My Amazing Fruit Moon Experience

In the Cherokee Tradition, the August Full Moon is named the Fruit Moon as it signifies a time of wild harvesting the fruits of trees, bushes and vines. The berries, grapes and watermelon are ripe, sweet and ready for enjoyment, processing and storage. The Paint Clans begin to gather herbs for medicine and the Wild Potato Clans are harvesting along water ways. It’s a time of abundance and gratitude, processing, storage and sharing the bounty. Personally, since the previous New Moon, I’ve felt renewed, energetic, more alive and physically healthy. Energetically, the Fruit moon called to me and I felt her energy like I’ve never felt before.

Let me start the afternoon before the night of the full moon. I was working at my desk when I got the urge to hold on to my moonstone tower. I looked over at the wonderful moonstone and felt her calling me. I picked her up, held her in my hand and felt the energy of the full moon rush through my hand then quickly through my body. I then held her up towards the moon above my crown chakra and felt even more powerful full moon energy rush through and around my body as though I was being cleansed and renewed. I’ve felt nothing like this before, it was so amazingly loving. I stayed in the space for a while, feeling vibrations and tingles as the energy took over my body.

a collections of dried leaves and flowers hanging on ropes
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I put the moonstone tower in my bra for the rest of the day. I’ve been blessed with boobs, might as well make the best of them! I felt the moonstone’s calming and powerful energy right near my heart chakra, it helped me to stay in a good space as I went thought my day getting things done. I would forget it’s there then feel her remind me through her vibration. She kept me calm and connected to the Full Moon all day.

I’m no stranger to working with the full moon or moonstones. When I do my workings, their usually planned for a few days or longer, thought through, have a clear intention, tools cleansed, time set aside, I’ve eaten a clean diet, all the things we do as we prepare for a working. I meditate into my power, cast a circle, etc. None of that happen this time. I’ve never felt so called to work with energy before, the energy’s call was so strong, it was a strong calling my soul couldn’t ignore. Regardless of my lack of preparation, it was effortless and just flowed. As magickal people, we’re working with Universal energies and often calling things to us from beyond the veil. It was almost as if the energy did it’s working and invoked me into it’s space. Could this be a guide or ancestor calling me? Was the intense energy an upgrade, message or there to assist my body with the physical changes that come with an awakening? Could this have been from my Cherokee heritage? Our land was once Cherokee land before my people were removed from Tennessee. I feel their energy, it’s still here. I have a very old White Oak that Knows, I have deep respect for this tree.

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Ever since the Full moon, I’ve felt more focused on what I’m on this planet to do, Love of Lotus Apothecary and Farm, my loved ones and personal inner work. This full moon knew what I needed to experience to go to the next level. Growth never comes from a comfort zone or from closed minds. Being open to what the Universe sends me has served me well. It’s been challenging, frustrating, discouraging, angering and beautifully strengthening. It’s grown me in ways I’ve been told never existed. Most of all, I’m, grateful for it all!

What A Woman Is…From A Woman’s Perspective

What is a woman?

I agree this is a complex question as women are beautifully complex creatures. We can’t be described in a word or political label. When people simply can’t answer that question or are trying to wipe out or change a definition or are offended by it, it’s time for us women, us REAL women who know who the fuck we are to stand up and show the rest exactly what a woman is. We are the most powerful creatures on this planet…in many ways. I’m going to answer this question from my perspective as a bad ass woman. Keep in mind we are all wonderfully unique. Definitions will change from one woman to another. Maybe that’s why the puppets on the Main Stream “News” can’t define what a woman is. There’s a lot of woman voters, the ones with puppet strings better be careful who they so ignorantly try to erase. Feminine energy is coming back and we’re coming into our power…and that scares the shit our of their cowardly asses. There isn’t a force on this plant that can stop it although their trying like hell.

I am a woman, my creator made no mistakes, not with me or anyone else. To deny what I know is true about myself requires a death as I can never fit the lack of definition found today. As a woman, I am NOT a feminist, feminism today is such a turn off. I am not weak, I am not a birthing person, that’s only one of my superpowers. I’ve been victimized, remaining a victim is a choice. I was molested from age 2 to 16 and raped by someone I knew in 2013. I’m not a fucking victim of men. I was victimized by 2…out of the billions of men on this planet, 2 did this to me. I find it mindless to define all men by the actions of a few others. First off, neither one of these cowards got away with it, a woman knows how to use her power. Second, there is no way in hell these two wimps get to decide how I feel about others, feel about myself or how I live my life. They are not men so they don’t get a say in how I feel about men, REAL men (That’s a discussion for another post) I turned their evil into the shit that fertilized my growth. They both now fear me. That’s one of my superpowers.

The experiences I had with the 2 losers mentioned above were traumatizing, I didn’t just walk away from it. I had to take responsibility for myself, gather my resources and do whatever I needed to do to not only get past their evil deeds but to use them as the shit that fertilized my growth. There’s nothing I can’t grow from. I will NOT allow a damn thing to haunt me forever or keep me in a state I don’t want to live in. If I’m going to have to spend my time doing something, I’m going to do it well and it’s going to be worth it. I didn’t want to only heal, I wanted to grow from this. Neither one of those cowards are stupid enough to cross my path today. Not only did I turn them into fertilizer, I’m able to use my experiences with them as a way to inspire others and help them find their inner warrior. I’m on this planet to heal not only myself but others as well. That’s just another one of my superpowers.

We all have masculine and feminine in us, testosterone and estrogen, the God and Goddess. That’s because the 2 energies are not enemies. To call one toxic or to deny one is to call parts of ourselves toxic or to deny parts of ourselves. To dishonor the other dishonors ourselves. I am the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, how can I not honor that in myself and in others? What a privilege it is to be! How can I not love and honor the Divine Masculine? Energetically and magically, I see masculine and feminine. As a Nature Witch I see masculine and feminine all around me, I feel the energies, I call upon the energies in my workings and use them when creating Apothecary products and other workings. The divine masculine compliments me, there is no enemy or toxic masculinity. To call it toxic is in itself toxic. Both energies are needed, that’s why we’re blessed with both. Balance. Knowing what the Divine masculine is and living peacefully with both energies is another one of my superpowers.


