Not Worth of My Attention

I went off Facebook a long time ago, they are not worthy of my presence. I stopped using Google, social media and the Main Stream News as a source of info before people began to wake up to the mental illness they breed, they are NOT even close sources of information. They are sources of indoctrination, mind control and support of being told what to think instead of thinking for yourself. An open-minded, free thinking awake being such as myself just can’t see any seriousness in any of the above. Their a wast of time and mind. Really, who takes those slaved-owned entities seriously? Does anyone prefer to get told what to think and have their “resources” chosen for them? Anyone? Anyone?

For me, social media is painful to watch and quite disturbing when I see what society has become had how mindlessly controlled every aspect of their lives are. (I’m not referring to all of society here, the number of the people waking up is growing every day.) It’s grossly censored, fear based and supported by those who are either completely ignorant or who prefer to trade their natural rights for the mental illness we call politics will have you thinking lack, limitation and no free speech is somehow freedom. George Orwell’s 1984 is coming true, sheep are being lead straight to the slaughter house by the same chosen masters that are feeding them.

If I took politics, the MSN, social media and the powerless of politics seriously, I would have to seriously lose knowledge, go back to sleep and adapt “them and us” separation thinking. These are all things necessary to get slaves to choose to be slaves. You can not have a weak mind, put that much power in the 3D and become a free, sovereign being that lives freedoms that comes from Gaia, not the slavery of man. Slavery itself is a man made concept and cooperation in it in any way is a choice and a direct insult to the creator who made us sovereign beings with free will, the ability to think and ascend and see through the illusions of man.

I can’t shrink my intelligence to think in terms of “Trump Supporters”, “Democrat”, “Republican”, “Conspiracy Theorist”, “Christian”, “Jew” and any other source of man made labels from entities that where created for the purpose of shutting down minds and controlling the masses. This is all separation in which is in place to keep people from waking up, coming together and realizing that the system, the Matrix, is falling apart. The New Earth is being created the way everything in existence has been created, with the minds of the people, the minds of the awake.

What does it tell me about someone if their a supporter of politics and gets all worked up when things don’t go their way or when another person or entity supports the other guy? This tells me they do not know their power and define themselves by man made entities that are leading them to the slaughter house. This tells me their thinking is biased. They will never be a part of anything that will solve problems or bring peace because their programming won’t allow the compassion, understanding and higher thinking necessary for those things. People like this do not believe in freedom nor do they want it. They have a strong belief in conformity and possibly abusing others who do not conform. Their lives are based on fear and everyone else doing whatever they think protects them from those fears. They have victim mindsets and their savior is whatever outside of them they see as more powerful than they are, as long as that entity doesn’t disagree with their narrative. They prefer their thinking done for them and to be told what to think through the MSN, social media, and search engines such a Google and Yahoo, entertainment and serious censorship and suppression of information. There is no power here, no freedom, no higher thought, no real connection. This is NOT where I belong. I’m here to expand, grow, learn and ascend, not shrink into the very thing that stops me.

Most recently those who are on a mission to enslave humans and remove all free speech and free thought from the planet and their mindless, obedient puppets cooperated in taking Parler down, a free speech social media. As a part of controlling what others think, the weak and powerless often call it a “Trump Supporter” Website. That’s to control the thinking of those who limit themselves to the slavery of politics and the little thinking it requires. What this label really was really for is to keep the shut down minds shut down, judging and not participating in anything to do with free speech. I left Facebook due to the lack of respect for me as a person, my freedoms and my growth. I went to Parler and guess what? No one attacked me. I’m not political, I don’t externalize my power to politics nor do my rights and freedom come from man. I wanted to escape the mental illness of politics and on Parler I did. Those who conspired to take it down are slowly being replaced by better, more free companies. Their cowardly asses are scared shitless so they have to gang up. Not one of the companies that do not support free speech have what it takes to retain those who are awake and looking for truth nor are they convincing of anyone to continue to use them on their own. Their nothing more than a bunch of cowardly bullies serving their masters. I find them weak and boring. They are not worthy of my attention nor are the worthy of yours!!! You are so much more than of those mental illnesses want you to realize.

