The Powerful Dandelion

Taraxacum officinale, or dandelion, is part of the Asteraceae family which also includes the daisy and sunflower. Originally native to Eurosia and North America, these sunny little plants have followed humans for centuries and still grow where humans live today. This plant is a wonderful medicinal, nutritional and magickal gift from the Universe. Dandelions not only directly support humans by helping heal from a variety of ailments, they also benefit us and our food production by being a vital early spring nectar source for pollinators. Their names is said to come from the french word ‘dents de lion’ which means “tooth of the lion”. The leaves of the plant are said to resemble a lion’s teeth, particularly the canines.

Gaia has given us this plant medicine, nutritious food and magickal herb to us in abundance, as nature does. It can be used as an alternative to other plant medicines that may be becoming extinct or hard to find substantially sourced. Circa 1800s, grass was removed from yards to make room for dandelions and other medicinal weeds such as chickweed and chamomile. It’s a very valuable medicinal plant.

Being the only flower to represent the 3 celestial bodies, dandelion is a valuable magickal tool. The yellow correlates to the sun, the ball of seeds the moon and the seeds blowing int he wind, the stars. The Goddesses Aphrodite and Hecate are represented by the dandelion. Having many magickal and spiritual uses, dandelions represent the bitter herbs at the Last Supper as well as the Passion of Christ. In magick their used in spells for creativity and inspiration. It’s also used in magickal workings for psychic abilities, divination an prophetic dreams. They have even been used to predict the weather; if they are open, you can expect fair weather. If they are closed, expect rain.

When it comes to healing and staying healthy, dandelions have served humanity since humanity began. It an immune system supporting herb. I can’t possibly list all the nutritional properties here, just a few are: Vitamins A, B, C, D, K,\and a variety of minerals including being high in potassium. The phytonutrients are plenty. It’s great for adults and kids to enjoy, the nutritional benefits are amazing. I urge you to research this nutritional powerhouse.

Considering the magickal and nutritional properties of Dandelions, it’s no wonder they have greatly benefited humanity medicinally as well. They have been used to heal more aliments than I can list here. Dandelions are a great blood cleanser which makes it great for clearing up skin ailments. This, like so many other herbs, naturally supports your immune system. It’s also helped heal arthritis, UTI, viral and bacterial infections, heart failure, gall stones, tonsillitis, cancer, constipation, kidney problems, warts, stimulate lactation and heal abscesses. I wish I can list them all here, this little plant is so powerful and healing.

Dandelions are generally safe for adults and kids. They are restorative and rejuvenating to the whole body. Native Americans, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Ayurveda Practitioners all have successfully used dandelion since ancient times. Traditional European doctors used dandelion on a regular basis for diabetes, vision problems, fever, diarrhea and boils.

With all the benefits of dandelions listed here and the many that aren’t, this plant is hardly a weed. Check out the resources below, there’s a lot to learn there!! Check back next week for another post. We now post weekly 🙂,,,,,

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