Who You Are Can’t Be Shrunk Into Mindless Political Labels of Manipulation

Humans are such amazing creatures, we are all so much more than we realize. The Scamdemic has created a shit storm of division between us that has benefited the few while harming the many. One of their historically tools of division is identity which makes me wonder, when did we stop valuing individuals as the individuals they are? Why is it so common to shrink the being of who we are into political labels, work to fit those labels and oppose others who do not have the same labels? This is not freedom, this is manipulation and downright sick.

Every human on this planet is here on their own soul mission and not one mission, like one person, is the same. We are all so deeply unique on so many levels. I strongly believe we should encourage each other to be our unique selves, go deep inside and really get to know ourselves, challenge ourselves and become the best versions of ourselves we possibly can. We need to accept others for who they are, that’s freedom. Anything else is practicing a belief in conformity. This is why I don’t argue about politics and other nonsense. I’d rather stand up for someone’s right to disagree with me than to win a useless argument with them.

I will not attempt to shrink myself into man made political labels. No one should do that, we’re all more than that. We are a very tiny part of this amazing universe, what makes us think we can ever describe everything with labels? We see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum. We hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum. What makes us think we each other or ourselves at all? Why aren’t we all wondering about what we don’t know instead of labeling the little we think we know? There’s very good reasons the government does not promote these things, it’s not good for their illusion of power. Attacking our identity is an easy way to keep us from our divine higher selves through separation and control.

Personally I’ve never claimed a political affiliation, I find them mindless and I don’t like what they do to people. To truly be a republican or democrat or liberal or whatever wing of the same bird, I would have to completely change my views because none of them resonate with me. They fail in considering my views and cause even more separation and division among us. It’s really a spectator sport I’m tired of.

Instead of shrinking myself into man made labels, begging for inclusion and arguing for agreement, I create the reality I want to see in the world. I do this with respect for those who choose differently than me, anything less is not freedom but a fight for conformity. I’m Rainie, what that means to you depends on how deeply you know me. It’s really what definition or lack of you give it. I’m a growing and changing creature, I’m not who I was last year or even last week. Us humans don’t know the true extent of who we are and our powers so how can any of us shrink into man made labels or hate on others who do? We’re responsible for our own growth and states of being, not for what we might see a lack of in others. Focusing on others has not served us well, focusing on ourselves while letting others be might be worth a try.

I do embrace and love what I do know about myself. Self love is lacking on the planet today. If we’re going to love anyone, we need to start with ourselves. I understand that society does not support this and it’s not part of the main stream programming. Those are things we’re all working to overcome, it’s nothing but indoctrination. What we’ve been taught is a lie, self love is necessary for true, vital, natural health. Embracing who we are is more important now than every. The attack on identity is one of the only tools they have.

Don’t let anyone tell you who you are or label you. Only you decide those things. For me, I’m a woman, not a birthing person. My gender is a gift from the creator and needed for this incarnation. It was not assumed at birth. I’m an embodiment of the divine feminine and I love and honor the divine masculine, regardless of man made labels. I respect all beings and the paths their on regardless if they agree with me or not. I believe the best thing I can do is be the best person I can be and help my community in any way I can. I have no medical status as I stopped seeing medical doctors years ago. That will NOT change. I’m too busy living what I belief to argue about it. I can go on. How does one put so much of who we are under one man made label? To do that we would have to deny other aspects of ourselves and become fragmented. That’s prime real estate for mental and physical dis ease.

Labels take the focus off our inner growth and connection and puts it on the mundane 3D world where we need to conform and fear the thoughts of others. Let them call you names, that behavior comes from small minds. The chatter of the world isn’t all that important. Pay attention, check in every once in a while, make your moves accordingly then live your life as YOU with you as the star actor. We we not made to fit into what the word has become nor is it healthy to try. The only thing we truly control is our states of being.

Not all labels are bad when used properly. I’m a drummer. Drumming is something I truly enjoy, both for spiritual reasons and because it’s fund to just rock out. That does not make me a rock star, it does not make me irresponsible or disloyal to my husband (Yeah, that one has been assumed a few times). I love being around musicians, there’s just so much to learn. That doesn’t mean music and drumming all I study. I’m a drummer. I’m a musician. I do things that fit those labels honestly. Those things do not describe me as a whole person nor do I change myself to fit those labels. They describe things I do.

Always be yourself and allow others to be them. Never judge a human by the label. Get to know them yourself and think for yourself. If someone energetically isn’t for you, be kind and wish them well. I know it’s hard to wish the creepy guy at the store or the chick that stole your mother’s mortgage money well. Do the best you can. Believe energy when you feel it and stay away from those who show you who they are. Use discernment but still be kind, even if that is kindly getting the heck away from them. There is enough negative energy in the world. There is no reason to make it worse. If we pay attention, so many negative entities are falling apart on this planet. The negative needs fear and your attention to live.

This is just my thoughts, I’d love you hear about yours below!

Supporting Our Men, The Divine Masculine

As the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and someone who embraces who I am, I must embrace and respect the Divine Masculine as well. Today in our society the Divine Masculine is being destroyed, much in the way they tried (and failed) to do to the divine feminine. With the Feminine Energy rising on this planet, the balance between masculine and feminine is being restored as part of the Great Awakening. As this energy rises, I’m feeling more and more like protecting and supporting the Divine Masculine as we need each other. It’s the way of the Universe. I do understand man has a different way, I don’t live man’s way so I’m not addressing it here as it’s not the world I live in. It’s a powerless waste of my time. We all have that choice.