As a Women I give, live and grow life, nurture, feed, heal others and balance energies in my home and surroundings. I’m the Divine Feminine half of my relationship, a nurturing and loving support of the Diving Masculine, existing in symbiotic harmony. We are not enemies, we’re one. Anything we do to each other we do to ourselves, that’s true in life in general. For me, the question isn’t what is a woman. It’s what kind of woman do I wan to be? How can I love and support others in there womanly journey? What can I learn from other embodiments of the divine feminine? How can we come together and heal and love others and ourselves? For the Divine Masculine, the question isn’t what is a man, it’s what kind of man do you want to be. However we answer that question really doesn’t matter, it’s the actions we take to nurture those energies that mater. We all chose how to express our divinity or to not express it at all.

What a woman is can not be defined through politics, they fear the Divine Feminine. That’s what all their nonsense is about. I DO mean nonsense as I cooperate with none of it. It’s the Great Awakening that the Covid Scamdemic and the fear mongering shit on the news is supposed to distract us from. It’s what has the demon himself, Bill Gates and his evil little idiots are all worked up about. The thing is, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are too big, too strong and have the Universe on their side. This was written many, many years ago in multiple ancient texts. That’s why most religions, politics and other powerless entities that rely on fear for followers have done their best to wipe out the divine feminine. Mary Magdalene was NOT a prostitute, she was the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Her book, The Gospel of Mary, is a beautiful read (please read it) that has been banned from the Bible, it messes up the story we’re supposed to believe. Lilith is another one whose Divinity has been uglied up with false stories. I really don’t need to get started on how there have been efforts to wipe out the Divine Feminine in many aspects of our society, and way far back in history. That’s a lengthy blog post for another time.

A woman is such a complex, beautiful, powerful, healing and nurturing energy. Our womb is a portal in which we all come to earth. We give life, love, healing and the occasional ass whooping when the need arises. We are magickal, powerful, and can do things the good ‘ol American indoctrination wants to believe are not possible. We are not under man and he is not under us. We are not made from a man’s rib, men don’t give birth. We are complimentary in our ways and energies. Natural life needs man to create life as well, that’s only one way we compliment each other.

I didn’t even scratch the surface of what a woman is. I find it ridiculous that it’s even be questioned and have no respect for those who are trying to wipe out what they fear. Like other political nonsense, I ignore it and do what the fuck I was going to do anyway. The woman is here to stay, politics irrelevant. It’s not possible to offend anyone without their permission and their chosen belief in conformity. I’m not living my life for the purpose of offending, I do what I do and live what I live because it’s natural for me, it’s who I am and it’s what I’m on the planet to do as the Embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Approval not necessary.

I’d love to hear how your embrace your Divine Feminine and Divine masculine. I believe I can ask 100 men and women that question and get 100 different beautiful, powerful responses.


Living True to My Beliefs

This past Saturday I did my first of many Saturdays at the Sweetwater Market. It was interesting to say the least. The other vendors were great people, the weather was beautiful and there was a Pride event in the park next door. There was even a church group aggressively protesting the Pride event. While setting up the energies were peaceful morning energies, it was nice. As time passed and more and more protesters showed up, the energies got messy and, after a while, uncomfortable.

The thing I noticed is what a tool of separation and mind control religion and labels can be. I just felt the hate the protesters had for their earthly brothers and sisters as I walked past them. I tried to put myself in their shoes but I can’t put my mind there. How can anyone choose to hate an entire group of people over a belief system? How can something that separates and controls people come from a place of love? How the hell am I supposed to take any of this seriously? I come from love and light, not sin. I do not fear my Gods and Goddesses. I do not have the ability to hate others for being different than me or than I’m told to be. Freedom is freedom for all, not freedom to live in someone else’s box, according to their version of an ancient text, that’s mind control and slavery. Nothing of value needs to recruit and separate people. Attempting to do so is a HUGE red flag.

The leader of the protestors, I’m not sure of he’s the pastor or not, came over by my booth. He was polite as he noticed the beautiful pentagram charm on my necklace and glanced over my products. I stood there, smiling as he composed himself. He then asked me if I go to church. When I’m asked that question I just feel the judgement spewing all over me. I told him the forest is my church and I go often. I find judging someone by their choice to go to church or not is ridiculous. Not everyone needs or wants that. I get absolutely no benefit from it. That’s me. Others may really feel they benefit from it greatly for whatever reasons (really not important why) and want to go to every church event possible. Neither is wrong. People deserve the space and peace to explore and figure out what is right for them without harassment for not subscribing to someone else’s “one true”. It’s no one’s business how I practice or what I believe; what really matters is that I live true to my beliefs, intuition and my authentic self. It doesn’t matter what that looks like to others or if it fits their chosen belief system.

I understand and respect that their religion is based on their interpretation of the King James version of the Bible. Not a damn thing wrong with that! Hey, if you want to be a Christian and base your life on any version of the Bible as you understand it, I got all the love and support for you. Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with being an Eclectic Nature Witch and Empath either. It’s more important that I live true to my beliefs than it is to recruit others into them or argue with anyone about them. I refuse to argue, I’m too busy living true to what I believe. What would I be arguing for anyway? Just like standing on a street corner screaming at people different than you isn’t going to change a darn person, neither is arguing. It’s really not important that others approve of me, permission is never needed to do as they will. I’d rather be a light for those who are in the darkness or judgement

The closed mindedness and refusal to accept anyone different than them really made the protesters seem like programmed robots. They were holding signs and screaming, wanting to be heard but refusing to hear anyone else, even those who simply tried to talk to them from a place of love and understanding. They just kept screaming. We should always try to understand those different than us and learn to respect the differences. There’s power in diversity, there’s weakness in sameness. When asked when their God outsourced the job to judgement to them they just kept screaming about going to hell and repenting. They want everyone to be like them and really don’t care if you’re happy about it or not. I personally stay away from belief systems that recruit and claim to be the one true. That claim is so disrespectful to all other humans on this planet. We’re not all sinners, I do NOT come from a place of sin but they kept throwing that word around. Calling me names does not make me want to do as they do, it completely turns me off.

