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I’m being guided to share our journey to going off grid. We’re not there yet, we’re still living in Wisconsin in the suburbs. We’ve been working on our off grid goal, making life, financial and mindset changes and learning all we can. We see this as a learning experience to help us gain the knowledge and skills we need to live off grid. We don’t want to buy land and not know with to do with it. It’s May 28. 2020 and we’re still quarantined in the USA over the Corona virus. I’m going within more than ever, connecting to the Universe and following my guidance. Although fear is normal for many in times like these, there’s unwavering power in all of us to overcome that fear and use it as fertilizer that fuels our growth. I do have my opinions however, this is not the place for politics or dogma. That gets us nowhere. My focus is learning to navigate the new society that will emerge out of this. My fiance Rick and I are focusing on what we CAN do which far outweighs what we can’t do. In this blog series, I’m sharing our journey to living a self sufficient, sustainable, off grid life style complete with our successes, lessons, thoughts and feelings about it all. We’re starting where we’re at and will eventually be living in Tennessee off grid. I will sugar coat nothing as I want to use our experience to help empower others with knowledge and receive their feed back, suggestions and ideas. We’re all on this planet together. It’s time we love, accept and lift each other up, share our knowledge and open our minds to new knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power applied is wisdom. Wisdom creates space for freedom.

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Rick and I have been working on getting in a position to go off grid for about 6 months now, the whole Corona virus issue tells us we need to keep working towards our goal and get out of the Matrix. We want to totally unplug and not depend on human systems which I personally see as unstable and risky to our future well being as well as cruel to Gaia. BEFORE the Corona virus, we had other reasons to go off grid. As an herbalist, healer,light worker and practitioner of magick, I have a strong desire to live closer to Mother Gaia (Mother Nature). I want to live in the natural rhythm of the seasons, protect and care for the land, connect and surrender to her. Our ultimate goal is to have an organic off grid herb and vegetable farm with it’s own ecosystem. Rick is also a light worker and is feeling a longing for Gaia himself. We are together by divine intervention and the more we grow together the more it’s evident.

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I want to keep this blog easy to follow so I’ll post about one project in detail at a time. My biggest dilemma is which one to blog about first!! Comment below if you have a preference. The things we have going on right are: We just bought two rain barrels used. We buy a lot used, it just saves so much money. We’re frugal but not cheap. Two isn’t enough so we’ll eventually get more. Their not exactly functional right now, Rick is working on that. I’ll let you know about our experiences. Anotheris making things ourselves. We’re not doing bad here as I make our cleaning and bath products, dog shampoo, medicine and laundry soap. Learning to do these things saves so much money. There are more items I intend to learn to make and will blog more about them. We’re lowering our expenses. Some ways we’ve done this besides making our own products are to use reusable food storage and paper towels. We make and can a lot of our food and make the majority of our meals from scratch. We don’t fill our cabinets up with processed junk and convenient foods. I do make some healthy convenient foods. This is something I’m still learning about. Gardening is HUGE as we plan to turn our just under an acre land into a huge herb and vegetable garden. Growing and preserving our own food saves so much money. We will be purchasing and putting up a clothes line in the next week or 2 as the weather warms up. We picked up some free wood someone was giving away. We believe we will get some raised garden beds, possibly some shelves and fire wood out of it. Finding freebies or cheap materials is kind to the finances and requires us to get creative. The dryer takes a lot of electricity so not using it can help lower our electric bill. There are a ton of different projects we’re either working on or plan to work on. I’ll blog about all of them in detail.

Mindset is very important and boy has ours changed!! We’re more respectful to Gaia, being mindful of the waste we create and all the sentient beings on this planet. We take joy in a great home cooked meal, growing our own food and figuring out how to do things. We’re careful with our money, buying used when we can and not buying things we don’t need. What most consider luxuries, we don’t think of as luxuries. Our luxury is living off grid, being sustainable and independent while giving back to humanity. We practice the Universal law of exchange. We’re not just consumers, we’re also creators.

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The biggest things anyone needs for going off grid are knowledge and skills as well as confidence in yourself and a strong spiritual connection, whatever that is to you. We’re staying in our home in Wisconsin for now until we have the skills to increase our chances of success. We’re going partly off grid while here, this is a wonderful learning and growing experience as well as bonding for Rick and I. We’re also studying, we have a nice collection of books, YouTube videos, blogs and mentors. The resources available to us all are endless. I encourage anyone to start looking poking around the internet, visit your local library or purchase books, new or used. Don’t be shy, if you find an awesome resource, share it below. We can all empower each other by sharing what we know.

YouTube is an awesome source of information and a great way to find other sources to explore. Although we’re not there yet, I’m considering shooting a few videos in case I decide to move forward with YouTube or another similar platform. That’s not a promise, just an idea I feel I’m being guided to. It feels as if the seed is planted.

I’m looking forward to sharing our journey with you and hearing your thoughts. Until the next post, let love guide you, not fear.

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