We need real men and real women, the real energies that compliment each other. Neither is incapable of surviving on their own and both are necessary for life to continue. I don’t care if it’s in a petri dish, you need elements of both powerful energies for human life to continue. Nature answers our questions, she has masculine and feminine energies in everything in perfect balance. It’s humans who are out of balance, not what Mother Gaia created. The more we drift away from her the less and less natural we become, we forget our power and become consumed by the nonsense created by man. That’s not good for anyone.


I love and greatly appreciate our men, our real men. Our true men. The masculine energy expressed openly, lovingly and respectfully in support and love for the feminine energy. I love that the hubs opens doors for me, carries things for me, saves me the last bite of his cookie, builds the things we need, works hard to provide for us, protects me and our family, is there for me emotionally and spiritually, etc. He’s a man and these things are natural for him. He does what he does out of love, respect and protection for me. This does not make me weak as I can certainly do all these things myself. I’m perfectly capable of learning what I don’t know and I’m healthy and strong. There’s no reason why I can’t do them for myself. It’s not about that and I find the “I can do it myself” argument toxic as best. Men are not doing things for women because their weak or incapable. They do them because their men acting as men. It’s who they are. Why not work with it and let him be him and focus on being the best me I can be? Choosing to be offended or triggered is, in my opinion, is unappreciative and selfish. I’m blessed with my own needed talents and gifts, that is where my focus is. We’re a team, not competitors. If I didn’t let him be the man he is, how can I expect him to give me space to be the woman I am?

There is nothing the Hubs does that is offensive, nor is there is anything men like him do that is offensive to me. They don’t make me feel weak or like I can’t take care of myself. When a man chooses to take a few seconds of his time to open a door for me or carry something for me, I see it as the diving masculine respecting the diving feminine. I politely smile, say thank you and appreciate the gesture. With the abuse some of our men have taken for doing something so simply sweet, I feel showing appreciation through a smile and “thank you” is the least I can do. I don’t want men to stop being men, we need them. We not only need them more than ever today, we need them to be role models to teach our children what real men are. At the same time, women need to be role models for other women to teach respect, love and appreciation. Each one can teach one.

We all choose the world we want to live in. Right now the world is splitting…some are ascending to the 5D, others are staying in the Matrix. We all have a choice. Personally, I choose 5D, I choose Mother Nature, I choose to be the expression and embodiment of the divine feminine that defines me. Their is power in being authentic which is why the powerless ones use anything they can to keep us from knowing ourselves. I choose to support our real men, not out of weakness but out of respect, love and appreciation. Out of knowing men and women are put on this planet to compliment each other, not to be used as tools of separation and control. The ones who are going to survive what is going on in the world are the ones who can not only rely on themselves but rely on their community, their life partners. The ones who understand cooperation, support and what a community really is. We’re not put on this planet to be divided. I will not and there isn’t a force on this planet that can make me cooperate with the toxicity and man made nonsense.


To all our real men I thank you, I honor, I respect you and I support you.

Theirs nothing sexier than a man who embraces the Divine Masculine and lives a life that shows it.


Rainie Dae

Movin’ On Up To The Hot Tent

When we moved onto our off grid land in September we put up a regular summer camping tent that is made camping trips, not to live in for four months. When Mother Gaia started sending the colder Temps, we bought some tarps and a tent heater. We used what we had to insulate the tent…blankets and towels around the edges, canvas tarp on top of a regular tarp on the floor, pushed our belongings to the walls to block the cold. It worked well as long as the tent heater was on. It was quite warm and comfy however, a summer tent with a mesh top is not meant to hold heat. I’m thankful for propane and our access to it! I’ve also had it in me to not only survive but thrive in this situation. It’s amazing what we can do when we’re in a do or die situation…we do or we die, it’s a choice.

What began as a few weeks in the summer tent ended up being a few months. This was not planned nor would I recommend anyone plan on doing it. There are better options. We were fine, warm and dry however, there wasn’t much room and we have 2 dogs and all our basic stuff in the tent with us. We have a queen size air mattress and more blankets than we need which was much appreciated since we had to turn the heat off at night. Since the heat was propane and we only had a small tent heater, we didn’t feel comfortable leaving it on in such a small space when we weren’t in the tent or when we were sleeping. Kudos to those make quilts!

Angel on the bed in our summer tent

After realizing our hot tent was stuck in a shipping crate (thank you Brandon Administration!) we knew we needed to do something for a winter outdoor kitchen for the time being. The hubs made an overhang with a tarp, this is also helpful in keeping rain from seeping in. I was able to use the kitchen in colder weather but in rain and wind we dined on sandwiches and salads or visited our favorite country cookin’ restaurant. I love to can and preserve food as well as cook healthy meals. As an herbalist, homesteader and artisan, I use my kitchen a lot. I did my best with what we had and it worked out better than what we expected. I’m grateful for that. I’m also grateful we’ve moved up in the world…into our hot tent!

I’m not trying to paint a pretty picture of ease here, the truth isn’t always pretty, it is necessary for growth and success. We did have some drawbacks and aggravations during our temporary occupation of our summer tent. I see all these as challenges, opportunities to grow and learn. I’m not saying my attitude and behavior are always matching that thought, I do need an attitude adjustment every now and again. I’m pretty good at adjusting my attitude as I’ve had much practice!

The biggest challenge is there isn’t much room. We did have a second smaller tent for storage and we do have a storage unit so we weren’t trying to fit all our belongings in the tent, just what we needed. Clothes, shoes, bedding, food, dog food, electronics, chargers, air mattress, 2 plastic 3-drawer dressers, storage bins, excessive amounts of blankets, coats, heater in a safe space, laundry basket, hygiene items, etc. Simply studying while The hubs was sleeping was a challenge. Often I went to the van so the dogs stay settled down and I didn’t accidentally shine a light in his eyes. The hubs needs his beauty sleep 😉

The weather was another challenge. We thought we had things planned where we would get minimal unwanted weather. This worked out great for the time period we planned. That’s about it. After a few experiences, we had our tent staying completely dry and intact in storms, rain and wind. There were a few nights where I thought for sure the whole thing was going to blow away in the wind. It was harder to keep the tent really warm in the wind but it was OK, not great but we didn’t freeze either.