As I observed the non-protesters, I saw a lot of annoying looks, people taking different routs to try to avoid the screamers and the protesters quickly get out numbered. The energies coming off these people were dark, hateful, full of fear and shame and just ugly. Not something you want to be throwing around in the name of any loving God or Goddess. They were unwelcoming and very judgmental as if their God just couldn’t do all the judging himself and outsourced it to this entire group with special permission to verbally abuse and slander and entire group of other people not one of them took the time to get to know. Buddhism has taught me to seek understanding first, even with my so-called enemies. The protester’s actions and words made it very clear they have no interest in understanding anyone. Their version of the Bible is the right one, their version of Christianity is the one true and everyone who isn’t like them is going to hell. It was nauseating how much hate this group spewed all over the place. The blessing of a beautiful day should not be polluted by so much hate.

The protesters hurt the vendors as people that would have normally walked to the Sweetwater Market decided not to due to the protesters. I can’t blame them, no wants to spend their morning getting screamed at for simply walking down the street. They way they were treating the Pride people was downright disgusting and cruel. I don’t blame people for avoiding them. They pain these people cause…the hurt feelings, the isolation, the threat of hell and being called a sinner, the refusal of the people abusing others instead of seeking understanding, the harassment simply for going to an event they choose to hate. Love and hate do NOT exist in the same space, no do love and fear.

All Gods and Goddesses matter! While explaining to the leader of the protesters, he approached my booth, I explained to him that all Gods and Goddesses matter. This was while referring to my medicines as “God’s Medicine”. The Christian God is just as important as Mother Gaia, Mother Moon or Father Sun and any other diety. Their all just as important as other Gods. My Gods may not be important to others however, their all worthy of our respect. People are not all the same, that’s the struggle the protesters were having. It’s a blessing to have many Gods and Goddesses, many belief systems and the ability to create our belief systems. We can study, learn, experiment and find what works for us. It’s not important to have a God or Goddess or work with Deity. Their only one form of energy. We’re not “under” any God or Goddess, we ARE Gods and Goddesses that forgot who we are. We need to learn and honor each other, lift each other up and accept people for who they are. ALL LIVES MATTER. After we packed up, the hubs and I walked over to the Pride event to show our support, spread some love to combat all the hate the protesters threw at them and work a little protection magick. As we walked past the screaming protesters, I felt the dark, hateful, ugly energy coming off them. It was gross, sticky and heavy. Once we entered the Pride event, the energy changed. It was higher in vibration, peaceful, happy, the color yellow comes to mind. People were friendly, welcoming and not one person cared we were straight. They were welcoming to everyone. As we walked around I spread love and positive energies and worked a little protection magick to help keep the negative energies out of their beautiful event.

While were there we hunted down some staff to offer our support in other ways. We came across a very sweet young man that filled us in. Their happy to have my booth and I don’t have to be careful what I bring as I was told to “bring it all!” That’s what I call love and acceptance! I was told that Sweetwater Pride is only 2 years old and they are having other events to help the cause grow. We offered to be a vendor in their events and music as we’re both musicians. With how well we were treated, the way we saw others being treated and the beautiful energies created by the people at the event, how could we not support such love? Getting past the political labels, the tools of separation ad the evil energies will bring anyone to a beautiful place with beautiful people. I leaned a long time ago to never believe what I hear bout others because most of time its’ not true. I’ve had enough lies told about me and acted on as if they were true. I refuse to do that to anyone.

Just because I support a group of my brothers and sisters doesn’t mean I agree with all they do or say. Not everyone in that group even believes the same. The hate comes from the puppets in the Main Stream Media and on Social Media tell us to hate, it’s a tool of separation and control. Personally I choose not to listen to that shit and get to know people myself. Main Stream Media has not been worthy of my time and I don’t use main stream social media, my belief in freedom and truth keeps me away from those things. Some in the LGBT community believe in more than 2 genders. I do not. That doesn’t give me the right to abuse them or cram my belief in 2 genders down their throat with all my various evidence. They have a right to believe in how many genders they want. It has nothing to do with me! I’m not supporting any political movement as politics is for sheep, not for those who know their power. I’m supporting my fellow humans and their freedom to be who they are without abuse, the only rule being to harm none.

All Lives Matter, All Gods and Goddesses Matter.

With love,

Rainie Dae

The Things You Notice After Going Off Grid…

The desire to improve my physical, spiritual and psychological health as well as becoming self sufficient were all reasons to go off grid. I had no idea what an amazing effect it would have on my well being. Mother Gaia is certainly intelligent in her design. Everything is connected and that includes our healing. I’m growing and healing in ways I never really knew I needed. I feel myself getting back into natural balance and coming in tune with the natural cycles we’ve all been so disconnected from. Getting back to who I am and not who I’m told to be or expected to be.

It’s so much easier to get grounded and stay grounded living in the heart of nature. I feel the energies of the earth all around me from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. I feel the nature spirits all around me, the dancing energies of the sun, the calming energies of the moon, Mother Gaia is everywhere. I feel the different spirits when I walk this beautiful land and I know they feel me. I feel the earth’s cool, calming energies surround me. I’m able to draw the energies up from the earth and play with it…collect it into a ball, pull it all into me, push it all out then in again. I fell my fingers tingle and a slight chill through my body. I feel myself ascending and entering into the 5D. When I’m ready to ground, all I do is plant my feet on the beautiful earth and just feel her surround me. She is everywhere.

