It Takes a Strong Relationship to Survive Off Grid

When you’re off grid, you’re dependent on those who are off grid with you. It’s important that you have strong, stable relationships and everyone has the same mindset. You can’t be productive and do what is needed to sustain you if you’re not getting along with your peeps or they simply aren’t interested in the whole lifestyle. Although for us, going off grid is where the Universe is leading us, it’s natural, the right thing to do, others may not want that lifestyle or have the proper mindset for it. Before going off grid, you need to have the same goals, proper mindset and willingness to get work done. It won’t work if one person is doing what needs to be done and the other person isn’t involved. It’s not a lifestyle for those who want to be taken care of by their spouse, family or government. You’re dependent on each other.

Choosing to live away from society and off grid puts you in a situation where most of your time is spend with your life partner or family. Humans are social creatures and depend on each other for so much…love, respect, lift us up when we’re down, connection, safety, etc. We’re all one and all connected. How we live and our emotions and mood have an effect on the collective consciousness. I see my relationships as foundational to not only our own well being but the well being of my fellow humans. Everything we think, say and do puts energy out into the Universe. I ask myself often “What kind of energy am I putting out into the Universe? What kind of world am I helping to manifest? Am I thinking and/or action from a place of love or fear?” Sometimes I just want to be mad, upset, or whatever mood I allow to bring down my vibration. I don’t want to ask myself those questions because they all require personal responsibility and an honest, no bullshit look at myself. It requires me to let go of my own BS. I don’t want to be personally responsible for my state of being in that moment. Then I settle down, feel silly for choosing all that and get my head back in the right place. We’re all human. Very often my blog posts will be things I need to be reminded of myself.

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I want a peaceful, loving home where no one feels unwanted or unloved and all in it do their part. I’ve been used and worked my ass off for people who would never do the same for me. They saw my work ethic and ability to make a good living as something to take advantage of and abused me when I couldn’t pay their way. It was entitlement on steroids! Not one of these people have ever been there for me nor will they ever. I’ve removed them out of my life a while ago and refuse to ever have another toxic relationship. They lost me and the thing they miss the most is my ability (they have it too but won’t use it) to work, make money and make shit happen. These people are nothing but lessons and I’m grateful for those experiences. They are the shit that fertilized my growth. It gives me the knowledge today to make sure I’m going off grid with the right person, having only healthy relationships and regularly taking the toxic garbage out. The quality of any relationship we have starts with us.

Family is important, the ones off the grid with you and the ones on the grid. When I say family, I don’t mean tolerating, having toxic relationships with and taking abuse from someone simply because the share DNA with you. That’s not family and them sharing the same DNA with you doesn’t protect your from the damage of their toxicity. Very often, the toxic take advantage of people with what we’re taught are family values. For me, family values are reserved for those who act like family. More than half of my family isn’t blood related and it doesn’t matter. We are all one. I have a soul family, one I chose because it’s best for me and they make me want to be at my best for them. Regardless of who you family is, every member who is going off grid with you needs to be on board. You can’t bring someone whose toxic and expect things to go well. It’s not a place to fix people. Going off grid isn’t easy as it is, you don’t need someone holding you back.

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The most important relationship you need to keep healthy is the relationship with yourself. You can’t escape you. You’re always with you, off grid or not. You need to practice self love, self care and do things that set your passion on fire. You are responsible for you, no one else. If you’re not happy with you that means there’s work to do. How can you expect your partner to feel comfortable going off grid with you if you aren’t confident in yourself and can’t love and care for yourself? The whole notion of sacrificing for someone else isn’t a noble or holy one and it’s certainly not healthy. Your family deserves you at your best. You’ll be more fun to be around, better able to help and love them with a clear mind and not out of obligation. You’ll be healthier mentally, spiritually and physically and the best of you is what your peeps deserve. Do you want them to see you suffer with dis ease, unhappiness, depression, lack of knowledge etc? No one wants to see a loved one suffer or transition back into the nonphysical early. How we live our lives effects so many people, I can’t bring myself to stop working on myself, loving myself and growing. My peeps deserve the best of me so working on becoming the best version of myself seems like the right and natural thing to do.

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I’m not saying we need perfect relationships, that doesn’t exist. Skills we need to make sure we have are communication skills, compassion, love, respect. Someone who is easily angered or gives up too easy is not very likely to contribute to our off gird survival. We need to communicate with love, respect and no separation. Trust is very important. If there is jealously, insecurity, disrespect of any kind, lack of support, etc, it’s not a good idea to go off grid until you fix those things. Someone who sees it as normal behavior to be jealous over an ex, snoop through phones, wallets, etc, control who your partner speaks to, hides money, bashes your partner with friends, blames your partner, etc, the ability to have the solid foundation to go off grid isn’t there. In fact, you have no foundation. You and your partner deserve better and need to either become people who can give better to yourself and your other half or realize you both deserve better and let each other go with love. Off grid requires what nature is based on…a symbiotic relationship with everything else and that includes your partner.

Your relationship with yourself is number one, that needs to be the first relationship you need to foster, grow and make sure is strong and healthy. After that, your life partner and your family. You need to manage people in your life just like you manage your finances. Both can contribute to your growth if your growth if their managed well, both can destroy you if their not managed at all. This includes the relationship with yourself.

Life is what we make it and there are so many factors that go into making it great. Healthy, trustworthy relationships are only one of them and a big one. What are some of the things you do to keep your relationship healthy and in the right mindset for the life you want?

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