer, dermatitis, constipation, syphilis, scrofula, psoriasis, enlarged lymph nodes, I can go on and on!

Yellowdock isn’t only good internally but has some pretty amazing external uses. As a poultice it can help heal wounds, ulcers, eczema, itchy skin, hives, stings from stinging nettle, boils, ringworm, scabies, skin infections, swelling, and so many other skin conditions. When ground into a powder it is used to help gingivitis and is gargled for laryngitis. For vaginitis it is made into a douche. It’s no wonder that this herb can do so many things, it’s full of good stuff. Some of the good stuff are calcium, iron, magnesium, sulfur, anthraquinone, glycosides, quercitrin, mucilage, tannins, resins and oxlates.

Due to Yellowdock’s ability to free iron in the liver, it’s used for anemia. It’s blood purifying power helps heal skin disorders and the liver. It’s a mild laxatives due to it’s ability to stimulate the flow of bile. It reduces heat and irritation in digestive tract healing a variety of digestive issues. It’s even used to heal geographic tongue. A few of the herbal actions are: alterative, aperient, cholagogue, and hepatic. Even animals benefit medicinally from Yellowdock, making it into a poultice treats saddle sores on horses and mange on dogs.

Yellowdock is generally safe. It’s cooling and slightly drying. It has high levels of oxalate which can impair calcium absorption. It can aggravate kidney stones, arthritis, gout and hyperactivity. Large amounts may cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Check with your herbal professional if you’re unsure of how much you should take.

Yellowdock has a history of culinary uses. The leaves and stem are nutritive. Young greens taste the best. They can be cooked or eaten raw. The flavor is similar to rhubarb, it’s great in a pie or pastry. The seeds are grounded and roasted as a coffee substitute and can be ground into flour.

Yellowdock has a bit of folklore in it’s history. It’s used in fertility spells. The seeds have been worn on the left arm to encourage fertility. It’s also used for prosperity and ritual magick. Washing your place of business with Yellowdock or sprinkling it around your place of business is said to bring prosperity and success. It’s used to attract a lover, cut bindings, clear any energy holding us back, put in mojo bags and draws money.

Yellowdock has been a blessing to humanity going far back into our history. As with any plant medicine, you want to do your research for any interactions with anything else you take, the food you eat and any conditions your body may have. What else do you know about Yellowdock? Share your info and resources below. Let’s spread the word we all forgot…herbs are medicine from the divine.

Resources: The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients – Lexa Rosean p.296; The Modern Herbal Dispensatory – A Medicine Making Guide – Thomas Easley, Steven Horne, p.326-327;;

Legal Statement: These statements have not been evulated by the FDA and are not meant to cure, diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

It Takes a Strong Relationship to Survive Off Grid

When you’re off grid, you’re dependent on those who are off grid with you. It’s important that you have strong, stable relationships and everyone has the same mindset. You can’t be productive and do what is needed to sustain you if you’re not getting along with your peeps or they simply aren’t interested in the whole lifestyle. Although for us, going off grid is where the Universe is leading us, it’s natural, the right thing to do, others may not want that lifestyle or have the proper mindset for it. Before going off grid, you need to have the same goals, proper mindset and willingness to get work done. It won’t work if one person is doing what needs to be done and the other person isn’t involved. It’s not a lifestyle for those who want to be taken care of by their spouse, family or government. You’re dependent on each other.

Choosing to live away from society and off grid puts you in a situation where most of your time is spend with your life partner or family. Humans are social creatures and depend on each other for so much…love, respect, lift us up when we’re down, connection, safety, etc. We’re all one and all connected. How we live and our emotions and mood have an effect on the collective consciousness. I see my relationships as foundational to not only our own well being but the well being of my fellow humans. Everything we think, say and do puts energy out into the Universe. I ask myself often “What kind of energy am I putting out into the Universe? What kind of world am I helping to manifest? Am I thinking and/or action from a place of love or fear?” Sometimes I just want to be mad, upset, or whatever mood I allow to bring down my vibration. I don’t want to ask myself those questions because they all require personal responsibility and an honest, no bullshit look at myself. It requires me to let go of my own BS. I don’t want to be personally responsible for my state of being in that moment. Then I settle down, feel silly for choosing all that and get my head back in the right place. We’re all human. Very often my blog posts will be things I need to be reminded of myself.