I no longer get headaches…not at all. Living off grid symbiotically with Mother Gaia gets me away from many environmental chemicals. It gets me breathing clean, fresh air and drinking chemical-free rainwater. I east freshly harvested, organically grown produce. I use only clean products or products I made myself such as cleaning products, laundry soap, makeup, bath soap, toothpaste, etc. Recently we stayed in a hotel for 3 nights while traveling. The hotel was what I call “corporate clean”. It was cleaned with all sorts of chemicals and I could tell. When you don’t live in the toxins, you become more aware of them and damage a they do to living beings. It was a very unnatural feeling. Everything was chemically…the sheets, floors, water, towels, common areas, everywhere was chemically. The headache was the worse in the morning as I was sleeping on chemical-filled sheets. I got a headache after about 30 minutes in this building from all the chemicals. I’m noticing myself feeling them everywhere…stores, bank, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Chemicals everywhere! My headache stayed until I left the building. It took 30 minutes to an hour to go away without any effort on my part. It stayed away until I entered another chemical filled building.

This makes me wonder…how many people are taking medicines for headaches, allergies, etc that are from environmental chemicals? How many of us are spending our hard-earned money on even more chemicals to counteract the effects of environmental chemicals? How many are walking around with dis ease that could have been prevented if we weren’t lied to and told the chemicals are harmless despite the science. How much money is made off the ill? I’m not talking Fauci/Gates science, the stuff taught to us and our kids in schools. That’s indoctrination, not science. I’m talking about the real stuff. The hidden stuff. The stuff many people have been murdered for sharing. The shit the government doesn’t want us to know because we are their biggest fear. This also makes me grateful for our little off grid farm. Living in nature has kept me from sharing in the ills of the modern on-grid matrix. I wonder how many times in my life I put pharmaceutical man-made medicines in my body for issues that were caused by my chosen environment. I’m willing to bet I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count! Thank the Goddess and God I woke up!

I’m noticing in my showers!! When I use rain water, I feel cleaner energetically as well as physically. I use less soap because soap bubbles up and cleans much better in pure rain water than it does in city chemical cocktails we’re told is water. The energies of pure water are much more healing than the toxic water man “treats”. I always thought I had dry skin. I did, however, it wasn’t natural for me like I thought. My dry skin was from all the chemicals in the water and the cleaning products I was using. Now I’m using rain water and chemical-free products. For the first time ever in my life, I have no need to use lotion after bathing most of the time. I no longer itch, feel uncomfortable in my skin or get little bumps big pharma has many creams and toxic pills for. I was told by many professional in the medical system I would always have this skin problem. Too bad it’s illegal to teach them truth are cures. Most doctors are good people who want to help their fellow humans. They deserve the knowledge to truly do so. Incurable is a medical term, not a scientific one. My skin doesn’t feel or look dry. It’s quite healthy :)Many murders have been done to keep us ignorant and dependent. The truth is never taught willingly bu those who are trying so hard to convince us of their lies.

The energies of a chemical-free environment are much different, this is something I didn’t even think of until I experienced it. The mind, body and soul are calm and become one relaxed energy. Messages are easier to receive from Spirit and divination is easier and powerful. I always liked the energies of a clean, organized house. When I clean my current home, the energies are much more improved. I get that clean-energy feeling but it feels more natural, cleaner, healthier. When man made chemicals are introduced, the energies get chaotic, my mind gets chaotic. The energies of just about anything man made to replace what the God and Goddess has given us are ugly, sticky, dark and simply in my way. They many give the physical impression that their doing some good, their great liars. This is a hard one to explain for me but I love it!!!

I know we haven’t removed chemical completely from our lives however, we did remove a lot, enough to truly experience a huge difference in the mind, body and soul. This is certainly an am amazing journey. It’s hard to wrap my mind around all the dangerous chemicals we’re exposed to on grid and think it’s just normal. I considered myself healthy until I moved off the grid. I’m healthier than I’ve been my whole life and had no idea this was what true health felt like. This level of health is something I didn’t know could exist when I was living on grid. I see whey they fear us and our awakening!

When researching and discussing the topic of removing chemicals from our lives, it can seem overwhelming, chemicals are everywhere, in everything. The easiest thing for me to do is take it one step at a time, one change at at time. I started where I was with what I have. Some steps required habit changes, others came easily. The biggest changes came from buying organic or making products myself. Making them is much easier on the budget.

There have been so many health changes. My skin isn’t dry, my hair is thicker, my natural curl came back, I no longer get headaches or stomachaches, My cognitive abilities are sharper. My energy level is amazing which is needed for off grid living. Age spots have disappeared and I have no more cellulite on the back of my legs. I get no more brain fog. I haven’t had an anxiety attack since moving on grid. I feel my body getting stronger as well as my mind and abilities. The abilities!!! That is a subject for another blog post!

Removing myself from what doesn’t serve me serves me more than I could have ever imagined. It could be chemicals, people, places, thoughts, energies, whatever, if it doesn’t serve me and is there for my highest good, it needs to go.

Personal responsibility fixes everything!

The Greatest Gift My Mother Has Ever Blessed Me With

There is one gift that my mother has given me that has served me my entire this life and still does so today. It’s a gift I passed on to my own children. I’m not even sure my mother knows what a positively profound gift she was giving me, although I know the freedom to think for myself and make my own choices was at the heart of it. While other girls were being taught to be good, well behaved little ladies, I had a handful of brothers and a strong ass mother with true southern values. She did not correct my perceived attitude problem or out-of-the-box quirkiness, she just made sure I was respectful.

The gift I’m talking about here is the freedom to explore other belief systems and have the space to talk about them. She allowed me to go to churches and other places with friends and neighbors of different belief systems. She allowed me to express the different aspects of me and taught me how equally important they all are and that they all equally deserve respect. Not one is better or worse than the other. She would answer my questions the best she could but never attempted to create fear, prejudice or any negative feelings towards others for being different. So much of this is missing today in the 3D. What my mother was doing was supporting true freedom. If she were to tell me there is only one way to be or believe she would have strongly instilled a belief of conformity in me. I’m grateful for her unique wisdom as I see conformity as the death of authenticity which is the death of diversity and strength.

Another thing she did was to make sure we knew every human on this plant is just that…a human, just as important as we are. We are all here for different reasons. Expecting others to squeeze into some box takes away the beautiful strength and experiences diversity brings. I was different as a kid, much like I am as an adult. I didn’t know it then, I know my mother knew somewhere deep inside, my differences are my strength. There is strength in diversity, weakness is in any group or society who require conformity and sameness. There’s reasons political puppets work hard to get everyone thinking and being the same. They can’t have the illusion of power over a diverse society that thinks for themselves and refuses to separate over differences.