Where’s the rest of the snow?? We’re not in Wisconsin anymore!!!

The space was a challenge…two of us trying to find our clothes and get dressed took some strategic planning and maneuvering. Often when Rick was getting ready for work int the morning, I just kept put on the bed to stay out of his way. Other times I would go to the van to do my early morning studies. It was just easier and I only woke him up once…when I exited the tent.

Much to my surprise we did not get any critters inside the tent and minimal bugs. We had the occasional spider or fly, not infestations. No different than in a house. We were on freshly cleared ground in woods that has been untouched for I don’t know how long. There are plenty of insects out here and we totally took over part of their home. I’m assuming they welcome us 🙂 The only critters we have are field mice. They like to get into our outside kitchen and leave their little poops around. Although our kitchen is now attached to tour hot tent and not in the same space, the mice must have saw us moving and moved right along with us! We’re getting an outside cat and looking into other alternatives that are Gaia friendly. I’m open to suggestions!!! The little guys are adorable, they just need to stay out of my kitchen. Mice poop or not, I thoroughly clean everything before making anything. This is a habit when I opened Love of Lotus, when we were on grid in a house. Off grid does not equal dirty, my standards remain high.

The mice and bugs bring me to a very important issue…food storage. It doesn’t matter where or how you’re living, food storage is very important. We need our health, it’s what we rely on when nothing else is going our way or we’re having a stressful experience. We don’t want to eat mice poop or bug droppings or anything else that could get into our food. I’m a bit excessive when keeping food secure. Being off grid, we have no time to be sick. We do have an ice maker as ice is very important for food storage for us. We have a good sized cooler so our food storage for cold stuff is limited at this time. If you’re starting out, I recommend the biggest cooler you can find that holds ice very well. The less we need, the less we spend energy making. Anything that goes in the cooler gets double or triple wrapped with reusable storage bags and wraps. I don’t want anything getting wet as the ice melts. Eggs are always on top so we don’t crush them. Dry food is kept in sealed bags or air tight jars with a lid. Bread is kept wrapped and inside where it won’t get crushed. Water takes up space so we only kept a gallon at a time in the tent unless we’re expecting freezing temperatures. I fill up all our jugs this time of year just in case the rain barrels freeze. Cold food needs to be below 40 degrees. After it got cold, we were able to keep some cold food out of the cooler such as fruits and veggies and leftovers that were going to be eaten before the temperature went above 40.

My entourage and I chilling in the hot tent

There wasn’t room for a pantry in the summer tent however, there is room in the hot tent!!! Moving to the hot tent was like moving to a mansion. It’s much roomier!! I’m able to store food and everything else out of the way. We’re currently building a kitchen, bathroom and storage space onto it. We’ll have off grid indoor showers, kitchen sink and compost toilet. We don’t need to turn off the heat every time we go outside although I do turn it down. The hot tent holds heat and there is no breeze. It does really well when there is wind. It came with a fly and we have tarps over it, rain doesn’t get on it at all. Its on a platform, it’s very nice to be off the ground.

Our experience came with a lot of lessons. We made plenty of mistakes which are nothing more than learning opportunities. When you’re off grid, attitude when things don’t go as planned is everything. It will either make or break you. This experience has forced me to reach deep within myself and get creative. I’m liking it a lot, the growth and connection to Mother Gaia are amazing. I’m learning so much about myself, the hubs and living off grid in general.

Do you have any experiences in tents? I’d love to hear about them and how you got through them.

Merry Part,
Rainie Dae

Gardening in December?!?!

Haven being raised in Illinois and later migrated all the way to Wisconsin, gardening in winter just wasn’t heard of in my world. Even though the majority of my family is from the south where the growing season is much longer and the winters aren’t as harsh, I somehow missed the message that we can garden in winter…and garden abundantly!!!

When you’re on the journey to self sustainability, food is at the top of the list of priorities. We need to eat all year long. Growing and raising our own food brings such a sense of independence and confidence in one’s own skills. It gets us back to the source of our food and is amazing for the soul. It’s healthier and doesn’t create the plethora of dis eases that man’s food does. Eating food grown from your own work, dedication and effort is much more delicious and rewarding than the chemicals shaped into food and GMOs that are devoid of minerals, vitamins, healing energies and other nutrients.

When you grow your own food, you know exactly what goes into it. Having organizations such as certified organic projects and non-GMO projects are necessary, they help keep us from eating the poisons that enrich the corporations whose own higher ups won’t eat the very food they make. The folks at Monsanto know a bit about this, they don’t eat what they sell to either. I personally don’t feel that these labels are fool proof however, their a good start. Next to growing your own food, their the best way to help us avoid chemicals and GMOs. Taking control of what you ingest on a daily basis is the number one best way to take control of your health. A depopulation concoction mislabeled as a vaccine not necessary. You know that your food has no dangerous chemicals, has only the genetics the Goddess gave it and and can be returned to the earth without harm to her. It’s the most loving thing you can put into your and your family’s bodies. Need I mention the taste? The taste is so much better, brighter, cleaner and simply more delicious. It’s a common occurrence for someone who has eaten only conventional food to to try an organic tomato or apple and be amazed by how much better organic food tastes than the man made food that has become normal to them. Seeing someone experience this for the first time is like watching their soul light up, it’s a beautiful thing!

