I Have No Time For Petty Arguments

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I have a very strong belief in freedom and I live that belief to the fullest. When I talk about freedom, I’m not referring to what politics tells you is freedom. We all know not to externalize our power to such an evil, weak and destructive man made entity, right? The people who see politics as more powerful than them have replaced any belief they may have in freedom with fear and conformity. I’m not saying to not to keep up. Keep up and make your moves accordingly. Choosing a side is separation and not necessary. Fear means they got you and you are now their food to be chewed up and shit out. In fact, politics is nothing more than a tool of separation. It can’t operate without the presence of fear and conformity. I can’t have a belief in freedom and a political master, the two energies do not exist in the same space. If they did, we would have freedom by now. I do not waste my time, energy and freedom arguing over whose political master is better. When I see these arguments online or hear someone in person argue with another about politics, I see nothing but a very strong belief in conformity in action and two 5 years olds arguing over whose daddy has the biggest muscles.

Those who have sold their souls to their chosen political masters love to argue with anyone different than them. Practicing a belief in conformity is not having a favorite politician. Practicing a belief in conformity is thinking everyone should do the same thing because you believe they should. It’s believing everyone should have the same spiritual beliefs. It’s putting down and hurting those that don’t believe the same way you do, it’s putting people in groups, labeling those groups and choosing to have certain negative feelings about the group and not trying to understand their side or the individuals in that group. Their not all the same. You don’t have to agree to understand. Most conformists will speak of freedom but live as told and dislike those who don’t live as told. They will believe whats on the Main Stream Media, fear as told, put life ending poisons in their bodies as told and behave their way to the slaughter house. Conformists have to work hard to conform. I choose a belief in freedom which means I have no desire or need to argue with those different than me. I don’t answer to anyone. I’ll stand up for their right to be as different as they want because that’s freedom. I believe in 2 genders, I’m a Pagan, a nature witch, I have never wore a mask, I’m a vegan, an herbalist and haven’t seen a medical professional since 2014. What does all this mean? It means it’s my responsibility to live what I say I am without regard to who likes it or not. It also mean I will stand up for others to be who they are, I don’t care if you choose gender number 54, are a christian or atheist, if you wear a mask or not, eat meat and take 20 pharma meds a day. I will stand up for your right to do so. My belief in freedom is why I don’t waste my time arguing with those different than I.

If they can get you to argue and separate, they have you. They control you. You are now their sheep doing as told. I have no time for that shit. To argue, it takes 2 sides. I don’t choose sides, I see no reason to. As we all know, there are people who love to argue, often so cowardly hiding behind a keyboard or in a group of others. Not one of these people will approach anyone alone in person. Why would I waste my time and energy arguing with a weak as keyboard bully or someone who can’t stand alone in their beliefs? Why would I care how someone else sees me? What kind of mindset does someone have to have to choose to spend their time practicing their belief in conformity often with immature name calling, repeating of mindless man made labels, blame and fear? Let them have all that, it’s their mess, they can waddle in it. They have a state of consciousness and mindset I don’t want to be around. It serves no one.

The best way I found to handle these people is to simply not argue, ignore and do exactly what I’m going to do and live my life my way. I’m not on this planet to conform or argue about it. If someone wants to conform, I respect their freedom to do so. It has nothing to do with me and it’s not my business. Keyboard bullies are easy to ignore…block them. I don’t ever respond. Once someone lowers themselves to disrespect, bullying and arguments, I’m out. Their not what I consider “OQP” which means only quality people. The standard of quality is mine and mine alone. I tell them I will not argue then I don’t argue. I walk away, ignore and, every time, upset them more than if I argued with them. It’s like they believe that state of the world is contingent on arguing. The state of the world is contingent on every individual to become what they want to see in the world. Arguing is not what I want to see in the world so I simply don’t. The only rules in my life are do as thy will, harm none and take no shit. Not allowing them to throw their shit my way is what I do.

Besides not arguing, I live my life my way as we all should live our live our own way, as long as we’re not hurting someone. Offending someone is not hurting them and it’s not even possible without their permission. When someone tells me I’ve offended them, I ask them “Why would you give me permission to do so?” I don’t go around purposely trying to upset of offend anyone, I respect all. I just won’t change because someone else doesn’t like who or what I am. I’m not on this planet to put myself in a box and obey and conform. There isn’t a political master that can make anyone do that, that’s why they throw so much mindless fear into the world. It’s one of their weapons of choice.

If I don’t be who I truly am to the core, without exceptions or social BS, I’m disrespecting myself and my Creator. It’s more important I practice self respect and acceptance than it is to argue with conformists about it. My peace, happiness, spiritual connection and following my guidance is much more important than arguing with someone who doesn’t like it to such a degree that they gave me permission to offend and upset them. No one has to conform to anything. My lifestyle is closer to my ancestors and is not politically acceptable. This tells me I’m on the right path. I owe no one an explanation, I do not need to change or conform, I don’t care who likes it or not and I’m strong enough to walk this path without thinking twice about it. I’m responsible for my own state of being, consciousness, happiness, health, etc. My responsibilities will be taken care of my way, approval not needed.

We are all energetic beings, wasting time arguing is a waste of the energy we all are blessed with. It creates a dark, ugly energy that serves no one. It’s horrible for our mental, physical and spiritual health. It requires a very strong belief in conformity and fear. It’s something I will not do and can not be made to do…there isn’t a political puppet or master with the power to make me. In fact, they can’t make anyone do a damn thing, that’s why the indoctrination, written and controlled by them, has to teach us they have power. Like everything else they say, it’s a flat out lie. The only power they have is from humans who traded their personal power for political masters and slavery. The good news is the slavery is a choice and can be changed at any time. This is where the spiritual awakening comes in. People are waking up and taking their power back more and more around the Goddess’s beautiful green earth. The weakness of politics are being exposed. It’s looking like the end of the world, however, this is only the beginning. I’ve been excited since the scamdemic hit because I knew it’s only a transition, not an ending. In this Universe, every ending is a new beginning.

How do you handle those who do their best to spread conformity? How do you live outside the norm? I love my fellow free people, rebels, power magickal practitioners and others who know we are the power. These are my peeps!

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