The most beneficial effect this has had on me is to nurture my innate curiosity and allow me to find my way. I would never be who and what I am today without the freedom to do so as a child. I never felt the guilt or fear most religions require and never felt guilty for exploring the occult, which means hidden. I would have never discovered my powers and abilities or had the ability to use magick for the good of myself and others and to help heal the medically incurable. My mind would have been clouded, like it has been in other areas, by the chatter of the useless indoctrination that likes to keep us humans in a box.

My mother taught me to be me, to be strong and to not fear what I don’t know. She allowed me to experience different cultures and belief systems and taught me the value of all human life, we ALL matter. My mother taught me to be myself, no matter what is going on in the puppet world of politics, what society is saying or what anyone says. I was taught to have no regard for these mindless things and just do me. The only voice that matters is mine as I’m trustworthy enough to make my own decisions and be and believe as I am.

My mother is not a Witch and my family religion is Southern Baptist. She didn’t have to be and her chosen religion is unimportant to allow me to grow into the Eclectic Nature Witch I am today. She never taught me to be like her but to explore and experience. I was not taught to fear what I don’t know or any of the Gods. I was never given a guilt trip for being different and doing my own thing. Those are rare gifts I will always treasure.

This is the greatest gift my mother has ever given me and for that, I will always honor her.

Thank you, Mom.

Getting to Know Myself, NOT Identifying and Begging For Inclusion

I find the whole concept of adopting a man made label, allowing it to shrink my identity to the core of who I am to fit it just empty, mindless and disgusting. There is no growth, no newness, no uniqueness. Labels destroy the things that make the human race strong…diversity, adaptation and growth. The whole concept of seeing myself as a victim then begging for inclusion and protection from the people who invented and feed off this nonsense is ridiculous. Humans are not that small. We are all more than any political or man made group can comprehend. Man made and political labels keep us small, no one is on this planet to play small, shrink into labels or be a powerless victim.This is how they divide and control us. Man made labels suck that good ass prana right out of you. I choose better. So many people are these days and I love it!

I’m a spiritual being having a human experience on this planet as part of the awakening. I’m sovereign and live by my natural rights, not the man made liberties the powerless ones need us to accept. I’ll keep my natural rights, thank you. This means I don’t need the powerlessness of the government to include my special label. Of course it will keep me small to let one part of my identity overshadow the other parts, it puts us out of balance. That’s the purpose of tools of separation. I choose to NOT allow my identity to be a tool. The government is too small to comprehend the vastness of us humans. We are the power, we govern ourselves. They have nothing worth adopting and begging for, not a thing.

I identify as me. I’m a spiritual being having a human experience. I’m growing into my power and abilities and discovering new things about myself all the time. There is no word for who I authentically am and the same is true for you. If I were stuck on one label, my growth will stop and I’ll focus on the victimhood of the label. I’ve been victimized, there isn’t a force on this planet that will make me identify as a victim that needs inclusion and protection. I’ve allowed those experiences make stronger and wiser than the ones who victimized me. I turned them into the shit that fertilized my growth. My vibe attracts my tribe, no government forced inclusion necessary. I belong in places right for me which may not be places right for others. My belief in freedom does not allow me to hate others different than I, that would be conformity and hateful. The powerless ones love that, it’s delicious food for them. You have to have hate in you to hate others just for being different. There’s enough of that on this planet. It’s destructive and mindless. When I look around in the world I choose to live in, I see very few people lowering themselves to that nonsense. It’s a beautiful thing!

My identity changes and grows as I learn, grow and go deep within me to get to know myself on a deeper level. I don’t hold on to any part of me, that will only strangle and kill it. There isn’t a force in this universe that can tell me who I am. I’m discovering myself every day. Once I put a label on myself I stop my growth and externalize my power to man made governments and ideals. Man made anything can’t handle the concept of a human who knows their power and the forces in the Universe. That’s why religions and politics use the ever so obvious tools of control such as fear, trying to make us feel small and powerless and using our differences to separate us. There’s strength in diversity and they know that. Diversity among all us humans and diversity within ourselves.

My sexuality is NOT a political issue and politics is powerless to make it one. It’s also not my identity, it’s simply a part of who I am. It does not make me less or more than the next person and I love no rights over it. You don’t lose natural rights. Liberties come from man and we all the choice to exchange our natural rights for man made liberties. I choose not to. I don’t need anyone’s approval nor do I need to mention any other gender or sexual orientation or any other man made label in my conversations. My conversations are what I choose them to be, period. I also do no need to be “represented” or “included” in anyone else’s conversations, public or private. I don’t identify as a woman, I AM a bad ass woman. My creator does NOT make mistakes. I am NOT a birthing person. Giving birth, giving life, being the portal in which life enters this planet, is just one of my many talents. My body is able to birth another perfect human human…boy or girl as none of us are made as mistakes. As the embodiment of the Divine Feminine, I not only give birth, I bring life in other ways. I nurture my garden which feeds my family and community. The life I nurture plants into brings life to living beings which brings life to this planet. I make powerful medicines to help others get back to the diving beings they are. I have the magick of Gaia and the Universe pulsing though my veins and learned how to use my abilities. This is exactly what all the labels are to keep us from discovering…our own power.

Who I have sex with has nothing to do with my identity and is personal. Am I straight? Gay? Bi? What sexual orientation do I identify with? NONE! I’m what my creator made me to be and I don’t have to answer to a being in this Universe for that. It doesn’t matter to anyone but me and the person or people I choose to be sexual with. Period. I don’t owe anyone an answer to any questions that I deem personal. I don’t need to protection or inclusion, I need to live true to who I am by my own beliefs and ignore those who don’t like it. I don’t do haters, I simply have no time or energy for them. I put them on ignore quick and never think of them again. Really, with all the changes going on in this world, who has time to argue with anyone? None of us owes a hater our time or words. My ability to ignore is strong, it often upsets those who want me to give my attention to their nonsense!

