Lessons Learned from Mother Gaia

We’ve been planning our off grid life for a few years now, researching, studying, experimenting. The last thing anyone should do is buy some land without first acquiring the knowledge to live and thrive off the land in a symbiotic way. We did a little experimenting last week and did we learn or did we learn??? Yes, we learned a thing or two. Gaia is a great teacher as well as a great provider.

We headed to the mountains in Tennessee, where we’re looking for off grid land to start our new life. We found a place on hipcamp.com, Rocky Meadows Farm & Recreation, to off grid camp while in town. We were planning on winter tent camping and thought we were well prepared. Rocky offered us a newly built cabin which was basically a shed. We happily accepted and I’m thankful we did. It got down to about 28 degrees at night and our little heater on a generator just couldn’t keep up. We slept in the van that first night. This didn’t ruin our trip as the beauty of the place, the energies, the nature magick, our plan coming together so beautifully, everything was just perfect. Learning how to stay warm and what an appropriate propane heater for the situation is a lesson I’ll never forget. I’m grateful for that warm van, for Rocky’s heater and for the lesson learned. The remainder of our nights were spend in the cabin, warm and comfortable.

I should back up a little here…The heater was actually the second lesson. The first lesson was learned before we even left. I allow myself no excuses and what is going on in the Matrix is no exception. Rick needs a good job and he found one…our second day there. There was one job in particular he wanted and, through the power of his mind and the Law of Attraction as well as other Universal laws, he got it. He cancelled all his interviews and we enjoyed our time together while looking for a place to live. When we left, he had 3 days full of job interviews, all good jobs. There is an abundance of jobs out there. This is also a great time to start a business, there are new needs and desires that need to be met. There is no such thing as a bad economy, only a changing one. The willingness to grow and change is what matters, not blaming the economy, the puppet show, I mean, government, the scamdemic, what others do, say and think, it’s all distractions. No good comes from those things. I stay in my own lane and make shit happen, regardless or what is going on outside of me. What is inside of me is more powerful than anything outside of me, I know my power and abilities, in spite of the scaredemic.

Lesson three – Not all places are living in immune-destroying fear and wearing a oxygen-restricting petri dish on their face. I noticed that the general vibe is freedom over conformity. I like that. I live that here in Wisconsin although it makes me a minority, I do a lot of ignoring when people, mostly strangers, express their disapproval of my uniqueness and alternative lifestyle. I simply can’t find a reason to care what others say about how I live. I have no fucks to give. In Tennessee I saw a lot less masks, freedom is respected so people have a choice. No choice = no freedom. If I believed everyone should do something and turn to the puppets, I mean government, to make everyone do something, it’s not freedom I would believe in and support. It’s conformity. It’s an insult to my own power and divine guidance. I feel freedom is respected in the Knoxville/ Louisville, TN areas. No one gave me angry eyes for not wearing a mask. The plandemic isn’t on the minds of everyone, we hardly had conversations about it with the locals. People seem much more informed and not easily controlled by the unscientific controldemic. things were quite normal and felt as it we traveled back in time to pre-feardemic days. It’s refreshing to see as here in the Milwaukee area, masks are still the norm and the smell of fear and lack of knowledge is impossible to escape. The illusion is running people’s lives as they get more scared, sicker and less informed. I’m so looking forward to living in an area that isn’t consumed and controlled by the vary fear created to lead people straight to the slaughter house.

This camping trip has greatly increased our confidence in our abilities to apply what we learned about living off grid and to keep our minds open as there is so much we don’t know. We were guided to go there, learn the lessons and connect to our Mother Gaia. She made sure we had all we need, sunny, warmer days to fish, forage and explore, wild edibles and medicinals, fire, great people to rent from, all the food we need and the right knowledge and wisdom gained through lessons and observation to compliment what we learn through our research.

I used a pendulum, it was beautiful as I could tell the pendulum was experiencing different energies as well. It danced beautifully over the pendulum cloth in a way I’ve never seen it do. The energies in the mountains were excellent for some great meditation sessions. Their so natural, warm, raw, unspoiled, Gaia in all her glory. Just sitting, breathing deep, surrendering, feeling the subtle energies around me, this is heaven.

What are you off grid experiences? Have you camped off grid or tried to do something for the first time? What are you biggest lessons? d love to hear about them below.

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Hi, I'm Rainie. I'm the owner and founder of Love of Lotus Apothecary, a healer and herbalist with a passion for Gaia and all she has to offer.

3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from Mother Gaia

  1. What an exciting time for y’all, congratulations! Don’t they lie their socks off on the MSM when they say the number of ‘cases’ is skyrocketing in the rural Midwest? Completely ludicrous—no one wears masks around here either and we’re just fine.

    In homesteading we did your first ‘never’ — that is buy land “without first acquiring the knowledge to live and thrive off the land in a symbiotic way.” But, as soon as I walked around here, I ‘knew’ with that wisdom that comes from beyond, that this was our place. We couldn’t afford it though, so we kept looking. But nothing else felt so right, so we extended ourselves beyond our means. We camped while we built a cabin, hauled water from town, used a generator when necessary. We were still working in the city back then and came out on holidays and weekends to do the most inspired and satisfying work of my life. We were 40 when we started, but my hope for others is they start much younger than that—we are in our early 50s now and as the work is so physically demanding, it would’ve been nice to have all the heavy lifting behind us by now. It’s been quite an expensive process as well, which is something very easy to underestimate.

    You sound like someone who really can embrace the challenges and that’s exactly what it takes above all. Wishing you a wonderful continued adventure, nice to read your heart-felt, authentic stories!

    1. Thank you for sharing!! I love your story. Yes, the whole feardemic is just ridiculous. The scientist that invented the test their using to detect Covid came out and said it was never designed to detect the virus. He’s since been silenced…like other doctors and scientists that are trying to get the truth out. The best they can do is tell you it it’s a Covid family…the common cold, influenza, bird flu, etc are all in the Covid family. Couple that with the fact that there is nice check for every diagnosis and death said to be Covid. In my opinion, you have the perfect formula to control those who caused the whole thing in the first place to get what they want…keep the masses sleeping, under control, disconnected and dependent. I see the whole scamdemic as a clue to get my ass our of the Matrix. It’s really good to see many others doing the same. We are the power, that’s why they can’t control us with the truth.

      You’ve inspired me. I’m 46, Rick is 51. We’re starting this later in life also. Fortunately we’re both healthy, strong and still have a lot of life left in us. I’m learning from others what they did to help when they age, how they prepared for it. I can’t say I’m knowledgeable yet however, others are. I’m paying attention 🙂

      It sounds like you followed your intuition, I love that! That’s something I didn’t tune into until a few years ago. Now I see it as a survival mechanism, a part of who I am. Losing it would be like losing an arm.

      I love that you guys camped until things were up and running. Humans are capable of so much more than we’re told we are. I know I’m speaking to the choir here 🙂

      Thank you for sharing, for who you are and for being kind to Gaia.


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