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When going off grid, water is one of the first and most important natural resources we need to make sure we have. As we’re putting together our rain system and learning along the way, we’re also experiencing some pretty amazing health and healing benefits. Anything straight from Gaia is the best, highest quality form available. When a garden is grown, the difference in the quality of plants watered with rain water and plants water with water treated with man made chemicals can’t be missed. Much like plants, people and animals do better when watered with Gaia’s water. You can’t get better or higher quality or cleaner than straight from Gaia.

We’ve been drinking rain water for over a week now and I must say the benefits are plenty. We’re not completely off grid yet so here I’m only referring to drinking and cooking with rain water. In the future, when we’re completely off grid, I’ll blog about our bathing experiences. For now, we’re only drinking and cooking, watering our garden and giving it to our 2 dogs. One thing I can say is the taste is amazing. Clear, clean, natural. It’s definitely better than any filtered tap water or bottled water we’re tried and some of the alkaline bottled waters are pretty darn delicious.

The rain water drop falling to the floor in rainy season
The first thing I noticed after the taste was the calming effects. I’ve always been a pretty anxious being, many years ago I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and given anti-anxiety drugs and Xanax. The best these drugs can do was give me temporary relief at the expense of my health, keep me addicted to man made drugs and actually made the problem worse over time. I eventually needed a stronger does and was losing my natural ability to cope with stress and my own anxiety. This was not living, this was existing in a zombie like state, turning off all feeling and connection and destroying my own mind and body in the process. I’ve grown out of this and, with greater success and no harm to my body, started using the medicine best for humans…what Mother Nature offers.

The success of Gaia’s medicine’s as well as much needed lifestyle and belief system choices and developing the proper mindset has eliminated the perceived “need” for man made drugs. Although Gaia’s medicine blew away man’s drugs as far as results and not harming my body, I still had minor, and I mean very minor, symptoms. I would catch myself in thinking patterns that didn’t serve me and would be able to redirect my focus. I’m having to do that a lot less. My mind is calmer, clearer and I’m able to keep myself together when upset and think through dilemmas and make choices that yield better results. I’m learning at a much better rate, it doesn’t matter if I’m reading leisurely, learning a new song or preparing for an exam, my mind has been operating super efficiently and what few anxiety symptoms I’ve had are gone. Clean, natural water brings a clean, natural mind.

Good digestion is necessary for good health. Digestion is something I’ve struggled with most of my life, mostly due to my own ignorance of how the human body really works. The gut is the second brain and where many process take place that are often mistakenly credited to the brain in our skull. You simply can’t have great health with not so great digestion. After drinking rain water, it has calmed down the gut. I get bloated and uncomfortable a lot less. My stomach is flatter which I don’t mind at all. I’m able to eat more foods and use less of Gaia’s medicine. I love the way it make my gut feel calmer and function more efficiently and naturally. I’ve spend so much money on this issue and all I needed was clean, fresh, pure rain water.

It’s so easy to find someone being a witness to the benefits of rain water as far as beauty goes. True beauty is health and balance, when our bodies are healthy and balanced, our skin is clear, even life-long blemishes disappear and our hair is thicker, stronger, shinier and bouncier. I use a lot less lotion simply because I don’t have dry skin. MY eyes are bright and clear with thick eyelashes and vibrant color. I’ve always had thin, brittle hair. I used to spend so much hard earned money on my hair, buying product after product to combat the abuse I’ve put it through. At the time I would tell you my hair is naturally thin and brittle. Here’s the thing, no person’s hair is naturally like that, it’s not natural. It’s the result of our unhealthy choices. When my choices got better, I looked better because my body got healthier. When my hair was thin and brittle, it was the result of my choice to abuse it and not live closer to Gaia.

My energy level has greatly increase and my caffeine consumption has greatly decreased. When you give your body what it needs it will run more efficiently. My diet is pretty good and I only use Gaia’s medicines so I was already enjoying a pretty high level of health. After incorporating rain water into my life, I realized my level of health wasn’t as high as I thought it was. The improvement in not only my energy levels but my quality of energy was something I didn’t expect but was pleasantly surprised.

The rain water drop falling to the floor in rainy season
It’s only been a little over a week and I’m already seeing amazing results. I’m excited to see what long term rain water drinking can do. I have seen many people online talk about the benefits of bathing in rain water or washing their hair and face in rain water. We’re still on the grid so our showers are filtered tap water in which I feel a difference. One thing I’m looking forward to is bathing and washing my hair in rain water. Because it’s so pure, less soap is needed. I noticed this in the cleaners I use rain water for as well. It works with your body so it’s not drying and is naturally alkaline.

That’s my first experiences with drinking rain water. I see no reason to stop drinking it; in fact, I’m looking for a plastic free, earth friendly reusable water bottle to bring the rain water on the go. Until then, when I have no access to bottled water, I choose a bottle of alkaline water. Water bottles are horrible for the environment and not enough of them get properly recycled so I like to avoid them as much as possible. We cut the amount of recycling we create by switching to rain water, the water jugs and bottles were just too much to keep up with and we can only re purpose and recycle so many.

As a side note, do need to mention not to drink rain water until you’ve processed it. There are many filter and cleaning systems out there. Do your research to find the right one for you. Although rain water is the purest water known to man, it picks up particles as it moves through the atmosphere. Never drink collected rain water until it’s properly processed.

What are your experiences with rain water? How has it improved your health, your mind or your life? Comment below, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

I’ve included a few resources if you would like to learn a bit more about rain water:

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