As far as my political views on identity, I see politics as a tool of control needed by those who need a master or a leader.

Another tool of separation I simply don’t bless with my time and energy is politics in general. I’ve seen what politics does to a country my whole life. I’ve taken a lot of abuse for saying things 10 or 15 years ago that people are upset about being true today. Some of these same people now want to be close to me and talk to me about the subjects. I, with love and respect, gently let them know that they have shown me who they are and they way their OK with they way they and others treated me just for saying something they don’t agree with. I don’t need that toxic energy around me. This is not my tribe. I am happy the truth is being realized by more and more people and carry no hate for them.

What I choose to say will be said. I will say what I mean and mean what I say. I do NOT bless any platform with my presence that does not support freedom. Facebook isn’t a part of my world, neither is Twitter, Instagram or any other social media that thinks their going to stop me fro saying anything. “Fact Checkers” are nothing but an insult to anyone with a brain cell. I do my own thinking and research, thank you. I speak with love and respect, I will NOT disrespect myself or others by being politically correct, that’s the language of sheep not of the free.I do not speak that language. Any platform that tries to tell me what is misinformation and supports the evil in this world is beneath me. Hell, their beneath the dog shit I stepped in the other day. Powerless, weak and not able to get my cooperation. I’m noticing lots of people are not giving them their cooperation. Fucking beautiful!

I can not find enough evil and ignorance inside me to hate labels. I just see them as useless tools of separation and control that cause a lot of pain. I’m not a democrat or republican, I’m certainly not a liberal or feminist. I don’t allow political labels to have control over my being…sticks and stones my friends. If someone identifies as gender number 82, begs the government for inclusion and hates those with different political views, I’ll support your right to be that way. It sounds like a miserable existence to me but others may enjoy walking that path. That’s not someone in my tribe which is OK. That doesn’t mean I hate them for being different, not at all. I may even understand their views but not agree with them.

What matters is that my words and actions match. I live my life according to my beliefs, what is true and right for me, in honor of myself and my ancestors. Freedom is important to me so I live it every day and let other live theirs. My physical health is important to me so I eat from Mother Gaia’s table and eat very little processed food and nothing from any company Bill Gates has an interest in. My mental health in important to me so I make sure I’m feeding myself high quality mental food, not the shit brain food such as any form of main stream media. Loving my community matters…both local and worldly. That means allowing others live their way as I live mine. I’m here to provide food and medicine for my community, not judge them or shrink them into political labels. I’d rather lift them up and support them for who they are.

Politics has no power over me or my life. Their an old belief system crumbling away to make way to the new, the better. They are doing all they can to hold on to the illusion of power that so many are seeing through now. They know we are the power. They can’t mess with everyone’s identity, too many of us know who we are. More and more people who fell for the identity mental abuse are waking up and discovering who they are and coming into their won power. This is a beautiful time to be alive on the planet as we’re watching the split between 3D an 5D on the same planet. As much as humanity has been abused by the powerless ones, they are coming into their power and identifying as the powerful beings they are. Once you know your true identity, politics becomes nothing but an unpopular puppet show.

In a free world, the one in which I live, each and every being is free to grow into their authentic selves without the powerless little fly of politics buzzing around. Sexuality is a personal thing, not something we make as our identity while shrinking the rest of us. Political views are just that…their not an identity. Everyone is entitled to their opinion without having to argue about it or be attacked. No one answers to politics or their followers. NO ONE.

When I see people, I’m not looking at political labels or judging. A gentleman with a “Trump” hat tells me nothing about him. He likes Trump, OK. That’s part of who he is and he has the freedom to be. Not my business, not my journey. He’s free to be and do what he chooses and deserves no abuse over it. What I see is another soul on a journey. The young man with green hair and make up done better than I do it. How does he do it so well? He’s just another soul on a mission with a makeup talent I wish I had. Not my thing, not my business, not for me. Just another soul on a journey. The pagan that opens up to me about her practice and we become friends, another soul I happen to have something in common with. The lady that visits my market stand and wants to tell me all about her gardening adventures…another soul on a journey. Their not all like us, that’s what is needed for balance in this universe. Our job is to live and let live.

Please, focus on your greatness, not on living up to some stupid label. Those days are gone and the world has changed. We need real, authentic people, power is in our authenticity and diversity. It will never come to light in the box of a man made label. We are what they fear, let them have their useless labels.

You are NOT a label!

Enjoy your journey, let others walk theirs in peace and freedom their own way and don’t shrink yourself into mindless political labels, you’re so much more than that, we all are!!

What are ways you don’t shrink yourself of others into political labels? How is your journey unique? There are no judgements here as we are all souls on a journey!

Things to Consider When Moving Into a New Community

While chatting with locals at the Ten Mile Market, I overheard a conversation that echoed what I’ve been hearing, all the new people moving in is changing this charming little town. It opened my mind to something I haven’t thought of…our impact on the community we’re moving into.

Each community has it’s own vibe, culture and the local’s reasons for living there. With the Off Grid Movement as well as people staying on grid but moving to little country towns, there are changes by default. This gets me thinking…how can we make the impact on Ten Mile and our surrounding communities a positive, symbiotic one? What are the communities needs and desires and how can we fill them? What should we avoid doing, besides the obvious things, that wouldn’t serve our community? How can we serve?

In my opinion the first thing we need to do is get to know our communities. Statistics may help but they really don’t get down to the essence of the people, what they really need or what they really don’t want. Get out and talk to the locals, really listen to them. The ones who aren’t supportive of so many new people coming in have legitimate concerns. Listen to them and be sensitive to what their saying.

One concern here is people who own large pieces of land selling them off in tracts of land, causing all sorts of new people moving. We’re one of those people. The locals here love the small country town feeling, the lack of big, ugly buildings and corporate signs everywhere. Who can blame them? It’s beautiful here! As a newbie I can preserve what the Goddess has blessed us with, respect her and all her creations. We keep our land clean and organized. In the future, we will have camp sites, educational programs and herb walks on our land. We want the community to have clean, Gaia-friendly experience. We never know who we may influence.

