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Merry meet!

This isn’t the beginning of my awakening journey however, it’s a good place to start blogging. I’m feeling such a strong calling to learn, share, listen, change, grow. In my 46 years on this beautiful planet, I’ve never been so connected, called and guided. I’ve ignored this calling to blog about my journey and open a dialog for other like minds to join for a little while which is why I haven’t blogged in a while. I wasn’t following my purpose, I was trying to blog about anything but my journey and ended with writer’s block every time. I was in resistance to my guidance. I’ve let go and just started letting things flow. Now I have a head full of things to talk about and I’m looking forward to suggestions, ideas, stories, etc, for myself and anyone else who is interested. I’m following my guidance and just letting things flow. I’d rather be authentic than perfect and original than fit some kind of label or box. I don’t do labels or boxes, that’s just limited man made nonsense.

This journal is about my personal journey, the people and lessons I’ve experienced and to connect with like minds. I love to hear other people’s stories, share resources and knowledge and grow with my fellow awakened ones. This is not a place to judge, put others down or argue. I simply do not believe anyone should be treated like that. I have this belief in freedom, true freedom, not the shit the government tells you is freedom. Those are liberties, not freedoms. True freedoms can’t be manipulated or taken away which is why their not taught. When I speak of freedom I mean the natural birth rights we all have, free will and Universal Law. The things that those with the illusion of power don’t want you to know about. There’s reasons those are illegal to teach. There would be no man made illusion of authority if we all knew our God given rights and how their suppressed and hidden from us to keep us in ignorant slavery. Because I believe in true freedom, I don’t judge another. The only rule is to harm none. It’s OK to offend as you can’t choose to do so. Offending someone requires their permission and lack of knowledge of self. It really has nothing to do with you. Everything is a choice, once we judge we no longer believe in freedom, we believe in and support conformity.

When writing, just as when I’m talking to someone, I speak my truth without a filter, I call things as I see them and think for myself. I also speak with kindness and respect others while speaking honestly and truthfully. There’s no reason for you to agree with all I journal about and that’s OK. You shouldn’t. You should research what resonates with you and leave the rest. This is why I call my beliefs “eclectic”, I don’t follow any belief system. I take what works for me and leave the rest. Living what I believe is more important than cramming my beliefs down another human’s throat, which is nothing but an act of cruelty. Labels or a belief system not necessary. They are limiting and will hold you back if you live a life trying to fit them. What a pathetically boring world it would be if we all conformed to the same thing. Humans are not meant to be like each other so your originality, authenticity, thoughts, lifestyle, looks, beliefs, things others call you crazy over, your flaws and your beauty are all welcome here. You won’t be judged or argued with for being you. This is your journey, learn to say “Fuck you”, “Fuck this” and “Fuck that” and follow your guidance. Anyone who is disrespectful to another human in the comments will be deleted. This is not Facebook, we don’t lower ourselves to that energy here, you are so much more.

As I look back through my life experiences, I can’t say exactly when my awakening began. I can look back on my life from now through childhood where I had momentary experiences of my power, abilities, past lives, ancestors and just made things happen that weren’t possible. I didn’t know what it was or that it even had anything to do with me. I was born into a toxic family, was surrounded by toxic people for the better part of my adult life, ended up in toxic relationships and was toxic myself. Although the Universe kept sending me signals, was was asleep and too toxic, addicted to the Matrix, had a head full of man made limiting beliefs and basically was another sheep. I have no idea why I’m not a junkie or alcoholic. I have no idea how I ended up away from it all, all I know is I was supposed to get away. I’ve learned all the lessons I can lean, there is nothing left for me there. I have cut ties, with love, with many people who were part of raising me or were toxic in my life. I don’t hate as we all wake up in our own time. These days, my family is a nice rainbow of of people, personalities, talents, beliefs, lifestyles, etc. who are blood related, larger number of people who are not. I choose my family. It will take a few other posts to explain all the positives that came our of that, which helped the grieving process. Now I see how much these people were willing to hold me back and have me live a sub par life style for their benefit. Today, I have no regrets. When these people come to mind, I send them love and healing energies and go on with my day.