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I want a peaceful, loving home where no one feels unwanted or unloved and all in it do their part. I’ve been used and worked my ass off for people who would never do the same for me. They saw my work ethic and ability to make a good living as something to take advantage of and abused me when I couldn’t pay their way. It was entitlement on steroids! Not one of these people have ever been there for me nor will they ever. I’ve removed them out of my life a while ago and refuse to ever have another toxic relationship. They lost me and the thing they miss the most is my ability (they have it too but won’t use it) to work, make money and make shit happen. These people are nothing but lessons and I’m grateful for those experiences. They are the shit that fertilized my growth. It gives me the knowledge today to make sure I’m going off grid with the right person, having only healthy relationships and regularly taking the toxic garbage out. The quality of any relationship we have starts with us.

Family is important, the ones off the grid with you and the ones on the grid. When I say family, I don’t mean tolerating, having toxic relationships with and taking abuse from someone simply because the share DNA with you. That’s not family and them sharing the same DNA with you doesn’t protect your from the damage of their toxicity. Very often, the toxic take advantage of people with what we’re taught are family values. For me, family values are reserved for those who act like family. More than half of my family isn’t blood related and it doesn’t matter. We are all one. I have a soul family, one I chose because it’s best for me and they make me want to be at my best for them. Regardless of who you family is, every member who is going off grid with you needs to be on board. You can’t bring someone whose toxic and expect things to go well. It’s not a place to fix people. Going off grid isn’t easy as it is, you don’t need someone holding you back.

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The most important relationship you need to keep healthy is the relationship with yourself. You can’t escape you. You’re always with you, off grid or not. You need to practice self love, self care and do things that set your passion on fire. You are responsible for you, no one else. If you’re not happy with you that means there’s work to do. How can you expect your partner to feel comfortable going off grid with you if you aren’t confident in yourself and can’t love and care for yourself? The whole notion of sacrificing for someone else isn’t a noble or holy one and it’s certainly not healthy. Your family deserves you at your best. You’ll be more fun to be around, better able to help and love them with a clear mind and not out of obligation. You’ll be healthier mentally, spiritually and physically and the best of you is what your peeps deserve. Do you want them to see you suffer with dis ease, unhappiness, depression, lack of knowledge etc? No one wants to see a loved one suffer or transition back into the nonphysical early. How we live our lives effects so many people, I can’t bring myself to stop working on myself, loving myself and growing. My peeps deserve the best of me so working on becoming the best version of myself seems like the right and natural thing to do.

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I’m not saying we need perfect relationships, that doesn’t exist. Skills we need to make sure we have are communication skills, compassion, love, respect. Someone who is easily angered or gives up too easy is not very likely to contribute to our off gird survival. We need to communicate with love, respect and no separation. Trust is very important. If there is jealously, insecurity, disrespect of any kind, lack of support, etc, it’s not a good idea to go off grid until you fix those things. Someone who sees it as normal behavior to be jealous over an ex, snoop through phones, wallets, etc, control who your partner speaks to, hides money, bashes your partner with friends, blames your partner, etc, the ability to have the solid foundation to go off grid isn’t there. In fact, you have no foundation. You and your partner deserve better and need to either become people who can give better to yourself and your other half or realize you both deserve better and let each other go with love. Off grid requires what nature is based on…a symbiotic relationship with everything else and that includes your partner.

Your relationship with yourself is number one, that needs to be the first relationship you need to foster, grow and make sure is strong and healthy. After that, your life partner and your family. You need to manage people in your life just like you manage your finances. Both can contribute to your growth if your growth if their managed well, both can destroy you if their not managed at all. This includes the relationship with yourself.

Life is what we make it and there are so many factors that go into making it great. Healthy, trustworthy relationships are only one of them and a big one. What are some of the things you do to keep your relationship healthy and in the right mindset for the life you want?

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