So what if it’s December??? You can still eat delicious greens, alliums, brassicas, some herbs and root vegetables straight from Mother Gaia’s table. I’m in zone 7 however, there are talented people growing gardens all year long in colder climates. If they can do it, I can do it! I bought onions bulbs from a local farm that popped up in 3 days. I’m planning on harvesting them in the spring or summer, when the tops fall to the earth. No matter how cold it gets, they just keep growing and looking happy and healthy. I have them in a fabric raised bed. Next to the onions I sowed our powerful greens…kale, spinach, arugula. I kept the seedlings covered when the temperatures dropped at night. Carrots, potatoes and some cold hardy herbs are also great to grow in December.

Micro-greens, in my humble opinion, are a year-round indoor crop. They can be grown outdoors when in the proper conditions. As with the greens and onions, we just need to be mindful of which varieties are cold hardy and which are not. I don’t have much luck growing sunflower micro-greens indoors in the winter months off grid, they grow deliciously well in the spring and summer. Peas, broccoli and turnips all grow well in the winter. Basil and sunflower are some of my favorite summer micro-greens. Hmmmm….basil… Prior to living off grid, I grew just about any micro-greens all year long. Our wood stove is currently stuck on a shipping crate which means we’re using propane until mid-Janurary. A propane heater, although great and fairly cheap to use, doesn’t radiate heat like a wood does after the fire goes out. I also turn it off when I’m not in our home. I can’t keep the temperature steady enough for micro-greens…for now. This issue will be resolved later 🙂

I’ve heard of these super-gardeners who over winter tomato and pepper plants or grow the mini varieties over winter. I do not yet know how these gardening gods do it. I tried this once a few years back in the beautiful Wisconsin winter. I did not have much luck at all. Tennessee is has a longer growing season and milder winters so this may be a project for a future winter.

Beets, cabbage, broccoli, kale, bock choy, swiss chard, peas, radish, rutabaga, sugar peas, celery, mustard and self confidence and sustainability can all be grown in the winter months. The more I learn, the more I know my family is not going to starve. We’re not going to survive, we’re going to thrive with health of steel from our delicious home-grown food and chose lifestyle.

The goal here is to be able to feed ourselves and not depend on the man made systems that are collapsing right now. With the powerless ones messing with the food chain, paying farms to destroy crops, buying up farm land and euthanize animals, causing shipping issues, the plandemic and laws not truly protecting us from chemicals and GMOs, I believe it’s important to the survival of the human race that we take control of every aspect of our lives, get local and get sustainable. No one wants to eat soulless Billy G’s bug food or mammoth meat made in a lab, not even Billy himself or his puppet masters. That shit is pure poison, eat from Gaia’s table, not man’s.

Are you a gardening god willing to share some of your secrets with us mere mortals? I’d love to hear your gardening adventures. If you have resources on winter gardening, that’s always great too!!! Share below 🙂

In The Beginning There Was Little ‘Ol Me and Mother Gaia

Building an off grid herb farm and homestead from raw land is one massive, beautiful, frustrating and humbling learning experience. I’m very much enjoying the failures as much as the successes. Each brings about feelings of confidence, determination and the willingness to learn and change my thinking. The personal growth I’ve experienced on this beautiful earthly journey is beyond priceless and the biggest blessing I’ve ever received. There are many more to come and I’m ready!!! Bring on the amazing successes and failures that will lead to the Success of Love of Lotus Apothecary and Farm!

There is certainly a difference in farming 1 acre of land in the Milwaukee suburbs and farming 6 acres in the foothills of East Tennessee. Regardless, I am able to utilize what I’ve learned in Wisconsin as well as what I’m continuing to learn today. One thing I have never done until now is amend rocky soil. Like so many other things, I have the book knowledge in my head. I have not yet applied it. Yesterday I gave it a try in a Back-to Eden gardening style. I dug up a small patch of earth and added leaves, kitchen scraps and plants from around the property. I made sure it had enough moisture and covered it up with black plastic. The idea is to improve the soil enough to support the plant life I would like to grow there next season. We have already cleared the trees out of the area so sun won’t be a problem. I plan to ad to this patch as time goes by, leaning and improving my skills as my experience grows.

Another project is getting the compost bin and leaf mold bins set up. For now I have 1 compost bin I’m quickly out growing. My better half will be building a new one soon. He built them out of untreated wood pallets. Here in East Tennessee we have a lot of rain which means we consistently have moisture. Untreated wood will decay after a while if used outside. We knew this going in and plan to either keep replacing the decaying wood, build a new compost bin and use it until it rots or find a material to make a compost bin that won’t leach chemicals into the compost. We will cross that bridge when our compost bin needs repair. The compost is doing great, even for this time of year I do cover it in heavy rains to protect the microbes working so hard in there. I do allow some rain in the bin as being straight from Gaia herself, it’s the highest quality water any of us can use.

My next adventure is creating a woodland garden. I’ve never done this before, I’ve only studied it in school, now it’s time to see what I’m really made of! I plan to grow woodland medicinal as well as culinary plants. A girls gotta eat. I’ll be brushing up on my knowledge before going out into the woods. I have a variety of plants I want to grow. Most of them need stratification. Some will be stratified outside right in the garden, others indoors. There’s a few I will look for starts, cuttings or roots as they propagate better those ways. I’m really excited to finally give this a try. I’ve never had woodlands to grow in before. This is gonna be fun!!

I currently have some winter crops growing which I find super exciting. With the exception of a plant accidentally making it through the Wisconsin winter with no effort on my part, I’ve never grown anything but house plants in the winter. We shop at a local Mennonite farm, Englewood Farm Market. If you’re ever in Athens, TN, check them out. They were selling local onion bulbs harvested from their farm. They had me at local. Although I have bought seeds and bulbs from various places, seeds and bulbs from generations that were locally grown give the best chance of high germination and healthy plants. I planted these onions in a cloth raised bed with home made soil. I mulched with leaves and 3 days later they sent up their stalks. This is certainly a lesson in planting local seeds and bulbs when we can. I’ll let these grow over winter and harvest in the summer.

