Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve Me

When it comes to our journey to living off the grid, there is so much to learn, so much to research, study and master. We need to gain so much knowledge for such a radically alternative lifestyle to what we’re supposed to see as normal or socially acceptable. While improving our knowledge and thus improving our skills and chances of success is necessary to become a successful off gridder, letting go of what no longer serves us is just as important. Other people’s opinions, limiting beliefs and programming and bad habits and lifestyle all need to go. If it doesn’t serve you, contribute to your success, health or happiness or if it holds you back in any way, you need to let it go. I don’t believe anyone can be a successful off gridder with the typical mindset society expects us to have.

I can’t speak for Rick however, for me, I had change my mind from one of dependency to one of independence and adopt a “can do” attitude. This isn’t a personality or lack of confidence issue, it’s a culturally programmed one. A very limiting belief. I was dependent on people outside to hire me for money then in turn became dependent on that person/job for the money and had no other streams of income. I believed one good job was all I needed without considering WHO I’m depending on for that job. The current events today are a lesson in who and what we’re depending on when we adopt the “Get a good job as a sole source of income” attitude. Many people aren’t working right now because the man made structures that their jobs and themselves were dependent on aren’t in operation. This is not a sustainable or safe way to live these day.

A job isn’t a bad thing to have, we all need to pay our bills and provide for ourselves and our loved ones. We just don’t want to have our entire livelihoods dependent on one job, their simply not stable. What you do with that income and how dependent you allow yourself to become on one income can make or break you. What else are you capable of? Do you garden? Is it possible to grow a little extra to sell? Are you crafty, a wood worker, small engine repair, musician that can teach, tutor, make house hold items, offer advice? What are your talents? The internet makes it easy to create multiple streams of income and it never shuts down. It’s always there waiting for you to make your move. It’s a choice. It’s important to be in a position that if one source of income dries up, you’ll be OK. There’s no limit to how many streams of income you can have, just make sure you’re not overwhelming yourself and throwing your life balance off.

Another limiting belief I had to get rid of is buying everything. That limiting belief is what is one of the things destroying our planet. More stuff means more garbage in the land fill. Gaia isn’t equipped for that and neither are we. Financially, it’s a very expensive way to live and exposes you to more dis ease causing toxins. Learning to make things yourself will not only save you a ton of money but will not harm your health most commercial products will. You know what’s in it which is a big deal if you like to stay healthy and dis ease free. The internet is a wealth of information and there are limitless books on the market.

Start with one item at a time. I started with dish soap. When finances allow, I buy my ingredients in bulk, it’s just that much cheaper. There are times when bulk isn’t financially possible so I buy the biggest package possible. It’s still a heck of a lot cheaper, you get so much more soap for your money. You also want to keep in mind the packaging your products come in. Can you up-cycle them? Are they recyclable? What about the shipping box and materials? The idea is to avoid putting things in a land fill and cut back on the mass manufacturing that’s destroying our environment by lowering the demand. For our home, we put our finished dish soap in up-cycled ketchup bottles with labels made with colorful construction paper and packing tape. We recycle the bottles when they become unusable which isn’t very often.

When it comes to packaging my ingredients come in, I get pretty creative. Boxes are used for origination and shipping. I simply use colorful construction paper and packing tape to label them. They work great, keep my items organized and dust free and are light weight. I get a variety of sizes and shapes since I order almost everything online. The boxes we don’t find a use for we take to the recycling center in our town, give them to others in need or burn them as a last resort. Putting up an ad for free boxes on your local classified site or social media can help you get rid of the boxes and help someone else with what they need too.

As far as the inside packaging, the bubble wrap, peanuts, air pockets, etc, I reuse them. I have a ton of packing peanuts that a supplier of mine likes to use. There are horrible for the environment and not something I would purchase myself. I do find it better to use them than to throw them away since their not recyclable or biodegradable. I reuse them in my packaging and encourage others to do the same or find another use for them. I’ve heard of people using them for crafts, storage of their own delicate items, using them to mail fragile items and even as insulation for an animal’s space. I also reuse the plastic air pockets and bubble wrap. As long as they hold air, their good.

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Going off grid requires an independent spirit and an attitude of possibility and creativity. Running to the store for every little thing isn’t freedom or independence and we nickle and dime ourselves doing so. Our mindsets can make or break us. A mindset of recycle, reuse and respect for Gaia is one I see in many independent off gridders. We’re all dependent on this plant which makes us all responsible for it. We don’t need to give up the things we need or want, we just need to acquire them in a way that’s respectful to the planet. Don’t focused on being perfect, focus on where you’re at right now. What can you do to live more balanced life in harmony with Gaia? What do you do to protect her, save money and still meet your needs? Share in the comments below, we’re always open to new ideas!!!

Here are a few great resources: https://www.treehugger.com/cleaning-organizing/your-dish-soap-toxic-heres-what-look.html https://www.greenlivingtips.com/articles/dishwashing-detergent-environmental-impact.html

Here is my dish soap recipe:

Dish Soap

½ cup Sal Suds

½ cup distilled white vinegar

½ cup filtered water

1 tsp citric acid

2 tsp kosher salt

5 drops es (optional)

Warm water to dissolve salt. Do not boil

Combine remainder of ingredients in bowl, gently stirring for the least amount of bubbles.

Gently add warm salt water, stirring gently as you pour.

Add your favorite essential oils. (optional) Citrus oils improve the cleaning power. Pour into bottles and use as normal.

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