Love of Lotus Apothecary is now Accepting Crypto Currency!!!

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a person, a business, or both, if we’re going to survive the craziness of the times we’re living in, we all gotta roll with the changes!! How we pay for things and what we consider currencies are changing quickly giving us more choices as to how to pay for things and handle our financial matters. This is a beautiful thing and Love of Lotus Apothecary got in on the beauty!

We get weekly requests to accept crypto currencies from our wonderful patrons, we hear you and we’ve taken action!!! You can now use your crypto currencies on Just choose crypto at checkout, it’s that easy!!! We do not yet accept crypto at our Ebay or Etsy stores as these platforms do not allow for crypto at this time. If they decide to accept Crypto, we’ll be all over it!

We’re excited to accommodate so many other people and fulfill the request to accept crypto by those who so graciously bless us with their business. We keep learning, growing and improving here at Love of Lotus Apothecary and are excited to see what the future may hold for us. We greatly appreciate those who buy from us, read our blogs, spread our name and support us through suggestions, comments and compliments. Every voice is heard and we do our best to support our communities, local and global, the best way we can. Together, we can make this planet a better place. I’m grate for all of you. Thank you!!!

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