Little things make a big difference. Recycling when we can and properly disposing of trash is just the right way to handle waste. Being off grid, we’re very sensitive to our natural resource use. Water, fossil fuel, solar, etc. are finite. We’re not stressing the community’s resources and that feels good. When we do purchase what we need, we purchase it as local as possible from local businesses when possible. We contribute to the local economy and support small local businesses. There are so many every day ways to support our local communities. No one has to do anything big, little things make a huge difference.

We moved here with the intention of feeding and providing plant medicine to our local community. We followed our guidance and this is where it led us. After doing some research and talking to a few people that work in local agriculture, I learned there is a demand for fresh, affordable produce. There are no real grocery stores here, just a small local country store. We can provide plants, seeds, food and medicine as well as handmade farm and cleaning products and we can do it at friendly prices. A lot of people are struggling here, we can help. I’ve already sold cucumber and tomato starts at affordable prices and have other plants growing to offer. When fruit, veggies and herbs are ready for harvest, I’ll be offering them as well as making food and medicine out of them.

Being a good neighbor is a great way to serve the community. I value my relationship with my neighbors. Our back property line ends in a field owned by the county, we do have neighbors on each side of us. We all have different lifestyles. The first neighbors to move in are a beautiful family of 4 off griddin’ in a camper. We have became great friends. They have been there for us quite a few times and I even had the blessing of babysitting their beautiful children. They have the same mindset as us. The people on the other side are really nice people that are not off grid. I had the blessing of spending time with them just chatting. My dogs love them and they brought me some info on a local business I plan to visit. Very thoughtful! Both neighbors are different which is what we need…diversity is strength.

We can all practice the Golden Rule. I’ve really enjoyed talking to the beautiful people in my community, I’ve learned so much about them and myself that just can not be found on the internet. When I put myself in their shoes I can understand their side too. As their watching their quaint little country town transform, those of us who are moving in have a responsibility to be sure what they see their towns turn into is a peaceful, loving, respecting community. We need to do our best to add to these communities. Community is what is going to save this planet.

Are you someone watching a large number of people move into your quiet little town? What are your experiences and suggestions for the newbies? Are you, like us, one of the many moving into a quiet little town? What are your experiences? How do you support your community? I’d love more ideas!!!

Peppermint Rescued Me From Mice, Ants and Mystery Critters

Anyone off grid has pest stories to tell, we move right in with them when we move into nature. Our pest story is all about mice and ants. Ants have been pretty easy to deal with, I removed them from our on grid house in the past. The ants here seem just as easy to deal with. We get what I believe are field mice, or some kind of little mouse. I’m in no way an expert on mice. From what I can tell from my research, the poops and food they have eaten from are telling me mice. I also saw one…cute but eeewww!

First the ants. Their quick to find the stickiest little thing here. Being proactive can keep them from invading our space in the first place. I’m careful to wipe down the kitchen, give it a good evening cleaning and wipe down things like honey food containers. I use fist clean with an antimicrobial cleaner I make then I disinfect with my home made disinfectant. I let it sit for 10 minutes. All disinfectants, made with man’s or Gaia’s ingredients doesn’t matter, needs to site on a surface for 10 minutes to work. We leave no food or crumbs out at all. Ants need a reason to invade. For the most part we do pretty good keeping ants away however, every now and then we get forgetful or don’t notice something that may attract them.

There are many essential oils that deter ants, I choose cheap peppermint oil. You can certainly use more expensive essential oils, the ants dislike them equally. I save my organic, more expensive essential oils for our apothecary products and our personal products. Peppermint isn’t the only options, ants don’t like cinnamon, eucalyptus and many other aromas, many in the Mint Family. Finding one you like is important, the oil will leave a fragrance in you home so make sure it’s one you like.

I did a little experiment…a few times as I have shown others as well. If you put a drop of peppermint oil in an ant’s path, it will turn around and go in the opposite direction. If you put it in the path of many ants, they all will retreat. It’s a great way to deter them without harmful chemicals. I put the oil where they come in as well as where they might go…the counter, around the propane cooker, etc. You can also sprinkle dried peppermint leaves, tea form is great for this. It’s a bit messier but will do the trick. You can also make your own peppermint oil by infusing peppermint into oil. Either dry or fresh peppermint works. You can also warm it up slightly and let it steep. This is not essential oil.

The second pest is the mice in the outdoor kitchen. These guys aren’t as easily deterred as the ants, they take a bit more work. They, much like the ants and other critters, do not like peppermint. Our kitchen is currently a temporary outside kitchen covered in tarps on plastic pallets. It’s not exactly critter proof. We do keep everything in sealed totes to keep both critters and moisture out. Until we get the permanent kitchen built, I’m going to need to put a few minutes of time every evening into pest control.

In the evening, I clean the kitchen really well and make sure all food is put away. I put anything I don’t want critters crawling on into sealed plastic totes. I focus on not leaving anything out that could give mice a reason to visit us. I then sprinkle peppermint tea leaves all over the counters and floor in areas they get in. I use peppermint oil in areas they enter and around anything I don’t want them near such as the entrance to the hot tent.

So far this is working. They key is remembering to put the peppermint out. I’ve forgot a few times but it wasn’t so bad because the kitchen was clean. I did see a few mouse poops, like they were just passing through. I still disinfected everything. I know it’s excessive, I don’t deny that. One of our motivating factors to moving out here is to get healthier. I would rather be a little excessive than to get sick or eat whatever critters leave behind.

So far these methods of deterring ants and mice are working well. From this experience we know to be mindful about how well build our permanent kitchen. These experiences are great learning experiences. Another use for peppermint is in the garden. I’m sure mice are out there, I don’t know what the mystery critters are. I go out to the garden every morning and there’s nibbled on plants and others missing completely. The critters love the garden, I can’t blame them. I love the garden. There’s nothing more delicious and healthy than heirlooms grown in our own back yards. The critters are very impatient, they won’t let a plant grow beyond seedling size. I experimented by putting peppermint tea on all the plants that the critters like to eat. So far it’s working!


