Freedom Over Equality

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We hear it all the time, on the Main Stream Mental Illness, Social Media, Even in movies and books…Equality. How exactly are we making everyone “equal”? Does anyone really know what it costs to have an “equal” society, what it does to the will and spirit of humans and the slavery it requires? There is no growth if we’re all striving to be equal, it stagnates us and costs us our freedom, ability to freely think and create and the powerful beings we all have the potential to grow into. This is a concept I can’t bring myself to buy into. It’s limiting, unnatural and based in dogma. The world has never been equal and it’s not meant to be. We’re here to learn and grow, build the new and let others grow into their greatness as we do ours. The concept of “Equality” is a tool of separation and control and one the government loves to use to feed it’s illusion of control. It creates negative feelings for oneself and for others and could have a person begging whoever they chose to extend their power to for equality only to go to their grave disappointed. Most of all, it costs us our freedom.

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I’m not talking about basic human rights and needs. Those have nothing to do with the equality I’m referring to here. What I’m talking about is the need for everyone to be put in the same box with the same limits, outside authority and powerlessness others have within them and want those who do not live by those things to shrink into them. It’s not even about levels of society’s hierarchy which is another topic all together. It’s about the freedom to be yourself, to grow at your own pace, make your own choices, lead yourself and be the sovereign being we’re all meant to be. Those with the illusion of power who are fucking up society right now love to pretend to create the illusion of equality, it’s a great tool of control and separation. You won’t find such a sick concept in nature as she does not require her creations to shrink out of the powerful beings she created them to be. She created us to live in higher frequencies than that.

I look around and see all sorts of things I don’t want to be equal to. That doesn’t mean I’m above them or their above me, that doesn’t exist in nature. That is a man made concept, we gotta think greater and freer than that. I don’t want to be equal to the person hiding in their house in fear because their told to, destroying their immune system with fear, a mask and bleach. I don’t look down on them as we’re both humans. We’re both from the divine source of goodness. No one comes from bad or is born a “sinner”. No one deserves any negativity for living the life that’s right for them. We’re walking different paths that go in separate directions, I send them love and stay on my fearless, maskless, bleachless path because those things are right for me. I don’t believe those who think a mask is some how keeping them safe wants to be equal to me who doesn’t own a mask and have yet to put one on my face. Demanding we all act equally is a very strong belief in conformity over freedom, something to the core of my being I will never submit to.

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I don’t want to be equal to the person waiting for the next stimulus check, blames a bad economy for their hardships or has to choose a man made label then argue over it, something politics could not exist without. I’m me. You’re you. No argument necessary. I don’t believe in a bad economy, only a changing economy. I’ve made positive changes in my business, lifestyle, belief system, education, habits, rituals and personal finances due to the changing economy. You gotta not only roll with the changes but study them beyond the indoctrination and censored and suppressed resources. You gotta be original, creative and not give a fuck about what anyone says. I learned this from people who I want to learn from, my mentors, those who I want to be more like with my own personal twist. I study them as many of them so generously teach us how to do what their doing. These people I can learn from in a way that will help me grown and learn.

I find it mindless to choose man made labels and argue over them, what a waste of precious energy. That brings no happiness, health, success or freedom to anyone. I certainly don’t want to be equal to politics and what politics does to a person. That’s a frequency I refuse to match. Those who have the illusion of power feed off the negativity, as long as we’re attacking those who support the person we don’t, hating them, publicly ridiculing them and spending our precious time thinking about it, living it, watching it, arguing about it, fearing it, acquiescing to it, externalizing our power to it, the only thing we’re creating is the negative energy that is food for those with the illusion of power and detrimental to our well being in every way. I have no time for any of that so I choose not to match that frequency. I choose not to be equal to those who do match that frequency.