I do believe the Mennonites grow heirloom varieties which means we can save the seeds and grow more food!

My greens are a nice mix of spinach, arugula and lettuce. The seedlings took about a week to germinate and their doing great, much better than this past summer. The seeds are the exact same seeds I used this past summer, from the same place, tested at the same time, etc. This just backs up what I have already learned, grow the right varieties for the conditions. Timing is very important. I planted these greens at the end of November, it is now December 3. Ideally they should be planted a bit earlier however, I’m pretty happy with the results already. I’m big on eating daily greens so I’m looking forward to these wonderful plants coming in. I’ll have to keep reminding myself that they are not delicious micro-greens. I could be the biggest pest in my garden if I don’t watch myself!!

I do have an accidental crop, stinging nettles appeared in my strawberry containers before moving onto this land. How this happen, I have no idea. I do have about 6 stinging nettle plants in which I was able enough to hang dry and use in my products or sell alone in Love of Lotus Apothecary. This is a valuable plant and one of my favorites to work with. I’m to happy it decided to bless me with its presence. I plan on growing more and more stinging nettles as this farm grows and manifests into a permaculture paradise.

What are your experiences with all this? What would you suggest I do differently? I’m always open to new thoughts and ideas, comment below.

Racism – I Have No Time For That Shit

We are all powerful creators, we create our own reality. That’s why the idea of anything being the “one true” or “truth for all” isn’t at all a scientifically or spiritually sound premise. There can certainly be the one true for you or for a group. That’s a choice we all have. To say there is one truth for everyone downright disrespects the creative abilities our creator blessed us with as well as our choice to live free. My belief in freedom keeps me from arguing anyone else’s reality, to argue is to say they do not have the choice to live in their chosen and/or created reality. No choice, no freedom. One can not exist without the other.

I create my reality, we all have this ability. I do not live in a world where racism exists. Racism does exists and there are plenty of racists and those who believe fighting racism is the answer to keep that demonic energy alive. Both sides feed that demon. I don’t fight racism. I don’t need to shrink myself into some kind of anti-racism group or man made label. Virtue signaling and identifying as some kind of political group and begging for inclusion isn’t an approach I see useful. People are doing just that all over the planet and have been doing it for quite some time now. I can’t see where it’s working, racism is still a political weapon of control and a demon some are externalizing their power to. I respect their choice to do so. I’m not making the same choice.

My whole approach to racism is nothing special, its my whole approach to things I don’t want to see in the world. As the great actor with a sexy-ass voice, Mr. Morgan Freeman Says, “Stop talking about it”. In other words, stop giving it our energy. Everything is energy. A person acting racist and a person fighting racism are both giving the racist demon their energy, their feeding it. Both sides create the energy the demon needs to stay alive. I choose not to be demon food.

Racism was invented by Blumenbach in the 19th century. While Blumenbach himself was not a racist, at least not in my research, the government has been using it as a tool of control, it works well. Government can not exist without divide and conquer tactics. They can’t rule the united. To participate in racism is to allow myself to be a pawn in a very sick and evil political game. To argue it or attack racists is feeding it. I create my world. If I want to change the wold, I need to practice personal responsibility and be the change I want to see. What other people have created for themselves isn’t my business and I will not compare myself to it. I’m far to unique and authentic for that. My belief in freedom keeps me from arguing. Anyone has the freedom to choose to be a racist, it has nothing to do with me. I choose not to have those people or the energy of racism in my life. I create my reality and my reality does not welcome that ugly demon. It’s not worthy of my time or energy.

I live in east Tennessee and we have a rainbow of people here. I simply don’t experience racism, not in a store, farmers market, yard sale, jam session, drum circle, where ever I go, the demon isn’t there. It knows there is no food for it here. What I’m experiencing is the opposite. People are so nice, who gives a fuck about what race they are? I live in a diverse community of wonderful people. Why would I choose racism when I don’t live a life or have a mindset that supports it?

When it comes to which businesses to give my time and money to, I never, ever look at the race, gender, belief system or anything else about the owner. None of those things are my business and I really don’t care. I’m a consumer. I’m looking for good quality products and services at fair prices from local small businesses and small online businesses that support the world I want to see. Race is irrelevant. I’m not mindless enough to give my support to business just because the owner has a certain skin color or comes from a certain part of the world. That tells me nothing about the quality of the business, or their products. It tells me nothing about customer service or the reputation of the place. I do not feed that demon so I don’t experience that demon much. It goes where the food is.

I take the same approach with my own business. I don’t care what color my customers are, I treat them all like the Gods and Goddesses they are. I love and appreciate them all for their support. I want them all to be happy with the products they buy from me and feel confident they will always get high quality service with love and respect. There is no room here for the ugly demon of racism. When I think back on all the wonderful experiences I’ve had with my customers and in my personal life, I find myself grateful for choosing not to allow that energy into my life. I would have missed out on so many wonderful moments with amazing people had I invited racism into my life.

I’m not saying I haven’t been discriminated against, we all have at one time or another. It’s how we handle it and ourselves that matters. Are we going to invite that demon to stay by befriending it or fighting it? Are we going to externalize our power to the racist and let them decide our state of being? Are we going to walk away, not feeding the demon? I choose to walk away, no need to be nasty or aruge> Either way, it needs to be present for either scenario to take place. I personally believe who people show me they are and separate myself if they lower themselves to racism, among other things. My intuition will tell me if they aren’t for me. I won’t visit them in their world, that’s not energies need to be around, they serve no one. Staying away from racist people prevents a lot negative racist experiences.

