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We’re always looking for ways to lower our dependency on corporations, support our local small businesses and economy as well as finding local products that are produced in more sustainable ways. We’ve really enjoyed exploring the local businesses in our area, I would like to share 2 of them with you.

The first is Englewood Farmer’s Market, 126 Co Rd 423 Athens, TN 37303. Just the drive to this place is beautiful. I drive past so much natural beauty, farms, creeks, etc. It’s very relaxing. The store itself is simple and beautiful. All the produce is grown by the Mennonite community who own and run this farm. It’s amazing fresh and delicious. I’m now a weekly visitor. Beyond the produce, they also have handmade shampoo, pickles, jellies, live plants, sauerkraut, sweets, breads, cornmeal and much more all produced right there on the farm. They have a greenhouse open seasonally. The quality is better than anything found in a corporate store and the people are very friendly.

I haven’t asked however, I’m pretty sure these wonderful people grow heirlooms and save seed. That means seeds can be saved from their produce for planting and growing our own food. The seeds from this produce is acclimated to our environment which is good for growing strong, healthy plants. There are more than enough to save for our own needs and share with loved ones. Of course we test all the seeds for high germination and grow true to type. There is a small selection of seeds in this shop as well.

Upon entering their adorable shop, you will see a sign that asks you to dress modestly, specifically no noodle straps or cleavage for the ladies. Although I don’t practice shame and modesty, I respect their freedom to be who they are and respect their way of life. When I go to this shop I understand that they practice their freedoms with a different belief system than I. If I’m wearing a noodle shirt I’ll throw on a hoodie or T shirt while I’m visiting their property. Regardless or our differences, I’m sure we all appreciate respect for our homes and businesses.

The second business we’re so fond of here is the Dinner Bell Restaurant in Sweetwater, TN https://www.dinnerbelltn.com/. This is the Hubby’s new favorite restaurant. They are very similar to Cracker Barrel but the food is authentic southern food and tastes much better. They make Cracker Barrel look like a cheap knock off. The shop is cute with lots to chose from. You can pick up jams and jellies, home decorations, gifts and so much more. I love the soup and salad bar, they have a bar with meat for the carnivores. The desserts are delicious, pastries, fruit, ice cream, etc. Their fish dinners are amazing as well as their sandwiches. The prices are family friendly. We haven’t visited for breakfast yet however, when we do I’m pretty sure we won’t be disappointed. The people who work here are nice, helpful, well informed about their products and are just all around good people.

If you’re ever in this neck of the woods, I encourage you to check out each one of these businesses. You’ll get an experience a big corporation just isn’t able to provide.

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