The best part of this is these companies have no choice but to replaced by more awaken, honorable companies. Bullies are easy to take down. What they did to Parler is just an example of what they fear. If they had nothing to hide, they would have nothing to fear nor would they have an interest in taking down their competition. This is part of the awakening. Their pathetic attempts can not stop it. There will be more, better social media, search engines, tech companies, etc. Hell, with the no-liability, exempt from testing but approved for use on human guinea pigs vaccine their trying to destroy the health of humans with will come even more companies for the awake. I see it as being pushed out of the Matrix entities which is all they control. What they don’t tell you is that’s ALL they control.

None of this mindless evil should be fought. They fight everyone and will have you fighting for them. Just look at those who attack others who are protecting their immune system by not wearing a mask or voting for someone they don’t agree with. THIS is the result of the man made entities, the strong belief in conformity over freedom. This is not good enough for you, for me and for humanity. The way to get rid of or change anything is to make it obsolete. Why doesn’t anyone use cassette tapes to listen to music that much anymore? Because their obsolete. The main stream entities, Google, Facebook, MSN, etc will become the cassettes no one uses anymore. Leave them alone, let them throw their fits. Rise above. They are not able to rise above so it’s important to their existence that you don’t expand and rise. Leave them in your dust, the are nothing but the shit that fertilized our growth.

Part of the mind control and making sure they create enough fear and sickness to feed off is using what you depend on them for to control you. If you’re not vaccinated, you can’t fly. That’s find with me. There will be other options to fly without one. If you’re not vaccinated, you can’t use their other dogma-based poisons. DEAL!!! If you’re not vaccinated, your children can’t go to school. No child should be in the indoctrination centers we call “school”. There will be real schools popping up and parents taking control and giving their children a real education. No matter what they do, the New Earth is being created and they can’t stop it. Stopping it was what the BS of 2020 was all about. Their systems are falling apart. How we meet our needs is changing. How we pay for things or trade for things is changing. Local communities are coming together, people are coming together. We’re getting back to our communities and our roots. Contrary the version of history we’ve been taught, there hasn’t always been government but there has always been people. We’re here because they survived. Not because governments survived. The Universe is bringing us back to our roots. Those that will not only survive but thrive in ways the Matrix would never allow will not do it in the same space and mindset as those begging their governments to take care of them, tell them what to think and take down anyone who might not agree with them.

Since the beginning of the Scamdemic, I saw nothing but light at the end of a tunnel. I have not felt fear which is a direct rebellion to those who feed off it. This is the ending or an era, that’s what the Mayans were telling us. It’s not the end of the world as the fear mongers would have you believe, it’s the beginning of a new one. The Age of Aquarius. There is so much beauty in the chaos and too many people awakening to believe this is the end or we have to submit to those losing their illusion of power. Man made system are desperately hanging on knowing their on their way out.

No entity, website, news outlet, social media, human, system, etc that needs to put others down, lie, manipulate, censor, suppress information, take away freedoms, choose sides on any social issue or attack or recruite people through fear, censorship, suppression, taking down others and getting people dependent on it is worth is shit. Their best ignored. I see us in transition. I have slowly removed a lot of these entities from my personal life and my business. As more and more alternatives are created, they will be replaced until banished to the 3D where they belong. In less time than we realize, they will all be replaced. They have reasons to fear, we do not. None of us were put on this planet for this sickness. Cooperation is a choice, not a requirement.

Grab some popcorn and watch all these main stream entities act out of fear. Pay attention to what is making them obsolete, not what is keeping them alive. You have so much power in this situation. Where you put your thoughts and actions speaks louder than the hate that comes from politics and other man made entities. Don’t externalize your power to the powerless, they wouldn’t need it if they were more powerful than you. If you’re a tech person or have an idea to help, put in in place, execute it. Get together with like minds if need be. You’re given these ideas for a reason. The Universe is planting seeds, we’re being called to awaken and not only save humanity but to save this planet. You are the power, we are the power. Let them mess around, Parler will be back up with so man other sites of freedom, quality, real knowledge, love respect and no censorship and suppression. Those things will not be needed in the 5D, the new earth. They are dead weights that need to let go, they are the shit that fertilized our growth.

The Universe put you here for a reason and that reason is to grow, expand and create.

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