There are people who I’m not striving to be equal to as that destroys my uniqueness, my gifts and my purpose on this planet. Becoming another copy of someone else is not success or freedom and could cost me both. I also see these unequal beings as people I can learn from. If everyone were equal to me, who is there to learn from? Where is the growth? Where is the excitement in new things, new accomplishments, new people, new places, new knowledge? What will challenge me, strengthen me, ascend me to higher states of consciousness and confidence? If we were all equal, it would suck the life right our of us. Why strive for anything if being equal to everyone else will be the end result? Who will be my mentors, my teachers, my wise elders? In my opinion, making everyone equal makes us all stagnant like stagnant water. After a while, stagnant water stinks and attracts bugs. It will rot us from the inside out, I’m not interested in equal rotting

What is equality to you?  Is it necessary for your idea of success or are you tough enough to not need it?  Do you ask your government to for it or do you conquer it?
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Insisting on everyone becoming equal is a lack of will and motivation to be powerful in your own uniqueness. We hear a lot of people say “tax the rich”. The fist thing this alludes to is the lack of financial education, which is acquired on our own as it’s not legal to teach in the schools in America, Inc. They don’t have jobs so what are you going to tax? Besides insisting these people should have their money taken away and they get forced to be like the status quo, I prefer to learn from them. HOW do they not pay taxes? HOW do they make and keep their money? What do they know I don’t? What are they doing that I’m not? A statement closes the mind, a question opens the mind. If they were made to be equal to me, I would lose some of my mentors and be robbed of learning opportunities and the opportunity to become successful myself. Insisting they shrink to where I’m at today would be lazy, foolish, self-sabotaging and down right boring. I’m not talking about the evil fucks that sold their souls for the illusion of success like Bill Gates, I’m talking about the rich that are rightfully rich by doing the right things and getting an education none of us will get in any America, Inc. school such as Robert Kiyosaki and Grant Cardone. I’m not equal to these people nor am I under them. I have the same 24 hours in a day. If I’m going to get close to where they are, I need to make my 24 hours count, I need to gather the knowledge and do the work. Applied knowledge is power.

The insistence on equality and begging the government to use their illusion of power to make things seem equal in our little worlds is to give up freedom, growth, intelligence and our own personal life paths. It’s lazy as it takes away things to strive for. So what if we struggle? Everyone struggles. Struggle is nothing more than the shit that fuels my growth and strength. Making everything “equal” so I don’t have to do what others see as struggle will weaken me and eventually put me on the path to the slaughter house. Struggle should never be feared as it’s what you make of it that counts. I want to figure things out on my own, make my own mistakes which are nothing more than learning experiences and build the life I want to live without permission to do so. Learning from those unequal to me be it in the form of books, videos, in person or an education program and making my own, unequal mistakes will serve me more than using the excuse that things are unequal so I can’t make it.

Let me make it clear that I’m not referring to things like physical or mental differences or writing this with judgment, hate or malice. I’m writing this from a place of freedom and personal experience as well as my own research and studies. This is my opinion and beliefs on the matter and I’m not asking anyone to adopt them as their own. I’m just hoping to get people thinking and doing better as well as sharing how their unequally living their lives. I love when people do what is right for them, the only rule being to harm none. Seek out the info not taught, make mistakes, fall on your ass big time, you’ll come out of it stronger and wiser every time as long as you get back up and keep going. Those who do not get back up would prefer you stay down with them, it makes it OK for them to do less and stay equally low. Freedom is choice. If we’re forced into a box of equality and conformity, we’re choosing to give up our freedoms to make others feel better about themselves. You’re not the equality whisperer. Show them what inequality does and encourage them not need some law or rule that only the powerless will follow for them to succeed. We all have greatness inside us, some just need a bit more coaxing than others. If their not ready to wake up to their greatness, leave them and that energy in their world, it isn’t your battle.

I’d love to hear how inequality has served you, raised you to higher states of consciousness, frequencies and freedom. How does it serve your family, your business, your soul, your rituals? What do you do to help lift others up so they can experience a higher level in the unequal world? What do you do to raise yourself up?

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