Leave racism to the racists

Like everything going on in this beautiful world, it’s all choices. Life is the result of our choices, nothing more, nothing less. If we don’t like the choices we’ve made or if a once good choice is no longer serving us, we can easily change our minds. It’s called growth. There is no decision you make today that you have to keep forever, doing so will greatly stunt growth. It’s only natural to make different choices and want different things as we grow and change. If we can’t grow, learn and expand what is point of existence? Where is the joy and excitement for something new? Where is the motivation to keep moving forward when things get tough? Nothing is forever, not even the choice to be a racist.

Tent Livin’ Off Grid In November

We officially moved onto our new off grid land this past September (2021) and it has been one big, beautiful, learning experience. Our latest challenge is the issue of shipping containers, our winter tent just arrived, we’ve been in a summer tent so far. The wood burning stove will be here the first week of December. Our tent, like so many other things, sat on a shipping container for a while. Evergreen is involved so we know it’s just another purposely done scare tactic done by the powerless ones. Regardless the cause, our hot tent arrived very late forcing us to figure out how to stay warm, safe, comfortable and dry in a summer tent. This tent has a mesh roof and, well, it’s a tent, the walls and floor are thin. I’ve done a bit of research, what I found wasn’t too encouraging. Most people were saying it’s a miserable way to winter camp and advise against it. Who can blame them? It can be very miserable.

Before I continue, I want to emphasize that I am not a cold weather person. I grew up in Illinois and spent most of my adult life in Wisconsin so I’m well versed on what Mother Gaia is capable of. I would rather stay warm and dry by the fire with a good herb book than go outside. Since we’re now off grid, I need to get over all that!

It’s been cold at night here…getting down to the 30s and colder later this week. We’ve been comfortable. Days so far are between 50 and 70, we’ve had plenty of rainy days but no serious flooding issues. We’ve had 1 thunder storm. We have 2 huge tarps on our tent that cover the entire tent to the ground on each side. We have a canvas tarp on the floor of the tent. It was originally bought for the top but it’s too heavy for the tent frame. We have the tent walls lined with items to help block the cold…full totes, laundry basket, 2 plastic dressers, etc. We have an air mattress, I keep a moving blanket between the mattress and tent wall. We have an extra tarp and foam under our mattress. At night we cover up with stack of blankets which includes the warmest quilt ever, 2 sheets, another blanket and a moving blanket. I had no idea how warm moving blankets are until the Hubs put one on our bed. We have not been cold at night at all. The mornings are only cold until one of us starts the heater. Our Silky Terrier sleeps under the blankets with us. Our lab/shepherd mix stays under 2 blankets at the foot of the bed. None of us lose sleep at night.

puppy covered with blanket
Photo by Emily Hopper on Pexels.com

Our heat source is a Mr. Heater Little Buddy Heater. I found it while researching tent heaters. This heater does well in our 10×8 tent. I do need to put a disclaimer out there…I’ve been told this heater isn’t meant for tents (although it’s advertised as such) and to be mindful of the carbon monoxide. I can stand straight up in our tent and it’s roomy. We really don’t have much in here so the heater has plenty of space. As far as the carbon monoxide, it’s not really an issue since this tent has plenty ventilation. The hot tent is solid canvas so I’m investing in a carbon monoxide detector since we will be using this heater until our wood burning stove gets here. Another issue to keep in mind is that propane heat is fire…we’re very mindful when making the bed, folding laundry, where the dogs are, etc to not get anything too close to the heater. Although this heater has an automatic shut off if it happens to fall over, we still don’t use it when we’re in bed sleeping or leave it on when one of us isn’t in the tent.

I would never recommend winter camping in a tent that isn’t meant for winter camping. Although it can be done and we’re not too uncomfortable, we’re doing this out of necessity as it wasn’t part of the plan. We have no control over what the powerless ones do, we just pay attention and make our moves accordingly. No matter what happens we will keep moving forward. When you’re put in a situation to do or die, you do or die. We are making the best we can our of what we have for this temporary living situation. I see it as a challenge, a learning experience and a way to help me learn and grow.

There will be more challenges, set backs and make do moments. I’m looking forward to everyone of them.

What are you experiences winter camping or camping in bad weather? I’d love to hear about them and how you over came them.

Supporting small businesses, our local businesses and our veterans is very important to us. Our hot tent was bought from veteran-owned Wall Tent Shop. Here is their link: https://www.walltentshop.com/

No Electric? No Problem!! Off Grid Livin’

I can’t explain it, the thought of living with no electricity off grid has never scared me. Not even a little bit. I’m well aware of the concerns, mindset and new habits required. I’m not ignorant in any sense of the word. I believe my lack of concern comes from the fact that I’m following my intuition and doing what I’m put on this planet to do. I know I’m protected and guided along this beautiful earthly life path. The Hubs and I also spend a few years studying, practicing and experimenting, a lot of knowledge is gained this way. When we made the move off grid, I felt prepared in many ways and living without electricity was one of the things I practiced. Of course you never really understand something until you live it. Knowledge without applying it is just knowledge. You never truly know what’s going to work or what you’re capable of until you do it.

Before I proceed, I need to clarify what I mean by living with no electricity. I’m referring to on-grid electricity here. We’re not hooked up to the grid, we do use electricity.

The most important thing we had to do was create good habits and mindset. In fact, with most things (all things?) off grid, we’ve had to create proper habits and mindset. If we don’t make this a part of our lifestyle the same way brushing our teeth or washing dirty dishes is, we will greatly hinder our own success.

