In The Beginning There Was Little ‘Ol Me and Mother Gaia

Building an off grid herb farm and homestead from raw land is one massive, beautiful, frustrating and humbling learning experience. I’m very much enjoying the failures as much as the successes. Each brings about feelings of confidence, determination and the willingness to learn and change my thinking. The personal growth I’ve experienced on this beautifulContinue reading “In The Beginning There Was Little ‘Ol Me and Mother Gaia”

Racism – I Have No Time For That Shit

We are all powerful creators, we create our own reality. That’s why the idea of anything being the “one true” or “truth for all” isn’t at all a scientifically or spiritually sound premise. There can certainly be the one true for you or for a group. That’s a choice we all have. To say thereContinue reading “Racism – I Have No Time For That Shit”

Tent Livin’ Off Grid In November

We officially moved onto our new off grid land this past September (2021) and it has been one big, beautiful, learning experience. Our latest challenge is the issue of shipping containers, our winter tent just arrived, we’ve been in a summer tent so far. The wood burning stove will be here the first week ofContinue reading “Tent Livin’ Off Grid In November”

No Electric? No Problem!! Off Grid Livin’

I can’t explain it, the thought of living with no electricity off grid has never scared me. Not even a little bit. I’m well aware of the concerns, mindset and new habits required. I’m not ignorant in any sense of the word. I believe my lack of concern comes from the fact that I’m followingContinue reading “No Electric? No Problem!! Off Grid Livin’”

Our First 15 Amazing Days Off Grid

We finally moved onto our forever off grid home, it’s been an adventure already! We’re in the middle of a forest, untouched by man, all natural and beautiful. It’s the perfect place for this nature witch. We’re currently camping out in a tent until we get our winter home up which will be temporary. We’reContinue reading “Our First 15 Amazing Days Off Grid”

Learning Our Local Businesses

We’re always looking for ways to lower our dependency on corporations, support our local small businesses and economy as well as finding local products that are produced in more sustainable ways. We’ve really enjoyed exploring the local businesses in our area, I would like to share 2 of them with you. The first is EnglewoodContinue reading “Learning Our Local Businesses”

I Have No Time For Petty Arguments

I have a very strong belief in freedom and I live that belief to the fullest. When I talk about freedom, I’m not referring to what politics tells you is freedom. We all know not to externalize our power to such an evil, weak and destructive man made entity, right? The people who see politicsContinue reading “I Have No Time For Petty Arguments”

Feeling Gaia in Every Part of My Being

There is something sacred about land that is untouched by man. While creating a clearing for our homestead, I can’t help but feeling a strong guidance, connection and deep love from Mother Gaia. The natural scents, breeze, sights, sounds, it’s all soothing and abundant. It is her guidance that brought us to this land, thisContinue reading “Feeling Gaia in Every Part of My Being”

Love of Lotus Apothecary is Moving

Mother Gaia has guided us to where we need to be to serve her and our fellow Gods and Goddesses that inhabit this planet. She put us exactly where we need to be to help heal her. When we asked for her to put us where she needs us, part of me expected to getContinue reading “Love of Lotus Apothecary is Moving”

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