Let’s be realistic here…we are growing crops in the middle of the woods where just last year at this time was uninhabited by humans. We moved onto their land. The presence of bugs and critters is to be expected. We’re here to live symbiotically with Mother Nature, not to harm her or her creatures. As long as we can deter a pest we will go that route. I would rather keep a critter or bug away than to kill them, we don’t need that energy here. We do understand that this may not always be the best option. When we are able to use it, we will.

I’d love to hear about your critter story! How do you deter or get rid of them? What are your experiences?

With Love,

Rainie Dae

First Day At The Ten Mile Market

It’s been over a year since we appeared live anywhere. Now that we’re settled in on the homestead, we decided to be part of the Ten Mile Market. Our first day was last Saturday, April 2. It was very nice to get back to making products and planning our table display. I love having conversations about herbalism, farming and food. It didn’t take long for me to realize what a great community we have moved into.

The first one we met was Zack, the guy who put the whole thing together. He was great before the Market at explaining how things go and very welcoming. I quickly discovered Zack has a booth himself with his adorable girlfriend. He makes T-Shirts, Mugs, Stickers, etc. He does a great job! He can be found at After meeting Zack, I met Barb and her husband Wayne who have Wayne’s Wood Works. Way so graciously helped us set up our tent. I’m blessed to have one of his handmade bird houses! He makes many other items. The wonderful being to the other side of me was Charlotte from Rustic Farm Crafters who has the most delicious farm fresh eggs and an amazing talent for art. I came home with farm fresh eggs and a beautiful piece of art. Both these vendors are on Facebook. There were plenty of other vendors, a very nice variety of merchandise and all very nice people. I did a bit of shopping myself!

Birdhouse from Wayne’s Wood Works

The Ten Mile Market is a great place to meet the beautiful people in this community. There were so many friendly, loving souls, the energy was high and happy. They also weren’t shy about what their looking for. One beautiful soul requested microgreens. Another asked about Elderberry Syrup and another more variety of seeds. I’m taking note of all the feedback! Seeds were our best seller and the topic of conversation quite often so I put together some gift sets of 5 seed packs in a cute little organza bag. The more feedback, the more we can better serve our community. Microgreens and Elderberry Syrup are coming in a few weeks. We’re always adding more varieties of seeds.

Painting by Charlotte at Rustic Farm

This coming weekend, April 9, 2022, we’re adding organically grown heirloom cucumber and tomato plant starts, incense and well, we will save the rest for the Market. Even though we are not certified organic, we use only organic practices on our farm. No dangerous toxins at all. If we were to get certified we would have to raise our prices to cover the cost as it’s an expensive process for a little farm. We’re very open about our practices and have absolutely no problem answering any questions and hearing about your experiences and suggestions. The more feedback we get the better we can serve our fellow humans.

Some of our products on our first day

If you’re in the area, stop by this Saturday morning in Ten Mile, TN on HWY 304, you can’t miss it!!! I’m not personally on Facebook, the hubs is, he posts on the Ten Mile Market Facebook Page. I post on Parler @RaineDae, LinkedIn and Pinterest at Love of Lotus Apothecary.


Rainie Dae

Off Grid Lessons

Life is full of lessons, it’s why many of us are on this planet…there’s things we need to learn. Being off grid comes with it’s own set of lessons. There’s so many we’ve learned in the past few months, so many!!! I’ve decided to start a new blog series about our adventure to off grid sustainability and supporting our community. It’s been quite the beautifully challenging journey.

I’ve had access to free or affordable information which was paramount to obtaining the knowledge needed prior to starting this journey. I’m grateful for every video, book, article, blog post, forum, course, every human who so generously shared their time with me. Looking back, I’ve been blessed to access with a ton of information and the same still holds true today. Now It’s my time to teach and pay it forward, keep the information and good will flowing. Each one can teach one.

These past few months I’m finding myself in mentor or teacher roles, I’m getting random questions from random people and I’m actually able to answer them!!! This is something I’m used to as an herbalist and forager, I’ve been a medicine woman for a while now. The same with drumming, it’s part of who I am. I have not considered myself any type of mentor or source of knowledge about off grid living, homesteading, gardening and certainly not farming. In fact, I find myself seeking answers for my own plethora of questions on all these topics and many more. I really don’t consider myself an expert in herbalism, foraging or drumming. I see myself as an eternal student. Once I consider myself some kind of expert, I will stop learning and my mind will start to close. I can’t have that!

I believe there are signs all around us. We just forgot how to read them. My intuition has never been wrong and I’m getting messages that are guiding me in a certain direction. I’m given opportunities to answer questions and help others in various ways that give me an opportunity to really give back and share what I’ve received. This blog is another opportunity. I’m beginning to share what I’ve been blessed with, which is amazing. Sometimes I’m surprised at my ability to answers questions or know the information to share. Most of the time I walk away with questions of my own. Every time I learn something.

This blog will be about mine and my Hub’s experience, the good the lessons, the struggles and the victories. We ain’t always pretty and we don’t care who sees it. I will be completely honest. I write my blog for humans as we all have our moments aka learning experiences. I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong, own up to my mistakes, know where I need to improve and laugh at it all at the end of the day. Learning the lesson is what is important and sharing with each other with loving kindness raises everyone’s vibration. None of us are stupid, many are ignorant. I’m on this plant to heal her, heal others and heal myself. I’m on this path because it’s leading me to where I need to make myself available while keep my own mind open.

I’m really looking forward to sharing our experiences here on our farm and homestead. Feed back, suggestions, laughs, support, love and community are always welcome. We really don’t care about all the tools of separation, we don’t live in that world. We care who you are, lifting you up, sharing what we know and hearing about what you know. Community, love and unity is what is going to save this planet and to create and keep those things going we need knowledge that is becoming rare. There is a growing interest in those topics, it’s not coincidence that so many are sharing what they know in various ways. It’s also no coincidence I’ve been guided to learn and experiment so much the past few years.

Each one can teach one. I’m a student and a teacher, so are you 🙂



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