The Coming Illusion of a Food Shortage

I’m not political, I see politics as a man made system of control that is crumbling to the ground, trying desperately to avoid it’s inevitable fate. I refuse to argue about such mindless, perhaps because I see no benefit in trading my natural rights for man made ones and selling my soul to a system tailor made to keep the masses sleeping comfortably in their chosen slavery. Regardless, I do believe we all should pay attention to what’s really going on, not the indoctrination the main stream media, social media and Google as well as other censored sources of misinformation that suppress the truth in any way they can are telling us. It doesn’t matter what you believe, what matters is the quality and funding of your chosen resources. I’ll support your freedom to believe as you wish before I submit to conformity by either thinking you should think like me or letting others tell me what I should think. I respect those whose actions match their words, those who live what they claim to believe, regardless of what their beliefs are. The only rule is to harm none. It’s OK if someone is offended by any part of who you are as they need to choose to give you the power to do so. It’s a them issue.

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We keep hearing of a food shortage which isn’t possible, unless you’re totally dependent on the man made systems for all your food. When I look at a forest, a field, my back yard or simply go to a park, I’m surrounded by food and medicine. It’s everywhere!!! What we lack is knowledge of our natural environment and what food actually is. There is no food shortage, there will be an interruption of the supply of food the government controls. It’s quite small compared to the abundance of Gaia’s food. We don’t teach about where our food comes from anymore or how to forage and prepare wild edibles. The on-grid, main stream society life has become so dependent on man made systems in which I see as systems of control. They can’t stop you from gaining knowledge of foods they don’t want you to realize is at your disposal. If you can forage for delicious, healthy food and learn to prepare them, you won’t buy their poisons, will heal ailments and dis ease and will laugh at the idea of a food shortage. A food shortage isn’t possible, a knowledge shortage is one of the best tools of control our the powerless ones have.

Henry Kissinger said “Who controls the food supply control the people”. This is so incredibly true. What we’re indoctrinated to see as food is an extremely small percentage of all available plants. Our minds have been closed and, in the process, many species of plants have died out. We couldn’t eat like our ancestors today as many of their plants and animals are no longer on this earth. What is left is so full of toxins and the DNA has been messed with, it’s not even the same and doesn’t supply the same nutrients. Shrinking what is seen as food makes the food supply easy to control and fuck with. Not only is the illusion of a shortage easy to sell to those in which you control their “education”, it makes it incredibly easy to add toxins and chemicals into the food. The same decisions makers in the food industry are the same decision makers in the FDA. It’s a racket.

A food shortage means a shortage of plants and animals. Wouldn’t that mean a shortage of all things made from plants and animals? Why aren’t we hearing a shortage of things like cleaning products, hygiene products, pharmaceutical medications, furniture, clothes, sport equipment, blankets, rope, insulation, paper, make up, leather, car wax, dye, ink, paper towel, pencils, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, I can go on for days! Why are we not being told there will be a shortage of everything else that require plants and animals?

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Considering that fear is being created over a “food shortage” and the fact that so much of our lives are dependent on plants and animals, why aren’t we being warned of other “shortages”? My thought is because this is not a food shortage, it’s only an illusion of a food shortage. What I see this as is as skills and knowledge shortage. A food shortage isn’t possible, we were put on this plant with all we need. We have been grossly indoctrinated from our birthrights and knowledge.

This is the time to learn skills, strengthen ones you haven’t used in a while and, whenever possible, create relationships with those of like minds and have skills. Learn to safely forage for wild foods. Your back yard is full of them. Foraged edibles are generally more nutritious than their cultivated cousins and can make some potent medicines as well. Grow your own food not only outside but inside. Research which plants do well indoors or over winter if you have a winter indoor garden like I do. One of the easiest and most nutritious things to get started growing is microgreens and sprouts. They don’t take up much room and are amazing super foods. Growing food is a great skill to pass on to the little ones, it will add to their confidence and independence. It will help give them the knowledge they need to not be controlled by or externalize their power to a man made entity. When you have skills and learn what is hidden, suppressed and censored, you don’t live you life in fear as we’re told. Break the dependence on the Matrix, the man made systems of control. Their the only ones they can fuck with.

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I strongly believe that everyone should lean basic herbalism. If there is truly a shortage, that means there is a shortage of pharmaceutical medicines as their made from plants as well. Not being able to get a subscription filled or not get enough filled can be devastating for those who have become dependent on them. Knowledge and skills can help you realize that there are things you can do and medicines out there you can use. Learn what is illegal to teach in the USA, Inc, if it will cure or keep you healthy in a stressful time. I’m referring to God’s medicine, it’s not taught in medical school. This is a cruel thing to do not only to those who blindly believe our medical system is based on modern science, it’s also a cruel thing to do to someone who is willing to spend time and make the sacrifices and do the work that is required to become a doctor. We don’t even empower our doctors with the ability to cure, they and us are taught there no cures and we don’t teach them ancient wisdom and modern science. Nothing gets taught in the USA, Inc that Big Pharma, Big Food and other Big corporations don’t want taught. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable herbalist is helpful. Just like nutrition, God’s medicines’ aren’t taught in medical school.

2020 is the year of clear vision, this is 2012 on the Mayan Calendar, the same thing we were told to fear in 2012. They didn’t use the same calendar as us. 2020 is the year of clear vision. So much is coming to light and the ones who are losing their illusion of power are throwing fits like a bunch of over tired toddlers on a sugar high. We’re coming into what will be a beautiful transition for some and Hell for others. It’s a choice. It’s a chess game in which you see through the illusion of power of your opponent. What’s your next move?

What’s your thoughts on all this? I’d love to hear different points of views as they can be mind opening. It doesn’t matter who agrees, it matters that we’re all thinking for ourselves, doing our own research and making up our own minds. Support and love is more important than being a right fighter. Everyone lives in their own reality as we all the ability to create it.

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