Racism is a Choice

Racism is nothing more than a tool of control, distraction and separation, pairs well with the classic Hegelian Dialect which works on certain parts of society every time. That’s why those with the illusion of power keep using it. Look at society today, racism is kept alive, it’s a wonderful tool of manipulation. Just like with the feardemic and me doing absolutely noting to cooperate with it, I take the same approach to the mindlessness of racism. I create the world I live in and to invite racism in is just dumb and destructive. I don’t live with that energy, I don’t allow that kind of disrespect and hate for my brothers and sisters on this planet. As we must do with family, we let our family members walk their own paths and make their own choices.

I’m not racist, nor have I ever been racist. I have, however, been accused of it from racists themselves. Nothing I do is determined by the color of someone’s skin, that’s just mindless, ignorant and giving those with the illusion of power my power. It’s the classic problem-reaction-solution that controls many. This is why the Main Stream News is fear based, everything in the Matrix is fear based. Fear is a tool of control and the kicker is…there is NOTHING to fear, NOTHING you need the powerless ones to protect you from so why do so many listen to them? The only reason think I can think of is the lack of knowledge or personal power and sovereignty and having no idea what we’re on this planet to do. It’s not the shit we’re told to do so I’m no doing it, that includes the low frequency of racism.

Every human, no matter their color, is my brother and sister. To choose racism is to turn against my human family and give my power to the powerless ones. Every decision I make has absolutely nothing to do with race, I just can’t shrink myself into that ignorance. I’m big on supporting small business and local business. When a business is good to me, good service, great products, supports those of ALL colors in their community, I stick with them. The businesses I patronize are owned by a rainbow of skin colors and not one of them was chosen for their skin color. I avoid businesses that support racism or racist groups. We’re all one and anything outside of that just isn’t good enough for me or deserving of my attention.

I live in an area with a variety of colors of people and I love, love, love my community. I have not experienced racism nor participated in it. Either way, either being a racist or fighting it, is supporting it, giving the energy and attention to it that’s needed to keep it alive. Just like drugs, abortion and cancer, we’ve been fighting it and it’s only grown. Maybe fighting isn’t the answer. It’s another tool of separation and control and only keeps us stagnant as a society. Along with my fellow light workers, I’m here to help build the new and more and more people are building the new as they wake up. The new will make the old obsolete, the same way CDs made cassette tapes obsolete. No fighting or taking sides was needed. People just started utilizing the better and abandoning the old. This is going on in society on a grand scale. The Soros-funded race war and riots is to keep us in the old, fighting the old fights the old ways and never coming to a solution. Racism is the cassette tape of old, unity and love are much more powerful and won’t be taken down by such mindless ignorance.

I treat all with love and respect, racism, the powerless puppets in politics, the MSN (we all not to watch that wasteland, right?), the censored social media I’ve been removing myself from, NONE of it and no one can make me disrespect my beautifully colored brothers and sisters, I will NOT sink to that level. I will NOT come back with more racism such as a comment about my races. I won’t argue with those who sunk to the level of racism, I worked too hard to become who I am to throw it all away to become a tool in the Hegelian Dialect game and, most of all, I will NOT attempt to lower my fellow brothers and sisters into such a low frequency of ignorance and stagnation. That’s an act of cruelty that makes Soros and the puppet masters smile. I’m not on this planet for that shit.

Allowing racism in my world in any form what-so-ever is nothing more than a choice. We all have this choice. I live on a frequency the racists can’t reach. EVERYTHING is a choice, including racism. I don’t fight anything, I simply don’t create the world I don’t want to see. The idea that anything good will come from racism and the participation in it is feeding the beast. Thinking you have no choice is allowing those who want you to sink to tell you what you have or need to have in your world. There is always a choice.

Just because someone can turn anything into racism doesn’t make it so. I know businesses that don’t have someone of every color employed there, that doesn’t make them racist. They choose their employees on what really matters…education, experience, good references, ability to do the job, ability to be on time and prepared, clean record, pride in their work, etc. Not one of these things can be told by skin color. Not one. Thinking employers need to consider race over all when hiring someone is just ignorance at it’s best. I will NOT consider race in a damn thing I do…nothing…nada…can’t be made to. Racism is for those who can’t grow past skin color. It’s supported by the MSN who feels the need to turn everything into racism. If someone of a different color tries to mug me and I beat their ass, it’s not because I’m racist. It’s because no matter what color someone is, I’m not gonna get mugged.

I notice a pattern. Those who think for themselves and practice freedom, real freedom, not the shit the government tells you is freedom, don’t lower themselves to racism. It’s simply not a part of their make up. These people are also happier, healthier and don’t experience racism. They make it a choice and stick with their choice. Racism needs cooperation on both sides…for and against it…to stay alive and to be used as a tool of separation and control. The most intelligent thing to do is not to let it in your world, don’t feed the beast and the beast will leave and go where the food is. It just so happens to be with the same people on their way to the slaughter house.

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