Bringing on grid habits to the off grid homestead just doesn’t work. On grid I would flip a light switch without a second thought, run a kitchen appliance, charge devices, heat and cool our home, etc. It was easy to overuse. To say the least, it was expensive and slave creating. There was no quality to paying high prices for what should be free to us all. Nikola Tesla blessed us with the ability to harness free energy. The powerless ones have kept it hidden. America is a corporation and in true corporate fashion, science and knowledge are hidden. This great awakening is bringing the hidden to light and we’re seeing Nikola Tesla’s work slowly leak out to the public where it belongs. The off grid movement is growing and I think this is one of the best things that could happen on this planet.

As with anything off grid, living without on-grid electricity takes a different mindset and habits. Our electric comes from a gas generator and we have solar lights, fan, etc. We do not have a solar system…yet. We’re well aware the generator has us dependent on petro fuel which isn’t sustainable. We’re using the generator until we have our solar system installed then it will be used only for backup and to run power tools. We will greatly reduce our use of it over time which will mean purchasing less gasoline ever week. After we have the solar set up I do plan to experiment with other ways to have power…perhaps wind or water?

The biggest habit we created was to keep everything charged…lights, fan, phone, portable charger, computer, etc. It’s not comfortable to be stuck with no lights in the middle of a forest at night. I’m considering oil lamps just to be sure we have light. From what I understand they give off a little heat and are easy to make. Phone flash lights are OK however, I find that they just don’t light up the entire tent or particular space to my liking. Their very bright and are, well, flashlights. Their great to have for emergency situations. Phones are, however, the most important thing to keep charged for it…their emergency contact, family and friend connection, source of info, our internet, etc. Now when we go anywhere in the vehicle, we bring our phones, lights, power pack and anything else we need to charge. This keeps us from running the generator a lot, saving money and being kinder to Mother Gaia. We also have a power pack, it’s rechargeable in the sun or by electric cord. This will charge anything with a universal charger so it goes everywhere with us. It also takes a long time to drain the power so we get a lot of use while cutting down on our generator use.


Another habit is to charge everything as once. When we do turn on the generator, we make sure to charge everything and turn on the ice maker, run the vacuum, give the dog a fur cut, cook in the toaster oven, run a power tool, etc. Anything we need to get done with electricity all at once. It just takes a little planning in our day and isn’t a burden at all. A little planning goes a long way and saves so much energy and money.

For me, switching from on grid to off grid power isn’t really a big deal. It’s forced me to be mindful about our energy use, our time and our impact on this planet. When our solar is installed, we will use a lot less gasoline but still keep the generator for a back up and power tools. I don’t miss the on-grid electricity at all and I feel so much better about our use this way. We all need to do what we can to reduce our energy use and increase our respect and care for Mother Gaia one new habit at a time.

I’m grateful to have all we have along this journey to self sufficiency.

I’d love to hear about your knowledge and experience 🙂

Blessed Be

Rainie Dae

Our First 15 Amazing Days Off Grid

We finally moved onto our forever off grid home, it’s been an adventure already! We’re in the middle of a forest, untouched by man, all natural and beautiful. It’s the perfect place for this nature witch. We’re currently camping out in a tent until we get our winter home up which will be temporary. We’re building our permanent home next spring. This is all very exciting as I’ve never built any building before. The hubby has and is a great teacher. We have a nice little camp set up here. We have the tent we’re sleeping in, a tent for storage, a fire pit, wonderful outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, outdoor bathroom, a rain water system, big ass generator and a stage built with drums under a hanging tarp. Cant live in the woods without drums!!! We have all we need to build from here!

I had to temporary take a break from my Love of Lotus Apothecary stores. I was going to try to keep them up while we were clearing woods and setting up. That was an idea I did not thing through! My stores are on vacation for another 2 weeks. I don’t have the time put into making products and a lot of my tools are in storage right now. I also don’t have a place to make products that I feel I can get clean enough. Cleanliness is very important to me when I’m creating products for my fellow Gods and Goddesses, physically and energetically. As far as the energetic aspect, Gaia keeps the energy out here balanced, peaceful and loving. My own energy takes a bit of preparedness before I make anything. I meditate, get myself in a calm, loving state then make products. I will not put “dirty energy” onto anything I make. I don’t believe dirty energy is going to be a problem here.

It’s been a lot of physical and mental work to get his place to our liking and will take even more. I’m not minding it at all. This is such a wonderful learning experience that is feeding my hunger to be closer to nature and live more traditionally. I’m feeling more self sufficient which is inspiring me to become even more self sufficient. I’m looking forward to every challenge, set back, mistake and the lessons that come from them. It’s so exciting to put book smarts into real life action. Knowing how to do something is one thing, actually putting that knowledge into action is another. This brings to mind Robert Kiyosaki’s theory on fake teachers. A fake teacher is someone who teaches what they don’t do. An accounting teacher who never worked as an accountant, someone teaching real estate whose never sold anything, etc. This makes sense to me, why would I want to learn something from fake teachers? Experience has no replacement.

Spiritually I’ve grown tremendously in the short time we’ve been here. It’s almost effortless. We have a very old and wise White Oak Tree on this property. We’re also very close to the Cherokee National Forest. The energy from this tree is amazing, it’s old, it’s wise, it’s ancestor. I plan on doing some research as I feel this land and this beautiful tree has some history. The energy of the tree and my intuition are telling me to explore this, there is something sacred about this tree.