The Universe always sends someone, I’m not always willing to receive. I had to not only let go of toxic people, I had to open up to let better people in. This is hard for anyone who has been through hell so many times the Devil welcomes you back and shakes your hand as you make your way out of there once again. It took time, practice and changing limiting beliefs, all which were man made. Once I began to open up, amazing things happen. I met Rick, my now life partner of almost 7 years. I met new friends and built quality, non-toxic relationships with people who want to see me win, support me and love AND are willing to receive the same from me. How fuckin’ awesomely symbiotic is that? I know many people had that from parents, their family members and friends. I didn’t grow up knowing that existed anywhere in sitcoms, it wasn’t a part of the unenlightened, toxic world I was born into. For me, to have this with other people is such a precious gift that I tear up a little just thinking about it.

Another side effect of removing toxic people from life is my abilities began to evolve. Surprisingly, this didn’t scare me. I always felt my energy but didn’t know what it was. I always felt certain energies but was told to stop being stupid. I also always felt my step dad was pure evil, my intuition has never let me down. After transcending all the past demons, my entire being opened up…mind, body and soul. My communication and connection with the Universe grew stronger, I’m learning at an amazingly fast rate, I feel myself moving between the 3D and 5D. I’m getting messages and guidance from my Angels and Source. I’m beginning to remember my dreams, something that I stopped doing after a series of nightmares in 2013. My magick practice is stronger and stronger, my health is unstoppable. Feardemic? What feardemic? Letting go of pharma drugs and the medical system after Obamacare wanted more than I pay for my house every month for just me, with no coverage for what I needed has served me well. I can’t legally tell you to stop seeing a medical doctor. I can legally tell you to do your research. The law is there for our ignorance, not our protection. For me, I was left with no choice. I was fighting the medically incurable (NOT scientifically incurable, nothing is) and needed to do something. I started researching, spent a few years doing this. I learned as fast as I can because my meds were running out and I had no access to more. I struggled as my meds ran out, my symptoms came back, some much more worse than before I took the meds, and I looked for natural alternatives, God’s medicine. I ended up curing the medically incurable and my health greatly exceeded what my neurologist told me I would never have again. EVERYTHING I did is illegal to teach in medical school and to cure I used no chemicals or pharma drugs. In fact, I removed them from my life completely. Dis ease is nothing more than a message. If we don’t hear that message and take action, it gets louder and louder. All the medical system can do is make you too deaf to hear it, tell you’re incurable and sell you drugs, surgery and a 10 minute doctor visit. Your entire life and those around you are effected by your health and the best a doctor is allowed to give you is 10 minutes? No, thank you. I’ve never seen a natural healer who treated me like a number that is just like everyone else and I can’t be cured. That’s not healthcare, that’s supporting dis ease and profiting from it. The best they offer is chemical concoctions with along list of side effects and surgery. That cures nothing and makes us even sicker. After studying herbalism, Ayurveda Medicine, Energy Healing, Epigenetics, (Dr. Bruce Lipton) Quantum Physics, studying some of the millions of people who cured themselves of the medically incurable, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, Gregg Braden’s work, magick and connecting to Gaia, I am able to keep myself healthy in mind, body and spirit. I haven’t seen a doctor for an illness since 2014 and I won’t. If I ended up with a mangled body like what could happen in car accident, I will go to the nearest emergency room. Their pretty good at putting you back together. Disease is where the dogma is. However, I will provide my own medications. I am my own doctor, I like my results much better than what the medical systems offers. They tell me it’s not possible to achieve what I’ve done. I don’t need that negativity in my life 🙂

Through all these life experiences, many beautiful, some down right horrifying, I’m able to realize my power, my strength, my abilities and transcend the hurt into an energy that serves me. I’m feeling such a strong calling, push, motivation, to live closer and closer to Gaia, within her natural rhythms and flow, her food and medicine, live symbiotically with all her sentient beings. I feel myself disconnecting from man made systems and expectations without fear or regret. I’m just doing what I’m guided to do. I’m being invited by the Universe to share and help serve others. Not to awaken them, we all wake up in our own time. It’s what I’m on the planet to do. I’m here to first raise the vibration of this planet, help the awakening, support others as they wake up and those who are awake. I’m here to help build then new, not fight the old. I’m here to practice personal impressibility for myself and to be independent of man made systems. I’m Sovereign within myself, live by only Universal Laws and follow my intuition. I’m guided and protected. We all are when we start living our purpose.


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