Feeling Gaia in Every Part of My Being

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There is something sacred about land that is untouched by man. While creating a clearing for our homestead, I can’t help but feeling a strong guidance, connection and deep love from Mother Gaia. The natural scents, breeze, sights, sounds, it’s all soothing and abundant. It is her guidance that brought us to this land, this is where she needs us to be to help heal her and her sentient creatures. She lets us know we’re on the right path through here energies in every leaf, stone, grain of soil, tree, etc. She is guiding us, we are following her guidance.

As I’m moving cut down trees, raking, picking up twigs and rocks, I’m feeling deep gratitude, love and responsibility. We’re disturbing a habitat shared by many creatures to create our own, Gaia knows this, she is taking care of her wonderful beings as we respectfully do our work. We have multiple acres, most of which will remain untouched with the exception of a few permaculture forest gardens. I’m so excited to put my permaculture skills to the test and learn more skills. Gaia is the best teacher and I am forever her student.

When you live amongst the wild, respect is very important. Nature is not based on survival of the fittest, that’s indoctrination to keep the Matrix going. It feeds the machine and creates a belief system that harms humanity and all of nature. Believing in a dog eat dog world is all about competition is exactly the attitude that the inorganic ones need us to live to keep their agenda going. It creates the fear that is their food. It’s a powerless belief not based in science or the Universe or on Darwin’s work.

As we’re clearing out, we’re meeting some of Gaia’s creatures, it’s a beautiful experience. We’re not hurting any of them, that’s not what we’re here for. Some of them have marks that tell us their poisonous, we respect them and let them be on their way. Some of her creatures are curious, I have the feeling their watching us as we work and aren’t sure if we’re friendly or not. As I walk our land, I look for signs of other wildlife…marks on trees, foot prints, trails, dens and nests, dung, bones, dead animals, etc. Studying our land will not only help us connect but to better understand what she needs from us. We’re connecting and listening.

We will be camping full time in 2 weeks while we work on our temporary winter home. This is an exciting time as sleeping in the wilderness, under the stars, breathing in that good ass Prana all night, hearing the wilderness all around us. I sleep best outside, even in our rental I’ve slept on the patio. I love the way it makes me feel. I’m impatiently looking forward to getting up in the morning, starting a fire, connecting to the moon and stars before the sun comes up, meditating and just being with Gaia. The connection, the energy, the peace, the state of health. This is going to be amazing.

As a Nature Witch, I’m attuned to plant spirits. There is an old, huge tree on our property that I can’t help but feel is sacred. It’s set away from where we’re setting up our homestead. I do plan to do some research. There are a lot of Cherokee around us, I’m interested in the history of this property and the spiritual and magickal practices that may have been done on it. The area around this beautiful tree is circular and the plants growing around it are circling it. The energy from this tree is one I haven’t felt before, I like it. I know it is powerful.

So far our mission is going well. We have all we need, inside us and out, to set up a functioning homestead and grow from there. Soon after moving on the land I will be building raised beds and getting ready for the winter garden. Foraging for wild edibles, medicines and craft tools will most certainly be done on a regular basis. As we progress, Love of Lotus Apothecary will offer more wild harvested and grown by us herbs than we already have. Taking control of where our ingredients are sourced from helps us to ensure every ingredient is sustainably and respectfully sourced, clean and pure.

Got any suggestions, ideas, resources? Share them!! I have an open mind and love to hear new ideas. Already living off grid? I’d love to hear about your journey. Let’s all share what we know, it’s a great way to help others and creates nice Karma. Namaste!

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Hi, I'm Rainie. I'm the owner and founder of Love of Lotus Apothecary, a healer and herbalist with a passion for Gaia and all she has to offer.

Let's all share what we know, research what we hear and treat each other with love and respect.

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