As I explore this beautiful piece of earth, I get excited to see the medicinal, culinary and magickal plants Gaia has blessed us with. I see food and medicine, plant spirits and energies all around me. Of course everything here will be wild harvested with respect and for population growth of the plants. I can’t wait to get some of these beautiful plants into Love of Lotus Apothecary. I started some herbs and food in containers. Next spring we’re planting in the ground and creating a permaculture paradise. I chose permaculture because it’s gardening nature’s way. It’s not only gardening but living nature’s way. Small things like the direction our house faces, recycling grey water, buying and producing as little waste as possible, etc all play a role. Everything has a system and is recycled. Gaia recycles everything. It will take some work for a the next 2 years however, once it’s established, it will take care of itself for the most part. I’m looking forward o this journey as I know it comes with so many lessons straight from Gaia.

Being out here has had a profound effect on my physical health. I knew I would feel great as camping in general does that to me. This is different. When we were in the rental, I woke up with a headache and swollen sinuses every morning. It would go away when I would go to the patio and breathe the fresh morning air. I don’t get that here. I wake up feeling refreshed after sleeping well through night. I wake up feeling a clear mind, energetic and ready to create a wonderful day. I feel my body, mind and spirit effortlessly grow stronger. I feel the energies of this beautiful forest, the nature spirits are all around me, I’m hearing my guidance more clearly and I just feel a connection. She put us here for a reason. That reason is my life’s mission, why I’m on this planet in the first place.

The first fifteen days off grid have been challenging, strengthening, connecting, a huge learning experience and just beautiful in so may ways. There’s a lot to do and I’m looking forward to doing it. I will blog about our progress as we walk this blessed path. Our next big project will be our winter home as we’re preparing for the colder months. I have learned to cut wood, I actually enjoy it! I do plan to make my first attempt at an outdoor winter garden. I have a small container garden started already and, of course, microgreens. Gotta eat the greens all year long, their so healthy.

Do you have newbie off grid advice or experiences? I’d love to hear about them. Comment below

Thank your for taking the time to ready my blog, I greatly appreciate you.

Experiencing Gaia’s Healing Powers

We’ve been off grid for 22 days and I’m already experiencing Gaia’s healing, she’s so generous in her ways. As our ancient ancestors knew the earth is a healer. She provides many herbs, barks, roots, seeds, flowers, etc that have amazing abilities to heal and improve our health in so many ways. Walking barefoot or even covering the entire body with earth has amazing effects. Her vibration pulses through us with powerful healing energy. When we eat her food, our health and minds expand, man’s food makes us sick and closes the mind. Sunshine was once prescribed in hospitals because it worked. Smoke and water cleanses us energetically and crystals help to heal and balance us. There are so many more ways she helps us heal, I’ve been experiencing some of that healing since living in the woods.


Before moving here we were living in a rental. I woke up in the middle of the night most nights with a horrible headache and swollen sinuses that only went away when I went outside. I’ve spent a lot of time on that patio! Since our first night here, I’ve slept very well through the night and wake up feeling well rested, in a good mood and ready for the day. My monkey mind is settled down, I don’t get racing thoughts like I once did. I still feel the stress of life, I’m just better able to settle down and think things through. I stay solution focused when we do come across any problem and keep myself calm, most of the time.

I’m feeling my own energy and the energies around me more in stronger ways. The nature are spirits are all around me. Just walking through these woods, visiting the old Great White Oak Tree, meditating, foraging for wild edibles and medicines, I feel them. I feel me more, a connection to my higher self. I have a growing love and connection to this land, it’s where she needs me to be to help heal her, she put us here for her own reasons.


We’re eating very well without trying. Living in Nature makes me naturally drawn to foods from Nature. Although I’m a pretty healthy eater, I do indulge in organic, vegan junk food. Junk food is junk food, organic or not. I’ve made no conscious effort to stop eating junk food, it’s coming naturally. I simply don’t want it. I’m feeling the health improvements from it, particularly in more energy. When I don’t eat sugar and chips, I don’t get a crash. I don’t get the late afternoon sluggish feeling. I’m able to stay focused and get things done and get them done in a timely manner.

The effortless physical changes, where do begin? Since living in Nature my skin has nice color and looks very healthy. It’s soft, I don’t itch like I did in the rental and my face is clearer. My hair is much healthier which is an great feat for me. Up until about 3 years ago, I had no idea what my natural hair color was. I was in the beauty salon visiting Harmony, a kick-ass hair artist, on a regular basis. I’m not even going to mention the chemical concoctions I’ve put on my hair myself. After I stopped all that nonsense and decided to let it just grow, my natural curl came back, it’s naturally soft without using the expensive products I once used or a lot of any product. Now that I have my natural color back, I’m pretty sure I paid good money to have my hair dyed this color. Both my hair and nails grow super fast now, it must be all the microgreens!

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Pexels.com

Living here has made it easier to defeat some of my demons and forgive people I’ve struggled to forgive. Basically, I’m growing past shit. I’m not distracted by all the nonsense in the world so I’m able to sit and really contemplate forgiveness. This is done for me, not for the ones being forgiven. They will not be invited back into my life in any way, shape or form. I will forgive, I won’t forget. Letting go of the energy of those grudges and pains feels really good. I have a ways to go but it’s coming along nicely. As far as my demons, well, the forgiveness has helped. The demons are more of a personal subject I’m not quite ready to discuss here yet. Let’s just say their starving demons and need to go elsewhere for food.

For me personally getting right with Mother Nature and following my intuition feels so right and is working out so well. I know I’m on the right path, I have no doubts or fears. There will be struggles, we will have our aggravations and speed bumps. We will make mistakes. I’m looking forward to every minute of it. We will fail our way to success if need be. Mistakes are nothing more than learning experiences. I’m looking forward to every one of them! I’m being Guided and the more I shut my mouth and quiet and open my mind, the more guidance I receive. She’s always speaking, we’re not always listening.

I’d love to hear about your Nature experiences, off grid or not!

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