Heart Healthy Hawthorn

Hawthorn is a beautiful plant often used to add beauty to a yard or garden. It’s a beautiful and hardy, slow growing plant that has been known to live up to 200 years. There are around 300 species of this plant, some are short, small and shrub-like. Others are large, beautiful trees. All have berries, flowers and leaves that have medicinal properties. In the fall, Hawthorn produces beautiful, delicious berries that birds love. Human love them too and make them into tinctures, teas, jellies, jams, wine, syrups, candies and cordials. In the spring this amazing plant produces clusters of white flowers that are medicinal and add to it’s already radiant beauty. Most of the Hawthorn in the United States today are decedents from Europe.

Medicinally Hawthorn is best known for it’s ability to treat heart dis ease and ailments. From ancient times up to today, it’s used to strengthen, tone and improve the condition of the heart. By dilating the arteries and veins, blood flow is moving more freely, releasing cardiovascular constrictions and blockages. By dilating the blood vessels of the extremities it reduces strain on the heart. By regulating blood pressure, hawthorn can heal high or low blood pressure and keep it in balance. It’s great for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. By improving oxygen uptake and circulation it energizes the cells. It’s commonly used for edema, angina, heart arrhythmia. Because of it’s ability to strengthen and tone the heart, it’s a great plant medicine for anyone who is recovering from a heart attack or other heart issues. Because it does not accumulate in the body. When used as a heart tonic, hawthorn need to be taken regularly and consistently over time to see the effects.

Besides the heart and blood pressure, hawthorn has other amazing medicinal benefits. It’s ability to stabilize collagen in the body supports the health and repair of ligaments, tendons and muscles. By strengthening the capillaries, it is beneficial for people who bruise easily or have a hard time getting a bruise to heal. Hawthorn is good for a broken heart and grief as well. It heals us emotionally. It’s great for improving digestion and is safe for long term use. It’s an amazing anti-arrhythmic, antiseptic, cardiac, hypertensive and hyportensive plant medicine. The energetics of this plant are cooling and drying. Although the leave, flowers and berries are powerful plant medicines, the bark is also a antispasmodic, diuretic, sedative and a blood pressure regulator.

Hawthorn is a magickal plant as well. The Blossoms are used in Pagan spring celebrations; they call the blossoms “may flowers”. A Maypole is a pole made of hawthorn, decorated with hawthorn flowers, hence the name. When placed around doors and windows it keeps those who are astral traveling from entering your home. Planting around your home keeps out negative spirits, wearing it will protect you from spirits and harmful magick. The wood is used to make magick wands. Hawthorn is one of the Fairy trees, the other 2 are Oak and Ash. It’s also used in magick spells concerning love, marriage, fertility, protection, health, chastity creativity, fairies, otherworld and death. It’s energy is masculine, associated with mars and fire.

Hawthorn is such an amazing plant with many uses. The Ancient Druids called it “Sacred Tree Medicine”. It’s been used since the Middle Ages and is traced to first century Greek Herbalist Dioscorides who used it medicinally. 1493-1541, the Swiss physician Paracelsus used it medicinally as well. Hawthorn has many amazing uses and the history and science behind it to back it up. Do some research on this plant, you’ll be happy you did!!

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