State of Being is a Personal Responsibility

It doesn’t matter if you’re off grid, on the grid or some where in between, there’s no escape from being personally responsible for yourself. I do find off gridders to be amazing responsible for themselves, that’s something I respect and strive for myself. It’s an unshakable independence and freedom. I also feel personal responsibility is missing in our main stream society today and it’s lack is at the root of society’s issues. It doesn’t matter what is done to you, what someone says or what the government is doing, I am responsible for my state of being regardless of what is going on around me. To allow the state of the government, what others say or think or not research what I’m told is to choose to conform which, in my opinion, is lazy and irresponsible. Those things don’t pair well with the off grid lifestyle. Freedom and independence never come out of conformity.

One of the ways I take personal responsibility for myself is to be in control of my state of being physically, spiritually and mentally. Let’s take physical for example. There is a bug going around right now, I’m not going to get into the political nonsense that surrounds it because it doesn’t deserve my attention. I can’t control what is going on however, I can control myself and how or IF I allow it to effect my state of being. I can do research and inform myself in ways the Main Stream News isn’t allowed to and find the hidden, censored and suppressed information. I see the most responsible thing I can do for me and my loved ones is to take excellent care of myself and improve my immune system. I haven’t had a cold or flu since 2014 and I’m not about to get this one. Keeping my mind, body and spirit in a state at which dis ease can’t live is vital to my own survival and the survival of my loved ones. I don’t want my loved ones to have to see me suffer from a dis ease or see me dwindle into my death.

I have full control over what goes on and in my body. I avoid mad made toxins as much as possible, sticking to what Gaia provides. The availability of organic food these days is something I gratefully take full advantage of. Removing toxins from your life will do more for your health than anything man can possible make. Nature isn’t based on toxins and neither are you or me. Toxins are responsible for a large portion of dis eases, physical and mental. Modern societies have high levels of dis ease because of toxins not only in food but also in man made medicine, vaccines, our water, air, bath and body products, cleaning products, their everywhere. It’s a disrespect to not only ourselves but to Gaia herself. The products that contain toxins also hurt Mother Nature, our, our planet, our home.

To live off grid, we need our health. We need our minds sharp and our bodies strong and healthy enough to do our daily chores, build a building, wild craft, get things done and continually learn and grow. This starts in our minds, what we think we become. If we see ourselves as victims of dis ease, we will be. I haven’t had a cold or flu since 2014 partly because I made choices to get healthier and respect my state of being and partly because I made the choice not to live a lifestyle that can support dis ease. I studied modern science and ancient wisdom, both illegal to teach in our schools to doctors, to our kids, to anyone in the United States. It blew my mind and opened my eyes. When I learned that genes can’t possibly make you sick unless you provide the right unhealthy environment, bacteria and viruses can’t cause dis ease unless your body is unhealthy enough to support them and illness and dis ease is a message that something is our of balance, my health, my state of being and my mindset all changed for the better. I became more empowered and I applied it. My health is amazing. I strongly suggest anyone that wants to get healthier study Dr. Bruce Lipton’s and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work to start their journey into amazing health.

The easiest thing for me to start with is food. We just started making better choices. As we ran out of things we replaced them with organics. I was pretty good at shopping for conventional foods…looking for sales, using coupons, etc. I had to learn to apply those skills to organics and non-GMOs. It’s not as expensive as I thought once I acquired the knowledge to shop economically. Growing our own food saves a ton of money as well as going to farmer’s markets. Making things from scratch makes your food dollars go much further. Food is our fuel, it’s what keeps every aspect of our bodies going. Get to know your body, learn basic nutrition and don’t be afraid to try new things. The best thing about this is there is so much to choose from so it’s not necessary to choke down foods you don’t like. You don’t have to eat perfect, I do 80/20, 80% good, healthy organic food and 20% not so healthy food. It’s not about limiting yourself, it’s about growing yourself.

Everything is mental. Everything we see was once just a though in someone’s mind. Our minds are powerful, more powerful than the life in the Matrix allows you to know. Science and ancient wisdom is suppressed to keep you from knowing your powers. This wouldn’t be the case if your mind wasn’t powerful. What you focus on grows, what you believe you will get. I never tell myself I’m sick or have a dis ease or fear getting sick or a dis ease. I see myself as strong, healthy and young. I see my immune system as strong and unfuckwithable. That’s what I manifest, that’s what I support when I eat, exercise, read or work on a new project, meditate. I make better choices because I want to maintain and grow more into health. What your believe you will achieve.

Of course exercise is vitally important, off grid requires physical work and having a well maintained body just feels great. It’s needed for the mind-body-spirit connection. Find exercises you enjoy. You’ll be more motivated to do it and you’ll bring more happiness into your life doing what you enjoy. For me I like the feeling of a strong and flexible body so I do a nice combination of strength building and flexibility yoga as well as walk in nature. Rick and I often take hiking trips, getting out in nature, breathing in the good ass prana and walking a few miles. I always sleep well after a day of hiking.

The mind, our consciousness, is where our power begins. I’m not talking about religion here although that could certainly be apart of someone’s path. Taking care of the mind helps us deal with stress and keeps us emotionally, physically and mentally balanced. What this looks like for each person will be different as practicing personal responsibility is doing what is right for you. There is no one right, true or only way to do this. There is the only the right way for you. For one person that could mean regularly going out into nature and connecting, for others it could be going to church every Sunday, for others it could mean a solitary practice at home, others may join in on a local drum circle with their local spiritual community. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing what’s right for you. For me, I meditate, practice magick, research and study, have mentors, read, research, go into nature and feel the energies all around me and conduct myself in ways that are in line with my spirit.

This is just a general overview, I can’t possibly stress how important our minds, bodies and spirit are to our off grid survival. Scientific studies on telomeres shows us that humans are genetically programed to live up to 120 years, our lifestyle choices greatly lowers that. Taking our power back and living independently means taking responsibility for every aspect of ourselves and keeping ourselves in a state of being that can support the lifestyle we want. We all have the power to have the life we want and the health to achieve and support it. Never stop learning, researching and growing then share you info!! What are you ways to stay healthy? What are your reasons? How do you do it? Share below, I’d love to hear all about it!

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